Exotic Granites: Exploring Unique and Eye-catching Options To Try

Exotic granites are among the greatest materials for kitchen remodeling, even if they are slightly more expensive than other types of granite. A slab of exotic granite is a particular variety of granite distinguished by its distinctive patterns and hues. Many homeowners choose exotic granite worktops to give their kitchens a touch of luxury.

exotic granites

Countertops made of exotic natural stone are distinctive and opulent accents to any kitchen in a house. Exotic granite countertops come in various styles, including those constructed of granite, marble, quartz, or glass. Every type of stone has a different hue, veining, and patterning, offering your house a distinctive appearance. Granite countertops are a great option because each slab has its pattern, color, and personality. Due to this, many homeowners prefer to choose the precise granite slab—or many slabs—they intend to buy and install.

Not all granite slabs are born equal, which is one of the first things you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect one for your home. When choosing exotic granite slabs for your home, keep the following factors in mind.

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Exotic Granites

Exotic granite, as opposed to marble, has been popular in construction and design for a while. It regarded as one of the best stones in the industry because of their strong resistance and low investment value.

exotic granite

It can be applied to almost any internal or external place without anxiety, unlike other natural stones, because it won’t deteriorate with time or exposure to liquids. Even though there aren’t many color possibilities for granite, unique slabs can be striking. The most prevalent colours were black and white, green, yellow, and even red.

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Exotic Granite Colors

You can find many rare granite colors with elaborate patterns in the exotic category. Below is a list of the top exotic granite kinds.

Exotic Gold Granite 

Granite with the moniker “Exotic Gold” is precisely that—exotic. This spectacular Italian granite’s veins, spots, and colors include purple, brown, black, and gray.

exotic gold granite

It is unquestionably among the most exquisite stone slabs you can utilize for any kitchen remodeling.

Altair Granite 

You can install Altair granite anywhere.

altair granite

This unusual natural stone features rich veins of orange, gold, and red running throughout the slab, with a black background. It is noticeable everywhere.

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Lemurian Blue Granite

The ideal granite for your worktops is Lemurian Blue. Lemurian Blue Granite is low-maintenance, which is one of its benefits.

lemurian blue granite

Because they are so easy to maintain, your countertops won’t require much time. Instead, you can relax and take in how gorgeous they are.

Volga Blue Granite

Granite Volga Blue is available in slabs and tiles for maximum versatility. Everyone will wonder where you acquired it because it has a distinctive extraterrestrial twist and is made of black granite with apparent blue sparkles.

volga blue granite

One can complete both interior and outdoor projects with the use of Volga blue. It is a fantastic option for any outside project because it holds well even in below-freezing temperatures.

Desert Dream Granite

Although significantly more expensive, Desert Dream is a high-quality granite stone that exudes grandeur. Durable and beautiful, it immediately transforms bathrooms and kitchens into designer areas, especially with gold or copper finishes.

desert dream granite

One of the chicest granite stones available, it has a stunning patterning of black, gray, cream, burnt orange, and gold.

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Granite Is Regarded As Exotic

It is simple to identify the exotic natural stone. The distinctive swirls, colors, patterns, and veins distinguish it from less interesting types and make it stand out from the crowd. But what constitutes exotic granite exactly? Exotic granite is a broad term for any granite uncommon in industrial or residential contexts. It can apply to materials sourced from less-traveled confined areas within the same country and stone imported from other nations. Exotic granite always adds a touch of richness and sophistication to any area, regardless of where it comes from. Consider using this gorgeous material to give your house or place of business an exotic feel.

Exotic Granites For Kitchen

Given that both contenders ooze elegance and attractiveness on every square inch, white marble countertops and white granite countertops can compete fiercely when placed side by side. For the kitchen, granite stone is one of your better selections.

exotic granites for kitchen

Granite may provide various unique interior design options because of its wide range of color variations. Granite for the kitchen can work wonders for the room, whether you want to make it appear understated and elegant or show off the glitz and glamour of your home.

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Things An Exotic Granites Countertop Can Provide

Unique granite countertops are the best for kitchen countertops because of their extraordinary strength, toughness, and resistance to heat and scratches. It is even more advantageous for the kitchen because it is stain-resistant after being sealed. When entirely sealed, it needs very little maintenance. All you’ll need to keep the area clean is a granite-friendly cleanser. It would help if you changed your countertop seal regularly.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone. Thus each piece has what appears to be a unique pattern, giving each stone an unmatched beauty. For homeowners with good taste in art, the granite stone is even better because it is available in various colors and may be polished or sharpened.

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What granite is regarded as exotic?

Exotic granite is premium, high-gloss, and all-natural, with striking hues and patterns. Exotic countertops are made of stone from all over the world, and the more uncommon and costly they are, the more value they add to your new kitchen.

Which granite color is most uncommon?

Van Gogh Granite, which has burned orange veining with aqua blue and mint green coloring, is one of the rarest forms of granite. Given that blue and red granite are particularly uncommon, it is the most valuable combination.

How can you tell if a granite slab is of high quality?

Examine the granite slab visually in detail. Check the item for flaws, such as scratches, dings, discolorations, cracks, and chips. Keep an eye out for the surfaces' homogeneity as well. Check the edges to see if they have a proper square shape.

What is granite's weakness?

The high price of granite stones and the high installation costs are two of their greatest issues compared to other items. Due to the lengthy stone mortaring process and labor-intensive mortar adhesion, granite installation takes a long time.

What can obliterate granite?

All acidic foods, including wine, vinegar, citrus juice, and beauty items like nail polish remover, can stain granite surfaces. Acids can etch the surface, weakening its seal and making the weak underlying stone more susceptible to stains.

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Many households know the value of granite due to its beauty. However, while many choose typical varieties of natural stone, you can undoubtedly give your home a distinctive character by selecting uncommon granite. Granite countertops by themselves will draw attention, but unusual granite countertops will give you a genuinely unique and unforgettable surface. 

One of the most widely used options for countertops is exotic granites because of their distinct beauty and durability attributes. Granite is a good investment for any kitchen remodel because of its excellent durability and ease of stain maintenance. It is among the least frequently quarried substances on Earth; thus, it is unlikely to become obsolete. So, even if they have a porous quality, rest assured that they are still a fashionable and useful option for your budget if you’re considering using them for your upcoming kitchen countertops restoration and backsplashes. 

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