Best Quartz Countertops: Top Picks for a Stunning Countertops

Are you looking to purchase a new quartz countertop? If so, you may want to know which brand is the top choice. Choosing the right one is difficult due to the many brands present there. This article will compare some of the best quartz countertops manufacturers to assist you in making the right decision.

best quartz countertops

The manufacturing technology used by all brands is typically the same. Selecting the right brand for your kitchen countertop consists of many factors. Quartz countertops come in high-end materials. They can provide classy, opulent looks. Additionally, they require almost no upkeep. Some of the best quartz countertop brands are Silestone, Polarstone, Cambria Quartz, Caesarstone, Vena Stone, and MSI.

A quartz countertop will give your kitchen a sophisticated air even though it is artificial. This material is aesthetically beautiful, comes in various hues, and is not porous. You can choose from several quartz manufacturers. To learn more about the top manufacturers of quartz countertops, keep reading.

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The Advantages of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is hard and durable, similar to granite countertops, but it offers important advantages over genuine stone. Natural stone needs to be routinely and sufficiently sealed because it is porous and subject to stains. 93% real stone and 7% resin and polymers are used to create the engineered stone. As a result of being fully nonporous, it is resistant to stains. Natural stone is substantially more brittle than quartz, which is a little more flexible. 

quartz is hard and durable

The consistency of quartz countertops across manufacturers is remarkable. Quartz countertops are both nonporous and low-maintenance. You can clean with a cloth, eliminating the need for scrubbing, poultices, or specialized cleaners. You can clean quartz with common home cleaners or soap and water. At the same time, they are opposed to stone, which requires more specialized cleaners to prevent etching.

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Quartz Countertops Manufacturers

Each quartz countertop brand provides a broad range of quartz products that can complement any kitchen design. We’ll walk you through a few well-known quartz brand names—those who have provided lovely and dependable surfaces to American homes for a long time. Most importantly, those who merited a spot on this list.


One of the best quartz countertops manufacturers right now is Caesarstone. The durability and appealing texture of Caesarstone are both adored by homeowners. Caesarstone is the top option for engineered stone. It is readily available in design stores around the country in more than 40 colors.

caesarstone countertops

It has various appearances, from more traditional ones like marble to some contemporary and adventurous textures. Caesarstone is always enhancing and expanding its product line. And it has incorporated new designs that will complement virtually any kitchen layout.

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Because it is not available by big-box home improvement stores, Cambria is distinctive. Only kitchen and bath retailers carry it, and builders, architects, and designers are the only people who can buy it.


Cambria, the sole American corporation in the quartz surfaces industry, provides a variety of styles, colors, edges, and slab sizes. Countertops made of Cambria Quartz are nonporous, stain– and scratch-resistant. Additionally heat resistant, Cambria Quartz can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


Silestone is one of the best well-liked quartz countertops brands among consumers and designers. It is the premier quartz brand of the Italian business Cosentino, based in Almeria, Spain. Caesarstone is recognised for having a look similar to genuine stone. At the same time, Silestone stands out for its vibrant solid colours. It comes in more than 60 different hues and patterns.


Silestone is available in more applications than only backsplashes and countertops. Sinks, vanities, and shower pans all come in matching Silestone designs. A strong 25-year limited warranty from Silestone is available, transferable to new owners, and has no pro-rata restrictions.

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Vena Stone

Vena Stone has a wide range of options and is among the best quartz countertops that can give your quartz countertop an exquisite appearance. Many of their selections are made to look like marble. Many American homeowners are now installing quartz despite their preference for natural stone as quartz gained quite a popularity in material’s recent surge.

vena stone

Because of its durability and low care needs, many people prefer to use engineered stone. Also, this article discusses how quartz countertops can be made to look like natural stone without needing special treatments or polishing agents. Click here.


Since releasing the first quartz with a precise Calacatta marble design in 2014, Polarstone has established itself as a pioneer in producing quartz. It was the outcome of many years of research and development to produce the best-manufactured reproduction of real marble available on the market.


Before this, the quartz industry had mostly concentrated on granite-inspired designs, but Polarstone was the first to recognize the need for premium marble-inspired designs.


The brand MSI Quartz is known for producing the best quartz countertops. They guarantee quality and excellent customer service at relatively affordable costs comparable to those of other companies now on the market. This company offers a wide range of patterns, from Sea Mist Swirl to Blueberry, with numerous color options.


Depending on your spending limit and personal preferences, you can acquire a normal-size MSI Q Quartz product for $200 to $500 per square foot. The pricing will also vary depending on whether you use natural or synthetic quartz materials.

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Which brand is the best quartz countertops?

No brand is inherently superior to another. With a few minor variations in size and appearance, each brand we highlighted is acknowledged as the top.

What are the drawbacks of quartz counters?

The luxury of having quartz countertops comes with a hefty price tag that is among the highest of all countertop types. Because of the resins and chemicals that give quartz its durability, heated pans have the potential to irreversibly harm the material.

Which quartz hue is most popular?

Most people like white quartz countertops, which are the most popular color. It complements a variety of wall and cabinet colors.

Do quartz brands differ from one another?

In today's market, numerous quartz brands claim to be the best. While there are some slight variations between brands, these are mainly aesthetic. Most quartz countertops are comprised of the same components and have comparable durability.

Does quartz work well for hot pots?

Having a heat-resistant surface like quartz kitchen countertops can help contain a fire. Too much exposure of countertops to heat can damage the stone. Therefore you should exercise particular care. You are using heat protectors like coasters, hot pads, and trivets to avoid damaging the counters with heat.


Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, quartz countertops are a great choice. It will give a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your home improvement project. These best quartz countertops lines provide you with a tonne of value in addition to thousands of options for your kitchen’s style, color, and texture. 

Because they are enduring, hygienic, and attractive, quartz countertops have become popular as a countertop material for kitchens. These materials’ prospective cost is its main drawback. However, a number of companies are well ready to offer quartz countertops of the highest calibre at reasonable prices. All you need to know is which ones to select for your kitchen. These premium brands will assist in blending the appearance and feel of any design theme. It will also help produce a chic focal point that unifies the entire space. 

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