Cheap Granite: How to Find Quality Stone on a Budget

There are several affordable methods to buy cheap Granite without hindering its quality. There’s no need to fret, as in this article, you’ll come across all ways to find a cheap granite that still has the flair you want. 

To find Granite in your budget, you should follow the given methods:

1. Factors affecting the Price of Granites

2. Look for:

a. Prefabricated Granites 

b. Granite Remnants

c. Local Granite Sellers 

d. Deals

6. Install the Granite Yourself

7. Instead of looking for unique colors, stick to the routine ones. 

8. Go for standard designs and finishings. 

You don’t have to give up the appearance and feel you want at home just because you have a limited budget. This article further explains each of these methods in detail. Also, remember to read the FAQ section, as it may contain some doubts you already had. So go through the entire article and then decide!

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This is a list of how to procure a budget-friendly granite that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You’ll find each of these methods helpful. The integration of these approaches can yield optimal outcomes.

Knowing the pricing factors

It is essential to know all the components that can impact the cost of your Granite before actually looking for it. Granite prices vary greatly depending on limited availability, color, pattern, thickness, and origin.countertops granite

Therefore, uncommon colors and complex designs might cost you more; however, common varieties will be affordable. Moreover, the thickness of the Granite might affect the cost as thicker Granite tends to be more expensive.

Explore Prefabricated Granite

You can consider the prefabricated Granite countertops as they are more affordable than other options. Prefabricated Granite are available in standard sizes and are pre-cut and pre-finished, so they require less effort and can be manufactured in large quantities. Read how different granite are from each other in terms of appearance.prefabricated granite countertop

Although they may provide classic designs and limited size options, they still deliver Granite’s elegance and durability at cheaper rates. This could help you with affordable Granite for smaller kitchens or bathrooms. If you are looking for affordable granite, read about Palomino Granite.

Find Remnants of Granite

Remnant pieces are the smaller unused pieces left over from other tasks. They need to be more significant for a whole countertop but might be perfect for smaller places like bathroom vanities as they are leftovers, so you might get them at discounted prices.bathroom vanities granite

Using remnants of Granite is an excellent eco-friendly approach as it is used to decrease granite portions, which is beneficial for the environment. Finding remnant pieces is a beautiful way to buy cheap Granite.

Buying Location

Slabs of Granite are pretty heavy, so purchasing it from a location far from your place will increase your cost logistically. So, to get cheap Granite, you should find a local provider and buy it from a nearby location.absolute-black-granite-slabs

You may significantly reduce the cost by buying through a local source as if they are located in the same region, you might get your Granite installed at affordable and cheap prices.

Look for deals

You should constantly check for special offers, deals, and discounts nearby suppliers provide. They might provide discounts on particular granite colors and designs to allow people to get Cheap Granite that matches their preferences and budget.granite-color-swatches

It would be best if you did not hesitate to negotiate with the suppliers as they already tell you the higher prices. Sometimes suppliers might have extra stock they want to sell, so they offer discounts and offers.

DIY installation

Do It Yourself (DIY) installation might help you reduce the labor cost of setting up the Granite. Setting up Granite is not easy as it requires careful planning and adequate equipment, no matter how confident and skilled you are with home installation

There is no turning back once you make an inappropriate cut or ruin the Granite during installation.

Choose common colors

Granite is available in a stunning range of different colors that each have a variety of distinct patterns. You will need to spend extra if you want rare or premium colors of the granite slab as it takes more time in production due to its irregular pattern and is in more demand.common granite color

If you wish to use cheap Granite, choose standard colors, as they might not be as expensive as rare colors. They are not only affordable but also widely available in the market, which makes them very accessible.

Consider a simple finish and standard design.

Since the colors of Granite are available in stunning ranges, you also get a range of finishes, and the price might increase or decrease based on your selection. The most common and cost-effective option is to choose a polished finish. It is a cheap granite for the long term as you need to spend very low on maintenance as time passes.leathered-granite

If you choose the leather or sharpened finish, it might cost you high. If you are searching for intricate designs or have been considering including some of your patterns, additional borders, and unique style, it might raise the cost of the Granite. Countertops can be customized conveniently and boost your house’s visual appeal, but customization might cost you more than expected.

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Is thinner Granite less expensive?

Thinner Granite is cheaper than thicker Granite, as lighter Granite is typically regarded as an inferior grade. Although most countertops are available in several sizes, Granite is available in two types 2cm and 3 cm. However, thicker Granite is more robust and may need help to chip easily.

How can you check a piece of granite is of superior quality?

The quality of Granite generally relies on its unique colors and designs. Better quality granite is unlikely to contain flaws, holes, cracks, and other shortcomings. Before purchasing, you should inspect the Granite closely, as just the slightest break can cause a massive problem in the future.

What are the alternatives to cheap granite?

Yes, there are options other than Granite, such as laminate or solid surface materials, that are less expensive. You can consider these solutions for less prominent locations such as laundry rooms, basements, etc., while you can save Granite for more noticeable places.

Is it beneficial to invest in Granite?

Yes, it is beneficial to invest in Granite as it will increase the value of your property. It improves the overall look of your home. Its durability, elegance, and minimal maintenance requirements make Granite a worthy investment for people looking to increase their home's beauty.


Now that you know the various methods to buy cheap Granite, all you’ve left with is the elephant’s tail. Put another way, you’ve already through the tricky part, and what’s left to do is execution. So, don’t worry that you want Granite, but your budget isn’t allowing that.

You’ll find the most suited Granite to make your home look amazing. Granites come in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to be an interior nerd to know what suits your dream home to make it dreamier. So get on your marks and Happy Shopping!


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