Azul Imperiale: A Deep Dive into This Luxurious Stone

This article will covers Azul Imperiale. Renovating your home can be tedious because you have to go through many catalogs to choose tiles, countertops, and fitted furniture. Many of us invest in the interior design of our homes to make them look extraordinary.

You must have come across several tiles and countertop materials. There are some indigenous options along with exotic selections also. If you are looking for an exotic stone material, you can go with Azul Imperiale. It is a type of engineered quartz that falls into the category of premium collection. It is just as beautiful as its name sounds.

azul imperiale

This quartzite stone looks gorgeous, and it can change your home space. You can use it as quartzite for your flooring or bathroom countertops. The look of this stone is very exotic and royal. 

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What is Azul Imperiale?

Azul is an Arabic word that means blue. Most of the countertop and flooring materials you would have come across have limited color options. You can only find colors like brown, black, and grey. Because of these limited options, black granite or white marble countertops have become common in every household.

what is azul imperiale

Azul Imperiale quartzites are a type of sedimentary stone material. The natural color of Azul Imperiale stone is blue. Because of its metamorphic nature, it has layer-like designs. But with this, you can change the theme of your home to blue.

The blue and golden lines are what makes it attractive. Chemical sealants layer on it to reduce their porosity. Brazil is the home to these beautiful, elegant, and premium stones.

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How is Azul Imperiale Formed?

Bahia is a beautiful Brazilian state which is a famous tourist place. It is a popular beach city where the Imperiale quartzite mineral can be found. This is the place from where Imperiale quartzites are extracted.

Azul Imperiale is a type of quartzite stone. Metamorphic rocks form when a layer of sediments or minerals undergoes a humongous amount of heat and pressure for billions of years. They compress into solid rocks with layered designs. And quartzite stone is an example of metamorphic rock.

how is azul imperiale formed

The blue color of quartzite is due to its chemical composition. It contains kyanite and aluminum silicate minerals that produce greenish shades of blue. Natural Azul Imperiale stones have hues of white and green as layered designs. We can also engineer it with golden patterns for a more premium look.

Where Can You Use Azul Imperiale Quartzite?

An Azul Imperiale quartzite stone can completely change the overall look of your home. You can install it in your shower areas. Azul Imperiale can also be a countertop material for your vanity areas.

The stone has appealing linear patterns. So, if you have any space in your home that you want to renovate, you can use it. For example, you can also use it as a wall covering for fireplaces.

where can you use azul imperiale quartzite

Many people use vibrant blue tiles as their swimming pool flooring. If you want to make your pool floor look more alluring, you can replace the traditional blue tiles with Quartzite flooring. 

You replace your conventional racks with Quartzite. You can use it to make statement furniture. Also, You can carve out a center table and piece it.

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How to Take Care of Azul Imperiale?

Azul Imperiale is a type of premium quartzite stone. It has a porous nature because of its metamorphic characteristic. Therefore, it requires special care to maintain its durability. So, you will have to apply water-resistant sealants as a protective layer on top of it.

The sealant also acts as an anti-bacterial protective layer. It also increases quartzite stone’s resistance to common kitchen stains. You also have to ensure that no scratch or dent develops on its  surface. This could impact the overall beauty of the stone.

You can take care of your quartzite stone like any other stone material. All you have to follow is a simple routine. Azul countertops need to be cleaned weekly to maintain durability.

how to take care

On the other hand, you can regularly clean floors. But you must make sure you use a natural mild disinfecting floor cleaner. Strong chemical-based cleaners can cause wear and tear to the sealant. This would lead to a decrease in the durability of it’s stone.

Azul Imperiale quartzites are naturally colored into shades of blue. To maintain its humble color, you must make sure that you avoid excessive hard scrubbing. Azul Imperiale stones have a life for over several decades. You need to maintain and clean it according to your convenience.

The quartzite nature makes it resistant to heat damage. Given the Quartzite nature, it is easy to clean it. You can wash it once a week with your daily use of dishwashing soap. 

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Other Types of Azul Imperiale Quartizite

Azul imperiale is a type of unique Brazilian quartzite. There are some varieties of Azul Imperiale also. The other varieties include Azul Macaubas Quartzite and Azul Treasure Quartzite. 

other types

Azul Macaubas Quartzite has deep blue shades and wider hue designs. They are found in abundant compared to Azul Imperiale. On the other hand, Azul Treasure Quartzite is the darker version. It has a dark brown and greyish background with black and white linear designs.

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What are the disadvantages of quartzite?

Quartzite stones are an example of metamorphic rocks. As they are naturally produced and contain layers, they require the application of sealants from time to time. They are formed after experiencing compression for billions of years.

What is the best quartzite?

Azul Imperiale is the best quartzite stone you can use to renovate your home. It can turn your living space into a lavish royal lobby due to its natural blue shade. You can install it as flooring, or you can use it as a countertop for vanity areas.

Is quartzite better than granite or quartz?

Azul Imperiale quartzite stones are preferred over traditional granite and quartz stones. Granites give you a plain and grainy appearance. On the other hand, quartz is engineered with silica and resins to give simple distorted designs. But the quartzite is a naturally blue stone. It is of premium quality and looks elegant due to its linear white and golden hues.

Is quartzite more expensive than granite?

Comparatively speaking to other countertop materials, Azul Imperiale is highly pricey. You can get it only in Brazil. Secondly, it's a premium quality stone that is metamorphic. Thirdly, Azul Imperiale quartzites are durable. Because of their chemical makeup, they can tolerate extreme temperatures. Lastly, they are hard and sturdy.


Using blue for your home is good because this color represents calmness and positivity. We can find blue walls, blue items of furniture, and blue accessories. But with Azul Imperiale Quartzites, we can redecorate our home interiors with naturally blue stones.

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