Dolomite Countertops: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite are far more prevalent than dolomite countertops. However, they’re becoming increasingly well-liked as an affordable and reliable marble substitute.

This lack of awareness is largely the result of these factors. Dolomite is undoubtedly a less popular countertop material, but it does have certain benefits. Dolomite countertops, for instance, are less prone to dents, abrasions, and scratches because they offer excellent resistance to heat, pressure, and other abrasions. It is a far more scratch- and chip-resistant alternative than marble, although not being as hard as granite. As Dolomite is not very different from marble and is not readily available in large quantities, it is a very specialized option.

Our thorough advice will assist you in determining whether Dolomite is the ideal option for you if you’re unsure whether to pick it.

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About Dolomite Countertops

What is dolomite, and is it the same or different from marble? Not are some questions everyone has in their mind. Dolomite rock makes an excellent choice for kitchen countertops because of its durability. Across the world, Dolomite is commonly known as dolostone or dolomite stone.

A sedimentary rock that develops on the surface of the earth is Dolomite. It generally has a white or light grey color and is comparable to limestone. Dolomite typically features grey or beige veining, although traces of pink, black, brown, or green can occasionally be visible. It is mine, and then cut into incredibly beautiful slabs.

dolomite countertops

You might confuse marble due to how much it resembles the latter. Dolomite countertops work almost as well as marble in every way, with nearly equal levels of durability. Dolomite differs from marble in that it has a far smaller degree of porosity, which is advantageous even if it is a little softer.

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Characteristics Of Dolomite

Dolomite is a fantastic substitute for marble if you want it, mainly because it is more scratch-resistant than stone. However, it is vital to remember that in terms of scratch resistance, it falls short of granite and quartzite.


Dolomite countertops are more durable and perform better than marble ones. If properly cared for, this stone may survive for many years and continue to appear brand new.

reliability of dolomite countertops

The stone is selected because it is less susceptible to deterioration. It is uncommon, compared to granite, but it is more susceptible to shatter and chip.

Heat Resistance Ability

Dolomite countertops provide many more advantages than Quartz in heat and sunshine resistance.

heat resistance

On the other hand, Quartz will be permanently stained by a hot pan. Furthermore, placing hot pans on any surface is never a good idea. It is usually advisable to use protective coasters.

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Dolomite is more acid resistant than marble and does not actively absorb liquids. However, it would help if you sealed it virtually every year.

stain-resistant of dolomite countertops

Additionally, it is essential to keep it away from acids because even a little exposure may cause etching. Dolomite will allow you to decide with greater ease than marble would. Regular upkeep is still necessary, though. Read this article to learn how to get a Stain off of Granite Countertops.

Total Expenditure On Dolomite

Dolomite is noted for offering a look similar to marble at a significantly lesser price, which is one of its significant advantages. The kitchen countertops are significantly more economical than most naturally occurring materials, notably marble, in the U.S. state of Florida, where you may purchase them for an average price of $50 to $75.


It can be a terrific alternative for you if you’re insistent on having a mineral-rich kitchen countertop and enjoy the appearance of marble but don’t quite deal with the current market price for marble. It appears just like marble but is much less expensive.fwh

One of the major benefits of choosing Dolomite is its low cost, but it is not the main benefit because of the material’s well-known physical endurance.

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Compared to marble worktops, dolomite countertops are undoubtedly easier to maintain. Sealing will need long-term maintenance costs.

Everyone has difficulty regarding how to clean dolomite countertops. One daily cleaning of your dolomite countertops is favorable. Avoid using strong chemicals, ammonia, or acidic cleaners like vinegar or lemon juice. Dolomite cleaning should be similar to other natural stones, either with mild soap or specialized stone cleaners. Typically, using a moist sponge to remove the dirt is sufficient.

maintenance on dolomite countertops

Clean up anything that spills onto your countertop as soon as possible with a soft dishcloth. Unsealed Dolomite may become stained by liquids like wine, fruit juice, and oil. However, Modern tile countertops are among the top low-maintenance choices due to their easy-to-care-for qualities.

Dolomite, on the other hand, comes in a variety of porosities. Countertop areas might need sealing more often than others. Pour some hot water onto a counter to see whether it works. It needs to reseal if the water seeps into the Dolomite. Want to install decomposed Granite? Read This.

The Various Types Of Dolomite

Due to their similar geological formation processes and powerful look, Dolomite and marble are frequently confused with one another. The most typical Dolomite color countertops for kitchens are white and grey. White Dolomite is the most common color.

Dolomite has a major benefit over marble in that it is not nearly as subject to heat or scratching as marble, even though some people often compare the two as equally attractive. Click here to learn about Granite colors.

Advantages Of Having Dolomite

Let’s discuss the advantages of having Dolomite.

Reasonably Inexpensive

Dolomite can be the best choice if you don’t want to pay much money to get a kitchen dolomite countertop made of a particular material because it is significantly less costly than marble and granite.


Dolomite can last as long as marble and granite if it is well kept, so if you are confident that you can adequately maintain your countertop, purchasing in Dolomite is reasonably safe.

Good Appearance

If you desire the appearance of marble, Dolomite is a highly attractive material with a striking similarity to marble.


It is sometimes confused for marble as well.

Fewer Pores

While Dolomite is a porous substance, it is considerably less porous than many other popular stones like marble; therefore, it won’t be as damaged by stains as marble is.

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Disadvantages Of Having Dolomite

Let’s discuss the disadvantages of having Dolomite.

Possibility Of Etchings

They are softer than granite and are prone to scratches and etchings despite being more rigid than marble or calcites.

Dolomite countertops are less durable than granite countertops because they have a lower Mohs hardness rating, which is excellent. 

Possibility Of Stains

No matter how dense, natural stone is, to varying degrees, porous and absorbs small amounts of dirt, moisture, and grease. Despite their extreme durability, dolomite countertops are susceptible to stains and may eventually turn discolored. When selecting lighter dolomite varieties, these stains might be challenging.

stains on dolomite

Dolomite buyers should exercise caution when selecting light shades of stone. On the other hand, Dolomite would still cause harm, but the damage would not happen immediately.

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Is Dolomite Good For Kitchen Countertops?

If you can perform specialized sealing and upkeep, dolomite marble countertops are an excellent alternative for kitchen countertops. If properly maintained, dolomite countertops may endure years or even decades, outlasting marble kitchen worktops. Dolomite resists normal deterioration and wear.

Does Dolomite readily scratch?

Dolomite is more durable than marble and tougher than usual. It is harder than marble on a scale of hardness, but it isn't as scratch-resistant as granite and quartzite.

Dolomite countertops cost how much?

For kitchen countertops, Dolomite is popular because it is more resilient than marble and looks similar. Natural Dolomite is transparent. The price per square foot for dolomite countertops ranges from $65 to $110.

What kind of maintenance is necessary for a dolomite countertop?

If properly cared for, these stones can live for decades. Even though dolomite stone is more subject to cracking and fracture than granite, it is extremely resistant to wear and strain and is not likely to happen.


Dolomite’s pricing advantage over marble means that it can be a terrific find for you if you’re looking for a material that resembles marble but is less expensive. Dolomite is perhaps the greatest material for people who want something that looks like marble but is less expensive. Dolomite may be the ideal material for you, and as it is now gaining popularity, you could discover that your investment was profitable.

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