Granite That Goes with White Kitchen Cabinets: Detailed Guide

The only issue is that you could struggle to decide which granite color to use because they all go with your beautiful white cabinets. We hope this post has given you a lot of inspiration and clear ideas about granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets that you can use in your kitchen.

By suggesting some of the greatest granite colors, such as black, dark green, etc., that complement white cabinets; we hope to be of some use to you. Due to its versatility, white can merge with practically any counter color.

Keep reading for more details on the perfect granite for white kitchen cabinets.

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Which Is The Best Granite That Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets?

Below are some of the best granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets.

Black Granite

If your kitchen cabinets are white, this might be your best choice. The elegant white cabinets will contrast and look very different from the black granite, enhancing the beauty of both granite countertop While these pairings will look fantastic in any sleek, contemporary kitchen, they can also look fantastic in any traditional decor.

Last but not least, black might be a good choice because it’s much simpler to keep clean and maintain than any other color. Any black stone will do the job just well, but the following are some of our favorites: Granite in the colors Cambrian Black, Black Pearl, Impala Black, and Black Galaxy. To enhance the elegance of your kitchen, click here to use Olympus White Granite for countertops

Gray Granite

Gray granite is an alternative if you feel that black is too overwhelming.gray granite countertop You can choose from various gray stones, but some of the most well-liked ones include Steel Gray, Bianco Antico, and Gray Pearl. Although maintaining a perfect aesthetic with the granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets, the gray countertops will still provide a significant level of contrast.

Baltic Brown Granite

Finland’s stone quarries provided the raw material for this particular granite. This item’s exquisite blending of brown and black is one of the key factors contributing to its popularity.baltic brown countertop And with such elegance, this natural stone may enhance the appearance of any kitchen with white cabinets.

Also, these Baltic Brown countertops will serve as the room’s rich center of attention when used as a countertop. Check this out to know more about popular brown granite countertops.

Dark Green Granite

Any kitchen that is dominated by wooden items is likely to have the issue of lack of freshness. Thus, we strongly advise choosing the dark green countertop to provide the fresh and natural appearances that are missing from your rooms if you use not only the white cabinets with granite but also many other white features, such as a white backsplash.dark green granite countertop According to our experience, this selection works better than other green granite colors with white cabinets since it complements the white cabinets’ visual appeal while still having a dramatic, elegant appearance. Thus, the combination of the white cabinets and the dark green granite countertop will seem gorgeous.

Salt and Pepper Granite

If you want the white cabinetry and the countertops to blend naturally, this is probably your best option.

The salt and pepper granite maintains the white flow between the cabinets and the counter thanks to its abundance of white colors, giving the space a seamless and harmonious appearance.salt and pepper granite Moreover, if you want to decorate in a minimalistic manner, you can use these stones for your countertops.

Alaska white granite and colonial white granite are two more excellent granite substitutes that have a visually similar appearance to this one.

White Sardinia Granite

As an alternative, try pairing this Sardinian White with white cabinetry. This Italian-made granite for white cabinets featured a white grain that predominated but also contained some gray and brown grain.white sardinia granite countertop This combination produced a magnificent aesthetic effect that combined warmth with sleek and elegant.

This granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets is well renowned for its adaptability to any decor style, making it simple to mix in with any kitchen with white cabinets.

Himalayan Pink Granite

Any kitchen that lacks a cozy and welcoming ambiance should try this out. Due to its distinctive soft pink color, Himalayan Pink Granite radiates a lot of warmth.himalayan pink granite countertop Also, the black grain makes it look far more beautiful than any other pink alternative could while still feeling soft and understated enough to go perfectly with clean, modern white cabinets.

Golden Oak Granite

Golden Oak granite was a lovely yet glitzy natural stone with a special beige, orange, and yellow combination.golden oak granite countertop You can utilize the golden oak granite to provide your dining room and kitchen with several cozy accents.

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Bethel White Granite

A smooth white stone with the faintest hints of tasteful gray grain and spots.bethel white granite slab Due to their comparable appearances but differing color temperatures, this stone, with its rough appearance, might be the ideal complement to the granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets.

Balmoral Red Granite

You can choose this option to have glittering, eye-catching countertops or an island.balmoral red granite countertop Red Balmoral Granite will quickly become the new center of attention for the entire room because of its magnificent, striking red color, especially when paired with white cabinetry.

Roman Cream Granite

Roman cream granite is the most popular because of its pleasant and lovely cream tint.roman cream granite countertop This granite is a great option for any chilly, unwelcoming location to warm things up and make the entire area feel more comfortable.

Light Brown Ghibli Granite

This granite looks like a strong, natural stone. Because it may add an entirely distinct aesthetic and atmosphere to the kitchen, it might be the ideal fit for any white-themed kitchen.light brown farm house kitchen For a fresher, more natural appearance, surround this light brown Ghibli granite with lots of flora.

Dark Blue-gray Granite

You may raise the value of your property by designing a smart, attractive kitchen with lots of contrast between the countertops and the cabinets.dark blue gray granite countertop Sleek and contemporary but still appears completely natural. You may do this using any granite with a dark blue-gray tint.

Moon White Granite

Another excellent white option; however, this particular granite had a very apparent, big grain, unlike the others.moon white granite countertop Hence, even though it is white granite, it contrasts with the white cabinetry. Also, know more about popular white granite countertops.

Olive Green Granite

Any kitchen with this type of granite will feel glossy and silky, especially if white cabinets are used in conjunction with it.olive green granite countertop Any kitchen that combines beautiful granite with white cabinetry will appear incredibly stunning, even without other decors.

Gold Imperial Granite

The color spectrum of gold imperial granite spans a wide range, from light beige to gold-like imperial granite countertop While most will be fantastic selections, we strongly advise choosing lighter options for white cabinets.

Dark Gray Granite

Another intriguing, daring option you can use to design a straightforward, attractive, and modern kitchen. Dark gray granite is similar in appearance to black granite but with a slightly softer texture.drak gray granite countertop Also, you will find many earthy, natural stone appearances that give the entire kitchen a new, comfortable feeling. Now you know what color granite goes with white cabinets.

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What are white granite kitchen countertops?

Kitchen countertops of white granite are unique because they cut from a single block of quarry stone. Although not entirely white, they are distinct due to their specks and veins. They come in various colors and are typically less expensive than quartz.

How do you add contrast to white kitchen cabinets?

Using granite countertops from a different color family, whether light or dark, warm tones of brown, dramatic blacks, or vibrant greens, reds, and blues, is the easiest way to create contrast in a kitchen with white cabinets.

What kind of granite counters complements dark cabinets?

It's simple to achieve a more spectacular appearance by pairing dark cabinets with Steel Gray granite kitchen countertops.

What are Lucca's white granite kitchen countertops?

The gray pigments on the Lucca White granite countertops appear to be moving liquids. One of the most popular white granite kitchen countertops in India is this one. Your kitchen will appear stylish with stainless steel equipment and a cabinet layout.


Congratulations, you’ve made your next task much simpler if you chose white kitchen cabinets. You now fully understand the granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets. And choose the best granite. White can unquestionably merge with practically any counter color because it is versatile.

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