Does Quartzite Stain? Unveiling the Truth About It

The stone quartzite is magnificent. It’s gorgeous, organic, and arguably one of the hardest stones. It fits a countertop perfectly, especially one in a kitchen. You might be curious about “does quartzite stain” if you want to add quartzite to your kitchen.

Quartzite countertops are prone to stains. Quartzite counters are among the most resilient countertop materials available. They are very resistant to scratches, etching, chipping, and, you guessed it, staining. The pores in natural stone goods can let liquids inside and discolor them. It will help if you seal your quartzite countertops to stop this from happening, which is natural.

quartzite stain

We’ve all experienced it. After setting a glass of red wine down on our quartzite countertop, we unexpectedly noticed a dark red stain. Another possibility is that we spilled coffee on the counter, leaving a stubborn dark stain. With this article, we will get to know does quartzite stain and also demonstrate how to clean quartzite countertops of everyday stains. To learn more, continue reading.

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What Exactly Is Quartzite?

Sandstone or chert containing quartz naturally forms under intense heat and pressure. Quartzite, a metamorphic rock, is widespread. Quartzite has the elegance of natural stone; it resembles marble but is less demanding to maintain.

quartzite countertops

The average quartzite composition is greater than 90%; in extreme cases, it can reach 99%. Quartzite seems glassy and, in some situations, mimics marble. Because of its generally pleasing appearance, quartzite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Also, click here  for popular brown granite countertops for your kitchen.

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Does Quartzite Stain Easily?

Does Quartzite stain? Yes, generally. However, a lot depends on the sealer. A “sealer” is a protective covering included with each quartzite slab. Quartzite is a natural stone that benefits from this protective layer’s nicer, smoother appearance and surface without compromising the stone’s stunning unique patterns.

quartzite stain

Despite being one of the hardest stones, the sealer is not quite as hard as quartzite. It is a mixture of plastic or wax, readily scratched, and continues to wear out over time, exposing the stone beneath it more.

Because the materials used to seal the quartzite can be easily washed and are not susceptible to staining, there is no risk of staining while the sealer is still new. The chance of the stain seeping into the stone itself increases if the sealer is already deteriorating. Also, read this article for the ultimate granite slab prices list.

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Cleaning Quartzite

Many people think or have doubts that does quartzite stain and how we can clean them. Cleaning quartzite is a little more once it has been properly sealed. You can use a sponge’s soft side, a cloth, or a microfiber cloth. Utilize fresh water and a gentle, neutral cleanser made for stone surfaces. Quartzite can be well-cared for by adopting the practices listed below:

  • Clean up accidents as soon as they occur, especially those that contain acid (lemon juice, vinegar, wine, etc.) and food coloring (turmeric, food dyes, etc.) cleaning
  • Utilize cooling racks, trivets, and cutting boards.
  • Maintain a dry surface (around sinks, under dishes, etc.)

Avoid using hard scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, or bleach on quartzite or other natural stone. It will allow you to maintain its good looks and protect it from quartzite discoloration for a long period. So it’s crucial to reseal regularly, promptly wipe away spills and food particles, and regularly clean your tabletop. What is Decomposed Granite Stabilizer? Read this article to learn.

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Scrubbing The Quartzite To Remove The Stain

Mix equal volumes of water and white vinegar to remove water-based stains. Mix equal volumes of dish soap and rubbing alcohol to remove oil-based stains. After applying the cleaning solution to the stain, give it some time to absorb. It will allow the stain time to absorb the solution. 

scrubbing to remove the stain

You can remove quartzite stain expertly with a small bit of work. Start cleaning the stain once a few minutes have elapsed. Circularly scrub the stained area with a brush or sponge. Continue until the stain leaves the surface, just as when cleaning quartz. After that, remove any leftover cleaning solution with a cloth and dry the surface. That’s all, then! Your countertop will appear brand new in no time!  

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How To Clean Your Quartz Counters Of Tough Stains

Does quartzite stain? Yes, and these stains vary like some stains can easily be removed, and some are very tough. To rub out difficult stains, you will require adhesive remover. Use a goo-gone-like cleanser on a moist rag or cloth. Directly apply the cleanser on the stain, allowing it to sit there for five to ten minutes before wiping it away. After cleaning the counter, wipe it down again with warm water. Caramel is an alternative to Goo Gone. It will function due to the properties that make it like a sticker and will aid in removing sticky stains.

Isopropyl Alcohol For Cleaning

Utilizing a moist towel or cloth, massage the stain with a wet rag treated with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

isopropyl alcohol for cleaning countertops

It will assist with stubborn stains that resist removal with water and soap alone. It would help if you then cleaned the counter once more with merely warm water.

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A Remark About Genuine Quartzite

Although quartz minerals make up most of the quartzites, other minerals can produce various brilliantly colored variants. Sometimes, the stone might be mistaken for quartzite or soft quartzite because of its appearance and few characteristics.

a remark about genuine quartzite countertops

However, they are sandstone or limestone marble and sometimes intermediate quartzite. True quartzite is highly durable, does not etch, and is difficult to scratch with a knife. The excellent surface material is quartzite. To make sure you are obtaining natural quartzite, double-check with your source. Also, click here how to remove hard water Stains from Granite.

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How should quartzite countertops be cared for?

Use a soft cloth, warm water, and soap for general cleaning. A cleaner designed specifically for natural stone is advised for more difficult tasks. When there has been a spill and you are anxious about bacteria, you can also use disinfectant wipes.

How can we remove water stains on quartzite countertops?

Users are willing to use Soft Scrub Liquid Gel, a non-abrasive cleaner, to remove hard water stains from quartz surfaces. Do not apply the gel directly to the countertop; use it properly with a wet cloth or paper towel. Next, wipe the discoloration away in a circular motion.

Quartz or quartzite, which is less expensive?

Although quartz is more affordable than quartzite, it can still be more expensive than genuine stone and is still regarded as a high-end countertop material. Quartzite is more expensive than quartz, though, when they are contrasted.

What issues does quartzite have?

One of granite's biggest downsides is that it doesn't discolor as easily as quartzite. Quartzite is extremely resistant to etching, chipping, and scratching, but discoloration can be a concern if not properly maintained. You may seal the surface as an additional layer of defense to boost the stain resistance of your quartzite countertop.


In conclusion, removing quartzite staining from the countertop is easier. Most stains may be removed quickly and easily when using the right approach. The strength of quartzite is superior to that of marble and granite countertops. Quartz, however, outperforms quartzite in terms of toughness, appeal, and maintenance. Quartzite countertops can last for many years if they are got to grips well. The most straightforward method of upkeep is countertop sealing. This article has also clarified the question of does quartzite stain.

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