Discover the Best Granite in India: Top Picks for 2023

In India, granite is available in practically all colors. Pattern, availability, demand, and homogeneity make up the top 15 ranking of the best granite in India. This detailed article includes everything you need to know about granite.

We have provided you with a list of the best granite in India, like Absolute Black, Alaska White, Tan Brown, etc.

Below is a ranking of India’s top granite products based on price, homogeneity, and availability.

The Best Granite In India | Top 15

We’ve created a great list of the top 15 granites found in India. For office buildings, residential construction, and commercial projects, the top 15 granites are the finest choice.

Absolute Black

The entire world loves this solid black granite. It exhibits a high level of uniformity. It is the best black granite available in India.absolute black

This granite is consistent. Its primary uses are for memorials and kitchen countertops. This dark granite is available in tile and slab form. We also use this granite to create monuments and kitchen surfaces in bulk. It is among the best granites in India. Want to match your granite with a white kitchen cabinet? Check it out here.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy is one of India’s most popular granites for export. After absolute black granite, this is the black colored best granite in galaxy

It is much more well-liked in several GCC and North African nations than granite, which is entirely black. The pattern has a background of deep black with flecks of copper, silver, and gold. Kitchen countertops and flooring both use this.

New Imperial Red

The New Imperial Red is a blood-red granite with minor, lighter shed blossoms. This crimson granite from India is just stunning. This granite includes flooring, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, and memorials for cherished imperial red

There are many thicknesses and widths of the New Imperial Red available. This granite is available in large, small, and cut-to-size tiles. This granite can also have a flamed or polished surface.

Fantasy Brown

This granite, commonly called Fantasy Brown Marble, has a solid reputation as a kitchen countertop material. The US, Canadian, and Italian markets are the ones where this is most often used. Kitchen countertops and interior flooring are perfect applications for Fantasy Brown Granite.fantasy brown

Fantasy Brown is the name for granite that varies from moderate to vigorous. The light brown best granite in India is right here.

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Alaska White

One of the best white-colored granite in India is the Alaska White Granite. This granite, which is highly well-liked in the US market, is the best granite for kitchen in India.alaska white granite

This granite pattern is stunning and one of a kind. It comes in various thicknesses and cut sizes in slabs and kitchen top sizes.

River White

The background of River White granite is a light white or greyish tint, with waves and veins throughout. It is the best granite in India for flooring and kitchen surfaces.river white granite

It has a medium to a high degree of variance. Regarding availability and pattern, this white granite is the best. This granite is available in floor tiles and floor slabs for purchase.

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Tan Brown

The best brown-colored granite in India that is now offered in India is tan brown granite. This granite has a lighter shed box-like design on a tan and brown background.tan brown flooring

This lovely brown granite can be used for exterior wall elevation, flooring, and kitchen countertops. The demand for this granite is enormous all around the world.

Vizag Blue Granite

Blue is rare in the natural world; therefore most expensive granite. So, when I discovered a blue granite, it surprised me.vizag blue

Long striations add to the object’s aesthetic value. Vizag Blue Granite’s patterns can help the countertop flow. Hard and stain-resistant.

Kashmir White

The Kashmir White Granite has established itself as the most well-liked best granites in India. It is a lovely white granite with brown garnets and grey sheds. Both slabs and tiles of granite are available.kashmir white flooring

You may use this stunning white granite to make flooring and countertops. This granite has been utilized throughout quite sizable projects like airports, shopping centers, and residential complexes.

Shiva Gold Granite

The appearance of this granite is dynamic. The solid red tones on the light background add to this effect.shiva gold granite

Some black, however, lacks the red streaks’ dominance, giving it a far more refined and tranquil appearance.

Viscount White Granite

One of India’s most widely exported granites is this one.viscount white granite

Ripples in grey and black tones dominate a white base with black dots. You will undoubtedly adore this granite if you enjoy the black-and-white aesthetic.

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Steel Grey

Steel Grey, an enduring and beautiful Indian granite, is also known as Silver Pearl Granite. Despite being inexpensive, this granite is of excellent quality. Kitchen countertops and flooring are the principal uses for this.steel grey flooring

Tiles and slabs of the Steel Grey Granite are available for purchase. Large-scale uses for it include kitchens, floors, and wall covering. One of the best granites in India is this one.

Colonial White

Colonial White is a premium white granite in India. It is the best granite stone for the kitchen slab.colonial white

Fabricators can use this granite’s stunning white background to create a variety of counters. This granite is available for purchase in tile and slab form. There are slabs of this in both tiny and large sizes.

Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite resembles a golden nebula thanks to its high-end chrome-yellow basis and multicolored flecks.colonial gold granite

This granite leans closer toward a traditional appearance. If you like that, go for it! Because this granite varies greatly amongst blocks, you must pick the slab you want most.

Lakha Red Granite

This granite is the best granite in India available if red is your favorite color. This granite is mined in several places, and the high-quality granite colours variations are substantial.lakha red granite

Although it is more costly granite than other granite, we encourage you to purchase the piece with the most excellent appearance. There are a few less expensive options for this granite, but they don’t even come close to matching its appearance.

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What shades of granite are there in India?

Indian granite comes in various colors, and we can classify them according to color into the following groups: Absolute black, black galaxy, and black granite. Kashmir White, Alaska White, and Moon White granites are all white. New Imperial Red, Red Multicolor Red Granite. Lavender Blue, Vizag Blue, and Blue Granite.

What are the sizes of tiles used to create flooring made of granite?

Granite flooring is often made from 60x30x2/3 cm and 60x60x2/3 cm tiles.

Where can one find granite in India?

Both the north and South of India have granite. Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar are among the states in central North India that have large granite deposits. In contrast, South Indian states with important granite resources include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

How much does granite cost in India?

Granite slabs are heavy; thus, shipping them is expensive. As a result, where you purchase granite significantly impacts its pricing. More specifically, it depends on how close you are to the granite mine or processing facility. Granite costs between $50 and $150 per square foot in India, depending on the color.


Indian granite is so well-liked by homeowners, builders, designers, and other people for various reasons. These stones seem gorgeous and may stand out from other building materials, which is a critical factor in their popularity. Never accept anything less than Indian Granite when you need new flooring or countertops.

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