Choosing the Best Backsplash Sealer: A Detailed Review

Hey there, reader! If you are looking to explore the best backsplash sealer for your kitchen? Well, your search is over. This article will teach you how to find the most suitable sealer for your backsplash.

The Aqua Mix Sealers’ Choice Gold Marble Sealer is the best and most effective backsplash sealer. It leaves an excellent matte finish and is also safe in the kitchen and other food-related areas.

This article contains the top 10 Sealers and their comparisons with others, which would help you reach the best sealer for your backsplash. To get the final solution to your sealer needs, read this article till the end. Take advantage of the FAQs.

What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash protects your kitchen walls against water, grease, and other messy liquids. It covers the walls either partly or wholly. It is an extension of the countertop and is a vertical installation in your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes protect the kitchen walls from all kinds of deterioration and damage. Backsplashes are generally installed after the countertops have been fixed. If you want to learn how to combine Granite Countertops with Backsplash, check this out.

Need of Backsplash

A backsplash is installed on kitchen walls to protect them from potential damage.

kitchen backsplash with a window above

They keep the walls water-resistant and oil-proof. They also lend a beautiful appearance to your kitchen by pairing magnificently with the countertops. 

Grout Sealer

A backsplash grout sealer is used to seal the spaces between adjacent tiles in backsplashes to prevent dirt or substances from getting into them. This increases the life of the backsplashes and also prevents staining on them.

man sealing the tiles

If you are looking for the best grout sealer for kitchen backsplash, you must know the four basic types of grout sealers:

Need of Kitchen Backsplash Grout Sealer

When you leave your backsplash unsealed, it will lead to much damage. It happens because moisture, water, grease, or oil will damage the backsplash grout. Therefore, it is indispensable to seal your kitchen’s backsplash using a backsplash sealer.

Types of Backsplash Sealers

1. Penetrative

They are the ones that protect the backsplash from within. The tiles provide a sturdy foundation as they go deep inside.

man sealing the kitchen tiles

They are not related to the tiles’ surface. It is used to increase the toughness and endurance of the backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. Learn more about bathroom backsplash ideas here.  These sealers create an invisible barrier that prevents the absorption of liquids, oils, and stains by entering deep into the surface.

2. Surface

Surface or membrane-forming sealers are those that give a finishing touch to the surface of the backsplash. They don’t go inside the backsplash and provide a lustrous glow on the outside.

shiny backsplash

They create a protective coating on top of the backsplash surface. This backsplash sealer makes cleaning and maintaining the backsplash easier, as spills and stains cannot get under the protective layer.

3. Sanded Grout Sealers

They are the ones that comprise sand and cement. They are usually preferable choices for tile floors and backsplashes.

heavy duty grout sealer

The presence of sand makes it easier to use on tiles. Sanded grouts need to be sealed because they are porous and will absorb any liquid and stain the tile.

4. Non- Sanded Grout Sealers

As the name suggests, they do not comprise any sand. They are just made of cement. It is not as absorbent as the sanded grout and doesn’t require much sealing.

grey backsplash sealing

Yet, it is advised to have a thin layer of coating to lend a longer life to the unsanded grout.

Which Sealer for What Material?

Your search for the most effective grout sealer for backsplash brings you to this section of the article, wherein you’ll find out the kind of backsplash sealer you require based on your backsplash material.

1. Marble

Having a marble backsplash takes much work, as it takes much maintenance. You need to ensure that your marble is flawless to look beautiful. It should be free of any stain or damage through water, oils, or greases.

granite gold

If you have a marble backsplash and want to buy the best sealer for marble backsplash, you must consider the Granite Gold Water-Based Sealer Spray. It is regarded as the best marble backsplash sealer and protects the marble backsplash from stains and other threats.

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2. Stone

A stone backsplash is stunning and easily cleanable. But only if it is sealed. You want to protect your granite backsplash at any cost and make it look amazing. A granite that matches your countertop gives an unmatchable beauty to your kitchen and makes it worthwhile.

stone backsplash sealing

The best stone backsplash sealer in 2023 would be the Aqua-X Stone Sealer. It is a penetrative sealer that gives internal protection to your stone backsplash and gives it a healthy base, making it stronger while beautiful.

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3. Tiles

If you want the best backsplash tile sealer, consider Fila Grout Sealer Spray Filagrout Proof as it is the best backsplash sealer based on budget.

fila grout sealer

It works best on the tiles and gives the backsplash an excellent finish and it is better if you seal your walls several times a year. A tile backsplash needs to be adequately sealed and packed.

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4. Ceramic Tiles

The grout of the ceramic tiles needs to be sealed even if their surface doesn’t need it.

ceramic backsplash

Polyurethane topical sealer is the best for ceramic tiles. They are not acrylic, and they generate strong bonds.


Do tiles become shiny after applying sealer?

Applying a high gloss sealer will restore the shine of your dull tiles, whether plain or unglazed. Other standard methods may look clean and bright at first, but they will rapidly lose their brightness, and in severe circumstances, they may even harm your tile or grout.

How long does it take in the backsplash Sealing process?

For the Sealing process, it takes 24 to 48 hours. Wait for that timing, and only then proceed further.

What is the best sealer for granite?

The best sealer for a granite backsplash is ASTM C920 silicone sealant. It would be best to use it to make the grout perfectly waterproof and dustproof.

How many types of backsplashes are there?

Backsplashes are usually made of laminates, glasses, and stones: granite and quartz, marble, and ceramic tiles.


Now that you know all about the best backsplash sealer on the market, you are all set to go. Look for what kind of sealer you prefer for your kitchen backsplash. Your kitchen needs the best sealers, and we have provided all of those here. Be ready to look out for the most effective Sealers that are also efficient and economical. You now know what a backsplash is, what all you need for a backsplash in your kitchen, what is a grout sealer, and what all you require to seal a kitchen backsplash with it. You also gained insight into the four basic types of sealers: penetrative, surface, sanded, and unsanded. Then, you also learned how to pair sealers with your backsplashes according to the material used.  So, you are ready to go now, and happy sealing!

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