Calacatta Classic: The Ultimate Guide to This Luxurious Marble

Calcutta is a famous city in India known for its cultural heritage. But the name Calcutta is also famous for something else. Do you know what a Calcutta classic is? Calcutta classic does not mean any classical song which is famous in Calcutta. It is a premium quality quartz.            

It is a variety of quartz stone, a premium countertop material. Also, It is different from other varieties of quartz stones. It is widely known for its white and grey designs.       

    calcutta classic

The simple yet beautiful design can change the overall look of your house. Your home can turn beautiful like a studio  for your interiors.  

In addition, you can install it as flooring or tile it up on the wall. The natural vein-like design is unique. It will reform your home completely. 

You will find white marble and granite in almost every home. But Calcutta classic is scarce to find. 

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Calcutta Classic Quartz             

It is a type of Silestone. It is made by mixing natural quartz stones with resins. Resins increase the durability of the quartz stone.           

It is high-end and durable. It’s a type of quartz stone; therefore, it has high resistance to heat. The resin protects the stain against stains and scratches.            

Also, It is a premium white countertop. The white color of the stone represents simplicity and calmness. Many interior designers suggest a white color for interiors.     

calcutta classic quartz      

The beauty is that they are not ordinary quartz stones. They have wavy grey designs. The overall pattern of the stone looks quite exotic. It has the potential to reform your interiors.

It is an ideal stone material for washroom spaces also. The white color of the stone will reflect light that will make your bathroom space look bigger. It is a preferable choice over conventional white tiles. You can compliment Classic stone with white ceramics, also. 

It will look good with simple stainless steel sinks as well.

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Silestone Calcutta classic             

Natural quartz mineral is mixed with resins to make Calcutta classic Silestone. This makes it non-porous. Hence, increasing the durability of the Classic stone.             

It can be sustainably produced with recyclable materials also. Also, It can be chemically modified to increase the durability of the stone. So you can be assured that this will look beautiful over a while.         

silestone calcutta classic      

It contains around 90 percent white quartz mineral and 10 percent resins. Waste materials like soothe and sun mica, and you can mix epoxy increase longevity.             

In addition, Hybrid technology is used to make Calcutta-classic Silestone. This technology helps to increase the smoothness of the stone. Additionally, it also improves the texture of the stone.  

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Where Can You Use Calcutta Classic Stones?

You can install it anywhere and everywhere. If you want something elegant to renovate your home, you can change all your countertops with it. Also, you can use it as attractive flooring for your lobby. Place a big Calcutta classic slab, and cover the remaining space with other floor stones.             

It compliments every color. Hence, you can experiment with shades and colors with Calcutta classic stones. Also, you can use black cupboards in your kitchen. This will give a monochrome appearance to your kitchen space.   

where can you use calcutta classic stones          

It looks good with everything. If you want a royal finish, you can use jade blue cupboards along with the Calcutta classic.             

In addition, you can use any sink or faucet. We suggest you try golden faucets as your bathroom countertop. Because this combination will turn your normal washroom into a royal one, you can modify with golden liner designs.     

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Advantages of Calcutta Classic               

Classic stone is a costly quartz material. But your investment in it will be well-spent. It has several benefits as a high-end quartz Silestone. Classic quartz is of supreme quality. It is durable and looks beautiful.            

Calcutta classic is highly resistant to stains. No special care is required to protect it against daily wear and tear. You can easily install it in washrooms and restrooms, which are prone to daily stains. But still, it will have no major effect on stone.    

advantages of calacatta classic countertops     

Calcutta classic is resistant to scratch as well. Also, it is a non-porous quartz stone. This means that there would be no accumulation of air and water that could decay the natural beauty of the stone.             

The stones are highly resistant to daily impact, which means they can handle the load. It has a high acidic resistance. The low porosity prevents it from stains caused by acids. You can use it as a daily use countertop.             

Calcutta Classic– Care And Maintenance            

Maintaining a Calcutta classic quartz is very easy. Clean it at regular intervals, like how you clean other stone surfaces. Also, You can use any mild soap-based cleaner to clean the surface . It would help if you scrubbed it to clean it. Do not apply any sealant. The resin base already forms a protective layer.     

calcutta classic- care and maintenance        

Calcutta classic stones are modified to increase durability. Make sure that a highly acidic solution does not fall on the countertop. However, this will lead to yellow-colored stains that can damage the white color.

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What color is Calcutta Classic?

The color is pure milk white. It contains grey vein-like designs that are broad and wavy. You can also modify with golden liner designs to give it a more premium look.

Why is Calcutta quartz so expensive?

Calcutta classic is a rare type of engineered quartz Silestone. They are expensive because it has dual physical properties. It gives you a high resistance to heat and stain like engineered quartz stone. Additionally, it is durable, like granite stones.

How much is Calcutta Classic quartz?

Calcutta classic quartz stone changes the overall look of your interior with its gorgeous appearance. The thickness of the slab determines the price . A Calcutta classic stone costs around $60 to $100 per square foot. The prices may increase if you modify it with linear golden designs.

Is Calcutta quartz good quality?

The Calcutta quartz is good in quality. The texture of the Calcutta classic Silestone is top-notch. It has several advantages, like high resistance to heat and humidity. It is scratch-proof and also easy to maintain.


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To sum up, Calcutta classic has the potential to change the overall look of your home. The beautiful grey designs against white backgrounds change the interior of your home. They are high-end compared to other premium stones.  

Above all, It is the best choice for you. You will have to invest only one time. In return, you will get a quartz stone that is both durable and beautiful. 

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