Can You Put Hot Pans on Granite? Unveiling the Truth

Granite is frequently considered one of the most popular kitchen surfaces. But are you aware of Can you put hot pans on granite countertops? This article is here to answer you.

To unveil the truth that solves this mystery of whether you can put hot pans on granite, the answer is Yes, you may keep hot pans on granite, only if you keep them for a short duration. But before being comfortable doing that, you should be aware of its consequences. If you leave hot pans on your granite countertops for long, they may result in the following:

  1. Thermal Shock 
  2. Discoloration of the Granite
  3. Waking the Sealing

To know the practical solutions to these questions, read the article till the end. You will learn about the potential damage to your granites and how to avoid them. Remember to reach the FAQ section so that you catch up with everything.

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Can hot pans be placed on granite?

Granite is formed from igneous rock and is created primarily by the extended cooling and solidifying of magma or lava. The granite becomes very hard and resists heat as this process occurs at extremely high temperatures. As a result, granite countertops are heat resistant, allowing you to put hot pans on the surface without harming it. pan on granite

The ability of this stone to handle a direct interaction with a hot iron is another indicator of its heat resistance quality. Therefore, it doesn’t guarantee heat proof and allows you to leave your granite countertop to constant heat contact regularly.

Generally, is it safe to put hot pans on granite countertops because of their natural heat resistance? However, it would be best if you took some vital measures to avoid difficulties, such as Thermal shock, weakening of sealant, and discoloration.

  • Always use heat-resistant trivets, hot pads, or mats to protect granite countertops from direct contact with hot pans. These things will help you to disperse heat evenly.heat resistant trivets
  • Try to cool the hot pans slightly before putting them on a granite surface, as it reduces the possibility of thermal shock produced by an abrupt change in temperature.pan
  • Don’t put boiling pans like those are just out of the oven or high-heat stovetop burner, as it can lead to cracks on the surface. In these cases, using heat-resistant trivets, hot pads, or mats is a must. Learn more about the temperature that can crack granite.boiling pans
  • Check your granite countertop regularly for primary indications of discoloration and cracks or weakening of sealant. Putting hot pans on damaged countertops will be risky to avoid more damage and resolve all the issues. Fix your decolorized granite in simple and easy steps.discoloration in granite

While granite can withstand mild heat, it is essential to use these vital measures to guarantee the longevity and durability of your granite countertops.

Level of heat granite can handle

Granite is capable of handling temperatures of around 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit. A hot pan will, however, stay within this threshold. It would remain under 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is safe to keep hot pans on granite.granite-countertop

Placing the hots pans on granite countertops for a short duration may not cause severe problems; there may be some counter effects if you put the pans for longer durations.Get answer to your all question on granite countertops here!

To understand what these issues may be, read the following section:

What happens if you put a hot pan on granite

To answer, can you set hot pans on granite countertops? The answer is yes. However, if you place a hot pan on the granite countertops directly, many consequences may hinder the aesthetic and physical integrity of the granite. While granite is often praised for its heat endurance, some issues can still happen when exposed to high temperatures.

Thermal shock   

If you put hot pans on granite, one of the significant sources of worry is the danger of thermal shock, as the abrupt change in temperature because of the meeting of a hot pan with the excellent granite surface can cause expansion and contraction, eventually resulting in small cracks or splits on the surface.crack on granite countertop

These cracks won’t be noticeable initially but could harm the granite’s long-term durability.


One more issue, especially on light-colored granite surfaces that the heat from the pan might initiate a chemical reaction in granite which could result in discoloration of the character.decoloration on the granite countertop

This discoloration might need professional polishing or even more cleaning with a suitable granite stain remover.

Sealant weakening

At some point, high temperatures on Granite surfaces can also degrade the seal of the granite countertops, making them more prone to stains and other types of damage.garnite countertop white

It can even absorb liquids and oils, resulting in permanent colors, as many granite surfaces are sealed to improve stain resistance.

Hot pans on quartz vs. granite

While granite is entirely natural, quartz is majorly artificial. Quartz is more rigid than granite and is far more durable. It is more robust, except it is less heat resistant than granite. If you ever put a hot pan on quartz, it would cause severe damage to the stone. This is due to the resin in quartz that makes it so vulnerable to heat.quartz countertop

Quartz may be better than granite in different ways, but the fact that they are also better in many other ways remains intact. Consider your requirements and then judge what you need.

So if you are wondering which is better to make a kitchen countertop, we suggest you go for granite. You can easily place hot pans on granite for a limited time, but you cannot put them on quartz. This answers the debate on hot pans on quartz vs. granite.

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What is granite made of?

Granite is a natural igneous rock, and it is not artificially made. It is made up of magma from the volcanoes.

What is the trendiest material for countertops in 2023?

Even though quartz is a more popular choice, granite countertops are as beautiful and heat resistant. So if you want a kitchen countertop, go for granite. You will surely love this choice.

What is Quartz? How it differs from granite?

Quartz is an artificial stone of ground, resin, and some natural quartz stones. It varies from granite because granite is a natural stone of lava and magma. Granites are porous, while quartz is not. However, granite has a high resistance, while quartz doesn’t.

Are stone countertops in style?

People love decorating their homes using granite countertops and even quartzite countertops. The trend is increasing multiplicatively.



Now that you are through this article, you must know whether placing hot pans on granite suits you. You have learned all kinds of damages related to granite heating and how to refrain from them. You know that granites can stand 1650 K of heat, and what kind of idea is it to place hot pans on them? Try to follow all the guidelines provided and ensure your safety.

Every granite owner must know how to care for their granites; we see a lot goes into it. We believe that you are now all set to go. And you can guarantee the beauty of your granites. Just rely on these methods to prevent them from being disfigured. After all, flawless granite is every owner’s pride!

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