Best Granite for Staircase: Make a Statement with These Options

Stairs are frequently made of granite material. Today, we’ll look at the best granite for staircase that may remodel your staircase.

Granite is a strong choice for staircases due to its durability. Which granite is best for stairs is covered in detail in this detailed article. We have provided you with a list of the best granite for staircases, like River White Granite, Striated Black Granite, etc.

The best granite for staircases is listed below. Additionally, properties have been listed to make it easier for you to choose.

Top 10 Types Of Best Granite For Staircase

The top ten granite choices for stairs and Granite stairs prices in India are shown below:

River White Granite

This granite is a deep white color with a purple undertone. Purple has traditionally been considered abundant, and this granite upholds that image. River White granite is the best for the staircase if the design reflects this style.river white granite

River White granite makes a room feel light and airy and is an excellent choice for staircases that are a little narrow. Consequently, this is a stunning granite stone for stairs.

It is resistant to heat but not stains. We advise using a protective coating to keep this granite from absorbing stains. The price of this granite is ₹142/square foot.

Flash Blue Granite

The Indian granite known as “Flash Blue Granite” includes pearl, grey, and brown flecks and dots on a dark blue background. It is the best granite for staircase if you’re seeking granite for outdoor stairways. This granite is both gorgeous and quite challenging.flash blue

It features lovely subsurface crystals that sparkle at specific angles when light rays strike them. One must observe this occurrence before one can walk by a granite slab.

Rigid and stain-resistant. This granite costs ₹135 per square foot.

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India Marquina Black Granite

A black Indian granite that is mined in North India is called Black Marquina granite. Its stunning appearance is due to the white veins that run along the surface’s contrasted black color.india marquina black

Additionally, Marquina Black offers some outstanding features for their stairways. If used properly, the wavy motifs of Indian Marquina Black granite make stairways seem gorgeous. It is possible to create a single continuous-wave pattern that covers the entire length of the staircase with significant expertise, adding motion and fluidity to the otherwise very static architecture.

It has good hardness and mechanical strength with high heat, chemical, and stain resistance. The cost per square foot of this granite is ₹103.

Striated Black Granite

This granite has a unique polish. It has a satin-like texture. Straight white lines sporadically interrupt its base color of muted grey. These lines gently dip into the surface, giving off a profound impression. Striated Black Granite’s satin-like touch and beauty more than make up for its mechanical weakness relative to the other granites on our list.striated black

It has a high heat resistance and average stain resistance. The cost per square foot of this granite is ₹162.

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Moon White Granite

Granite is a natural commodity; thus, it might be challenging to find precisely specific colors. Granite in Moon White is an exception. It has a pistachio-colored foundation and purple crystals that work together to create a distinctive color pattern. If you wish to make an impact with the color of your staircase without appearing strange, this is the best granite for staircase.moon white

Strength is average, stain resistance is poor, and heat resistance is good. The price of this granite is ₹134/square foot.

Matrix Black Granite

This granite is simpler than the other granites in this collection, which were picked more for their artistic aspects. It could seem like a plain piece of black granite from a distance. However, the staircase’s matrix texture gives a distinct feel when you tread on it.matrix black

This granite has been leathered, giving it a gripping but smooth surface. It is, therefore, a pleasure to stroll on.

Because of its stain resistance, this granite is appropriate for outdoor use. The sticky characteristic may benefit your area if it rains a lot. This granite costs ₹161 per square foot.

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Vizag Blue Granite

Blue is rare in the natural world. So, when I discovered a granite that was all blue, it surprised me. Long striations add to the object’s aesthetic value. Vizag Blue Granite’s patterns might enhance the staircase’s flow.vizag blue

Hard and stain-resistant. It makes sense when you consider the additional surface treatment it has. The cost per square foot of this granite is ₹119.

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Alaskan Gold Granite

This granite seems vibrantly golden. This granite’s gold, black, and white patterns have an almost extraterrestrial appearance.alaskan gold

Alaskan Granites resemble abstract paintings by nature. Although Alaskan granites come in various colors, none are as beautiful as this one. Like Italian Marble, Alaskan Granites are cemented with resin; thus, they lack the strength and hardness of granite.

They are the best granite for staircase and flooring, but because they are flimsy and held together by resin, extra care must be taken when handling them. The cost per square foot of this granite is ₹172.

Aster White Granite

The best of both worlds may be found in Aster White Granite since it is the only sturdy white granite despite having such exquisite patterns.aster white

Comparing this granite to other white granites, it is far more chemical and stain resistant despite being while it is comparatively non-porous. But we still suggest that you seal it. And it’s a lot harder. Our first suggestion is that this is the best for the staircase if you wish to use white granite. The price of this granite is ₹220/square foot.

Ocean Blue Granite

A polished block of this granite doesn’t look that appealing, but with a lapatro surface treatment, the granite’s true beauty is visible. Reflections produced by the granite’s surface undulations are stunning. It is not merely an aesthetic change.ocean blue

The lapatro polish enhances the anti-skid properties of the granite and makes the surface easier to grasp. This granite thus takes home the prize for being the best granite for staircase. This granite costs ₹97 per square foot.

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Do stairs work well with granite?

Professionals claim that granite may be used for staircases since it is resistant to water, heat, bacteria, and allergies. Additionally, granite ideally suits for outdoor stairways due to its extraordinary collection of qualities.

Is lapotra granite steps suitable for outdoor stairs?

Whether you select a slab of lapotra granite or any other variation, it is ideal for every modern staircase because of its timeless elegance and resistance to abrasion. Additionally, granite ideally suits for outdoor stairs due to its extraordinary qualities.

What is the price of a granite staircase in India?

Granite costs vary according to quality, finishing, installation, and sourcing region. The cost of granite, frequently used in Indian homes, ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 200 per square foot in India.

What are the most outstanding designs for granite stairs?

One of our top suggestions for granite stair design is this. The staircase, in this instance, makes of two different types of granite stones. Black granite with white veins is at the top, while white granite is the foundation. Additionally, the black and white marble flooring suit it wonderfully.


We genuinely hope you liked reading about our top 10 choices for the staircase’s granite. These granites were specially picked because they are stunning, robust, and long-lasting. The characteristics of the listed granites are also included in this article. Also, you might be interested in checking out the granite slab prices list.

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