Bathroom Stones: Choosing the Perfect Material for Your Sanctuary

When we buy a house, we renovate it according to our style. We modify the interiors, furniture, and flooring and beautify them the way we want. Usually, we change the tiles of our bathrooms. But were you aware that there are a variety of bathroom stones you might want to consider using while remodeling your bathroom area?

bathroom stones

There are specialized bathroom stones that can redefine your bathroom space. It will look aesthetic, just like those Pinterest photographs. You might wonder if using bathroom stones would be difficult to manage. But instead, it is quite easy to maintain it.

So if you are a first-time buyer of a bathroom stone and don’t know where to start, we will help you by providing a complete guide. You will learn about bathroom stones, their types, and how to maintain them.

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Bathroom Stones

Bathroom stones come in several varieties. But it becomes difficult to choose because they differ in quality. Usually, the bathroom stone you select can be used as both flooring and countertop material

bathroom stones

You want a bathroom stone for your washroom interiors that will settle your taste. Therefore we have selected the top 10 bathroom stones that you should consider using to renovate your bathroom.

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Top 10 Bathroom Stones For You

Let’s discuss the top 10 bathroom stones for you mentioned below.

Granite Bathroom Stone

You must have seen granite being used as a countertop material for the kitchen. But did you ever realize that you can use it as a bathroom countertop material?

Most people are reluctant to use granite as a bathroom stone because it is porous. But we can easily layer it with waterproof sealants to reduce its porosity. The common granite stones that we use are jade green and black.

granite bathroom stone

Granites are beautiful as bathroom stones because of their grainy appearance. If you like dark colors or boho themes, you can use granite as bathroom stones. You can use granite stone as a showering wall. Also, you can use granite to renovate your bathroom flooring.

Maintaining a granite bathroom stone can be tough because you must reapply sealants annually.

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Marble Bathroom Stone

Who thought that you could make your marble a bathroom stone? Most of us have already installed marble slabs in our bathrooms. It is possible because marble doesn’t just look good as a decorative piece but also as a bathroom interior. 

Natural marble stone is grey. It is strong to sustain high heat and humidity. Marble is insulating in nature and, therefore, an ideal bathroom stone. You can easily install it around switchboards.

marble bathroom stone

Marble is the perfect option for bathroom flooring because it reflects light. The reflection causes your bathroom to look bright and big. 

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Limestone Bathroom Stone

Do you like warm dusky brown tones? If yes, then limestone is for you. Limestone as bathroom stone gives your washroom an earthy appearance. It complements well with ceramics. However, they are hard enough compared to granite and marble. 

limestone bathroom stone

Limestone is an ideal bathroom stone flooring. It is also easy to hide stains with limestone. You can use limestone for shower walls, also.

Travertine Bathroom Stone

Travertine is a particular type of limestone used as a bathroom stone. You can use it for bathroom flooring and washroom countertop. The surface of the travertine is non-slippery. Witness how travertine countertops enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by clicking here.

travertine bathroom stone

You can also cut beautiful shapes from travertine and decorate your bathroom with designs. The rough and uneven surface of the travertine is layered with epoxy, resins, and sealants to make it smooth.

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Slate Bathroom Stone

Slate can be cut into modified designs according to your style. Suppose you are a fan of monochrome themes that use slate as a bathroom stone with white ceramics. They give a rustic dusky look to your washroom.

slate bathroom stone

You also have the option to recharge your flooring with slate. Slate is highly porous and requires sealant layering annually. Leave it with its uneven surface or layer it with resins; the choice is yours.

Onyx Bathroom Stone

Give a sleek finish to your bathroom with onyx stone. It is a rare type of bathroom stone that is naturally brown. The texture and the structure of the onyx bathroom stone are unique. It has an uneven surface, and it naturally occurs in distorted shapes.

onyx bathroom stone

Onyx is an exotic bathroom stone because its irregular shapes make it look beautiful. It has a medium porosity level. Commonly, Onyx bathroom stone is used as a stone sink material. It can also replace your old flooring and enhance your shower wall.

Special care is required to maintain onyx bathroom stones. Avoid using acid-base cleaners to clean it. Learn out the Unique Charm Of Onyx Countertops

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Sandstone Bathroom Stone

Sandstone is a natural sediment stone that has a layered structure. These layers are made when sands accumulate and compress naturally for a billion years. The texture of the sandstone bathroom stone is very rough. 

sandstone bathroom stone

Sealant is compulsory to maintain sandstone’s durability. We suggest you can use it as a bathroom wall stone. It is not an ideal bathroom stone for flooring purposes.

Soapstone Bathroom Stone

If you are looking for a bathroom stone that is low maintenance and beautiful, then buy a soapstone. Soapstones are commonly used as an ingredient for beauty products. It is derived from metamorphic rock and is strongly grained as a talc-shisht. It is rich in magnesium minerals. Because of its combination of elegance and durability, it remains the top preference for kitchen countertops among consumers.

The hard and strong soapstone can be used as a bathroom stone. It looks like a normal bathroom stone but comes in varieties of colors. You can also customize soapstone according to your taste and preferences.

soapstone bathroom stone

Soapstones are easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to put sealant on it to control its porosity. It is an environment-friendly bathroom stone and is sustainable.

Avoid using harsh chemical-based bathroom cleaners as they might affect the texture of the surface.

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Calcutta Classic

Calcutta classic is a special type of quartz stone, a premium bathroom stone. With Calcutta classic, you can completely remodel your bathroom.

It has a white background and grey wave-like designs. The simplicity of the Calcutta classic is what makes it appealing. It is a popular choice among many interior designers because it is beautiful and durable.

calcutta classic

It is a quartz bathroom stone. Therefore it is non-porous. Secondly, it is durable and lasts for years. Thirdly, it is easy to clean. And lastly, you can use it either as a bathroom countertop, as a shower wall, or as a bathroom floor.

Carrara Marble

Do you like geometric designs and hexagonal patterns? If yes, then install a Carrara marble as your bathroom stone. The natural colors of Carrara marble are white and grey with a hint of blue. You can install it either as a single rectangular piece. Or else, you can modify shapes, cut them into geometric patterns and use them as bathroom stones.

carrara marble

You can also make a bathroom stone mosaic with Carrara marble. It is a luxury Italian marble. Carrara bathroom stone is both easy and easy to maintain. You have to take care of mold formation on the surface.

High humidity and heat is the reason for mold development. Therefore, clean it once a week with mild bathroom cleaners.


What stone is best for bathrooms?

Quartz is the best stone you can use to remodel your bathrooms. They are non-porous and require little maintenance to take care of. Engineered quartz bathroom stone can be installed as a shower wall, a bathroom countertop, and even a bathroom floor.

Which stone is ideal for showers?

You can give your bathroom an aesthetic look by restyling your shower wall with bathroom stones like slate, travertine, and limestone. It depends on your budget and style and which bathroom stone you wish to remodel your bathroom with.

Is natural stone good for bathrooms?

Natural stones like granite and marble are ideal options for bathrooms. These stones have a rigid structure and remodel your bathrooms efficiently. Proper application of sealants is required from time to time to maintain the porosity of the stone.

Can you put the stone in a bathroom?

Yes, you can use natural stone in a bathroom. There are various natural stones like slate, limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, and quartz that you can consider using as a bathroom stones. You can install them on a bathroom floor or as a shower wall.

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Now you know that you have several options of bathroom stones to choose from. Your choice will depend upon factors like your budget and the durability of the bathroom stone you have considered using.

Some stones, like marble and granite, can be used for flooring and a countertop. At the same time, bathroom stones like slate and limestone can be used only for decorative renovations. 

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