Calacatta Gold: Why It’s the Gold Standard in Italian Marble

sinkThis article will discuss Calacatta Gold. We all dream of beautiful homes and want to renovate our homes with the best flooring, countertops, and furniture. Redesigning your home can be hectic because you have so many options to choose from. From remodeling floors to washroom countertops, there are many options for you to choose from.

While searching for the perfect countertop material to renovate your home, there are certain things you need to check. The material chosen by you should have a long life. It should be durable enough to sustain high heat and humidity. And lastly, it should have a beautiful appearance. It is one countertop material that will change the overall look of your home.

calacatta gold

High tensile strength and excellent finishing are two characteristics of Italian marble stone. This is a premium Italian marble popular for its artistic designs. There are wide varieties of base materials in which you can find Calacatta gold stones.

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Varieties of Calacatta Gold

Let’s discuss the varieties mentioned below.


Marble from across the globe can be categorized into several types. One such type is the Italian marble range which contains a collection of exotic white marbles. It is a series of collections from the Italian marble range with layered grey patterns.

This stratified design is due to mineral deposition. Unlike granite, it does not have any grainy texture. The other variety of marble consists of brown-colored layered designs. The brown color against the white background of the Calacatta marble distinguishes it from others. Under the light, it appears to shine just like gold.

calacatta gold marble

The color variation is due to different mineral accumulations. Due to its inherent strength, it does not require chemical treatment to lengthen its lifespan. You can use it as a decorative countertop or flooring material.

Why is Calacatta gold marble so hyped? Firstly, it is a premium range of Italian marble. That implies that the natural stone is unique to Italy. Secondly, it has a smooth finish. Italian marble stones are famous because they have a smooth polished surface.

Thirdly, it is one of its kind, a rare beautiful natural marble. The contrasting color combination of white, grey, and brown makes the appearance gorgeous. And lastly, you can utilize it in multiple ways. You can install it anywhere from outdoors to indoors, from washrooms to the kitchen. Also, check out the Porcelain sink, a perfect combination for your washrooms.

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Strong countertop materials for homes and offices include quartz stone. Firstly, quartz stone does not have any pores. That means they are non-porous. And secondly, you can clean quartz easily.

It is a replica of Calacatta gold marble. The quartz version is modified with modern engineering techniques to design a stone material with dual properties. So if you can combine the beauty of Italian marble with the durability of quartz stone, then your answer is yes.

These two properties are- strength and beauty. It has several benefits, as they are highly resistant to acidic stains. So you can remodel your kitchen with countertops without any worry about damage from cooking stains.

calacatta gold quartz

Also, it is scratch resistance. It can sustain a high level of damage and will still shine like a new one. Also, It just needs regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners to maintain it. It is the future of elegant kitchens.

The white color of the stone makes the space appear bright. The design is subtle and graceful to look it. It is an ideal choice for office studios, also. You can use it as a wall drop or a singular floor piece.

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The regular ceramic tiles used for flooring can be digitally printed in Calacatta gold designs. But it will look different from the original Calacatta gold stone. You can also modify it with other patterns of your choice.

Instead, you can use it as your floor. Calacatta gold marble is a good choice for the floor as it is hard and tensile. But for a perfect finish, make sure the surface is polished.

calacatta gold tiles

You can use the premium Calacatta gold Italian marble because it is naturally polished and smooth. If you wish to have a stone material that costs less for maintenance, buy Calacatta gold quartz.

Usually, there are better options than quartz stone for flooring because it is tough to cut it into pieces. You can install a single long piece to cover your entire floor. 

The other option for using Calacatta gold as flooring is the Calacatta gold Silestone. It manufactured by mixing resin solutions with quartz minerals. This is done so the stone can be strong and resistant to daily wear and tear.

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Porcelain Slab

Lab design countertop materials are advantageous over natural stone countertops because they don’t need any sealing to protect them. Therefore, many people nowadays are switching to porcelain slabs. China clay and silicate minerals make up the majority of porcelain slabs.

We can modify porcelain stones like Calacatta gold marble with the help of injecting technology. China clay, also knowns as kaolin, acts like a natural adhesive. At the same time, silicate minerals give a plastic-like structure to the porcelain slab.

calacatta gold porcelain slab

It is an artificial countertop material but more durable than natural countertop materials. You can modify the material’s designs, patterns, and shapes to suit your house. Moreover, you can use it outdoors as well.

The durability will be unaffected by rain, heat, and dust accumulation. A simple wipe will be sufficient enough to clean it. 

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How much does Calacatta gold cost?

The price of a Calacatta gold depends on your selected base material. Base materials like porcelain and quartz will cost you more than natural Calacatta gold marble.

Is Calacatta gold marble expensive?

Calacatta gold marble is high-end and expensive because it is a rare premium collection of Italian marble. Additionally, it is a cost-effective choice because it is durable and hard. Also, the natural layered variation of patterns in grey and brown makes Calacatta gold marble an exotic choice.

Is there a quartz that looks like Calacatta gold?

Calacatta gold quartz has been modified with the help of engineering to make it look exactly like the Calacatta gold marble. It has combined properties of quartz and marble. Therefore, an ideal choice for washrooms and studio countertops.

What color is Calacatta gold?

The natural color of the Calacatta gold marble is white. It has natural vein designs in the colors grey and brown. Mineral deposits are what cause these patterns to emerge.

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Calacatta gold marble stone is famous for its contrasting color designs. The Italian marble range is high-end. Additionally, you have to maintain it with care and sincerity. 

Since technology has advanced, we can use other base materials to get the same beauty . The other base materials you can use are porcelain and quartz.

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