Granite Edges Types: Comprehensive Guide for Your Next Project

Granite edge types are a unique part of granite. They are available in various forms, proportions, and hues. But they all have the same function: making your countertops look beautiful. Granite edges are there to make the countertop look better. They’re also more durable, meaning you can use your granite edge for years without worrying about chipping or breaking. This blog will explain everything you must know about different granite edges types, including what they are and why they exist.

granite edge

A granite countertop’s edge is built of material unique from the countertop’s main body. There are many granite edge types – simple like eased edge and bevel edge, transitional like half round and the full bullnose, or traditional like ogee.

We’ll go over different types invented over time so that you know what kind of edge will work best for your project!

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Ten Granite Edge Types

The different granite edges types are-

Beveled Edge 

Step edge countertops have a slightly rounded or beveled edge. They are fantastic granite edges types options if you want a more contemporary look.

beveled edge granite

You can pick a step edge countertop that complements your décor style because they come in various colors and materials.

Ogee Edge 

Ogee edge countertops feature a double bevel or lip effect. To achieve this, they use a special type of granite with two different profiles on either side of the edge. One with rounded corners and one with flat ones. This type of granite is also known as an ogee because it resembles the shape of an egg in profile view (like above).

Ogee Edge

Ogges are thicker than other edge types, making them ideal for kitchen islands where you want your countertop to remain sturdy but not heavy when used repeatedly throughout the day.

Flat Eased Granite Edges 

Flat-eased granite edges types are the most simple and budget-friendly type of granite edge profiles. You can use them to create various designs, including rounded corners, flat slabs, and even faux marble.

flat eased edge

The flat-eased granite edge is ideal for preparing food or serving drinks on countertops. The small radius makes cleaning easy with a wet rag and soap, but don’t forget those stubborn bits! A small amount of steel wool or sandpaper works well for getting them off your counters!

Flat eases also great for use in bathrooms where you want an elegant look without having lots of cuts in your new stone walls (or floors).

Laminated Granite Edges

A laminated granite edge is built by connecting two pieces of stone to form a stronger, thicker piece. These granite edges types are more durable than other edges and resistant to chips, scratches, heat, and cold.

laminate edge

Creating a laminated granite edge involves using an adhesive on both sides of the stone before applying pressure over time to bond them together. The result is an edge that will last longer than most others because it’s both strong and resistant to wear-and-tear damage from everyday use (i.e., knives).

Built-up Edges

A built-up edge is made by bonding stone or metal to the outer edge of a countertop. It is among the best choices of granite edges types for those who want to save money and for those who want a modern look.

built-up edge


The best thing about this type of granite edge is that you can install it quickly and easily. It is easy to repair if damaged.

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Mitered Corner Edges

Mitered corners match two pieces of stone at an angle for a seamless corner. These are the most common granite edge types of corners, made by cutting the stone at an angle. 

miltered edge

Miter corners are best for granite countertops because they look nice in kitchens, but not everyone wants their kitchen to look like a display case from Anthropologie. If you want your granite countertop to match perfectly with your other appliances and fixtures, then mitered edges could be for you!

Full Bullnose Countertop Edge 

The Full Bullnose countertop edge is a full bull nose shape. It’s a rounded, smooth edge that you can use on any countertop in your kitchen or bathroom to add flair and style.

bullnose edge

You can use these granite edges types in other high-traffic areas such as islands, bars, or other places where people congregate often.

Waterfall Edge 

The waterfall edge is dramatic and often used in kitchens and bars to create a more dramatic look. It works well with granite countertops because they have a natural textural pattern that looks perfect with this type of edge.

waterfull edge

The Waterfall Edge is usually used on kitchen islands and bars to create a more dramatic look.

Custom Shape Edge 

The Custom Shape Edge is a good option for many curved countertops among different granite edge types. For example, this edge will be ideal if you want to create an island in your kitchen with many angles and corners. The Custom Shape Edge uses one shape for the front and another shape for the sides and back of the countertop.

custom shape edge

You can also use this type of granite edge in small spaces. These are probably the best granite edges types to go if you’re building a kitchenette or bathroom and don’t have much floor space. It works perfectly well in narrow spaces because it gives you more options when designing your kitchen or bathroom layout without requiring additional materials such as plywood sheets or tiles (like regular granite).

This could still work if you’re looking at making large changes like installing new cabinets or adding tile backsplash panels along one side wall. Still, it might take some extra labor on your part. There won’t be any room left over between existing cabinets where these modifications would go before they touch anything else. So make sure I know what happens when these two pieces come together and how much force will result from doing so. Otherwise, we’ll end up breaking something inside our house.

Glowstone Edge

Glowstone granite edges types create a radiant heat source in your flooring surface, which radiates heat into the room. It warms up your home naturally and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of traditional forced air heating systems.

glowstone edge

These countertops are constructed from natural stone treated with a special formula. It allows it to radiate heat while maintaining its strength and durability over time. 


What are the different edges of granite?

Some of the most common granite edges are beveled edges, ogee edges, and bullnose edges.

What granite edge is the most popular?

Granite edges with a half bullnose are the most common.

Is it possible to change the granite edge after installation?

You can change granite edges after installation, but it does cause a lot of mess.

How to choose a countertop edge?

When choosing your countertop edge, you should consider your style, budget, and maintenance plan.



The granite edge idea is a great one. It looks amazing, is quite easy to use, and has many applications. Granite edges are the perfect way to add something special to your kitchen countertops or bathroom flooring. They’re also easy enough for anyone to install themselves! We hope you enjoy reading about the ten granite edges types.

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