Granite Price in India: An In-Depth Analysis for 2023

Granite countertops typically cost ₹40 to ₹60 per square foot. Granite kind, installation difficulty, and other considerations all affect the cost. We will discuss the granite price in India in this article.

Granite costs can vary significantly depending on where you buy them, what size you desire, and how much granite you require. For you to know what to anticipate while looking for this material, we have provided Granite Stone Prices and several aspects that may affect your price.

See below the list of granite prices in India, along with the best offers.

List Of Granite Price In India

Here is the best granite collection with the best deals.

Absolute Black Granite

In the granite industry, absolute black granite is a new trend. A few high-end brands that have drawn the interest of both homeowners and designers have helped to promote it. Absolute Black Granite is a native Indian stone that is as black as night.absolute black

There are numerous uses for this deep black granite, including honing and wall cladding. Absolute black granite might be what you’re looking for if you’re always trying to find the right combination of reliability and sleekness! ₹190 Sqft is the best Absolute Black Granite’s price in India.

Black Galaxy Granite

Due to its exquisite appearance and fine finishing, Black Galaxy Granite is one of the most sought-after granite products. The dark tone increases the splendor of your house. Your property gains distinctive appeal from the Black Galaxy Granite galaxy

Slabs, blocks, cut-to-size, normal, and custom-sized tiles are offered. Both sorts of finishes, including polished and honed stone, are available. Your home and office will look wealthy and royal. ₹180 Sqft is the most affordable Black Granite price in Kerala, India.

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Black Granite Leather Finish

The Black granite leather finish is one of the most widely used treatments for countertops. You may get this gorgeous, chic style in your kitchen or bathroom. The midnight black tone contrasts wonderfully with those hues if your kitchen or bathroom is light-colored, such as with white cabinets or wall tiles. Also, check out the step-by-step guide for sealing a countertop.
black leather finish

For homeowners, the Black Granite Leather Finish cost is also extremely reasonable. The best Black Granite leather finish price in India is ₹150 per square foot.

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Black Marquina Granite

Using Black Marquina Granite to decorate your home in a distinctive style is an excellent concept for interior and exterior applications. Due to its exquisite appearance and look, it is the most sought-after stone. It can endure prolonged high pressure.india marquina black

Black Marquina Granite can be used for kitchen countertops, floors, walls, and staircases. The optimum application for this stone is in flooring to provide a soft and smooth feel. India’s lowest Black Marquina granite price per square foot is ₹280.

Black Pearl Granite

One of the most well-liked granite stones is black Labrador or silver pearl granite. We have made a name for ourselves as one of the leading suppliers by pledging to provide excellent products at reasonable pearl

Your kitchen’s Black Pearl granite countertop has a natural appearance without becoming boring. It stands out from other classic black stones due to its rich black backdrop, which can be paired with any other acceptable color.

On its background of deep black color, Pearl Black Granite contains traces of silver, blue, green, and grey. The best deal for Black Pearl granite price in India is ₹440 Sqft.

Cobbles Marinache Black Granite

Cobbles Marinache black granite is a magnificent stone that may be used for various applications. It is a great material for flooring, countertops, landscaping, and other tasks.cobbles black

Cobbles Marinache black granite is a high-quality stone quarried in India and abroad for its beauty and durability. It has veins running through it that are dark brown, grey, and green, giving it a natural appearance. ₹130 Sqft is the best Cobbles Marinache Black Granite’s price in India.

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Coin Black Granite

For decoration, exterior and interior design projects often use Coin Black Granite, a premium stone. It provides an impeccable appearance with appealing finishing and long-lasting shine. Both slabs and tiles of natural stone Coin Black Granite are available.coin black

It is a very strong and adaptable product with many incredible decorative qualities. It creates original patterns and designs to offer your projects a distinctive appearance. The office has a smooth appearance and gentle finishing thanks to the Coin Black Granite flooring.

It can endure any weather. ₹180 Sqft is the most affordable Coin Black Granite price in India.

Fish Black Granite

Fish Black Granite, a type of natural stone, was taken out of the ground and prepared by being cut into large slabs. The three grades of Fish Black granite available are Fish Black Extra, Fish Black, and Fish black

Fish black granite is appropriate for flooring and worktops since it has a low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. The iron concentration of the fish gives it a rich brown color with hints of grey when cut at different angles, giving it the appearance of blackfish. The lowest Fish Black granite stone price per square feet in India is ₹110.

Majestic Black Granite

The highly black and rich granite known as Majestic Black Granite is excellent for leaving a lasting impact. Majestic Black Granite will look great regardless of the environment, whether in the kitchen or the center of your bathroom.majestic black

The use of Majestic Black Granite is both singular and in contrast to lighter colors like white or grey. This lovely stone can survive for years because of its firm surface, which makes it simple to keep and clean. The best Majestic Black Granite’s price in India is ₹75 per square foot.

River Black Granite

Today’s homes often include River Black Granite, a very distinctive stone. River black granite is available as polished slabs, floors, tiles, and countertops. River Black Granite has a rich brown hue with dark blue striations that give it a refined appearance.river black

This stone is an excellent option for anyone looking to give their home a beautiful appearance without spending a lot of money because of its natural beauty.

Because of its white pattern that resembles flowing water, river black granite is an excellent choice for any home’s flooring and wall décor. A single slab of this stone may add class to a home thanks to its exquisite, polished surface. ₹115 Sqft is the most affordable River Black Granite price in India.

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Is granite a branded product?

There is no label on the granite product. The origin, color, and rarity of granite all affect its price. Prices are quite erratic because there are no brands. It would help if you exercised caution to avoid paying more than necessary when purchasing granite.

What are the benefits of granite?

There are countless shades and textures of granite stone. Granite often has a very lengthy color and pattern retention period. Consequently, you will have a permanent façade. Granite costs as little as ₹65. The stone is heat- and water-resistant. Very minimal upkeep is necessary.

What is granite tiles price in Kerala?

Black galaxy – starting from Rs. 180 Black Forest – starting from Rs. 140 Black pearl – starting from Rs. 430 Hassan green – starting from Rs. 150

How much does it cost to remove granite countertops?

Existing countertops can be removed and disposed of about ₹4 to ₹7 per square foot on average, with most householders paying between ₹100 and ₹200 overall. The cost varies according to the size and type of counters being deleted.

Why is granite so popular?

Granite is extremely well-liked since it is unmatched among natural stones in strength, tenacity, price, and look. Adding granite to the exterior or inside of your property makes a statement regarding aesthetics. Each granite has a smaller variety of black and white swirls and patterns.

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We have given you access to the most comprehensive list of the rate of granite per square feet in India in this blog post. Granite is the best choice if you’re looking for a stunning and durable stone that can be used in residential and commercial buildings.

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