How is Granite Polished? A Comprehensive Guide

Premium building material granite stands out for its enduring beauty. Modern homes frequently have granite worktops added because of their popularity. However, granite polish will eventually become scratched, tarnished, and worn down. The stone must be polished to create a new surface and bring back the beautiful luster. Read this article to learn how granite is polished and how to maintain your granite worktops looking new.

You can polish granite to make it shine more brilliantly. You can take various actions to ensure your granite keeps its shine or gets it back. A great approach to keep your granite looking new and polished is to keep up a regular cleaning regimen. Using a stone polishing compound or powder is a quick and simple technique to give granite a new sheen. Work the polish continuously, circularly over the granite’s surface, using a buff polishing pad.

One benefit of buying natural stone worktops is that you can always polish them again to restore their original luster. If you want to understand everything there is to know about granite polishing and how it may be repolished to give your countertop a lovely sheen, you’ve come to the perfect place. Also, click here for white Granite Countertops.

How Is Granite Polished

Start by using a granite-specific cleanser to clean and polish countertops.

Start with the granite’s outer edge and work your way inside. Attach the proper polishing pad and set it to the prescribed speed to remove the scratches—usually small ones. Remove any extra dirt until you reach the finest grit, and repeat the procedure using the finer gem polishing pads.

granite polished

Applying undue pressure is unnecessary; let the ruby pad handle its business. Apply the polishing solution with a sanding or hog’s hair pad and buff the surface to the desired brilliance. However, using this quick method, you may restore yourgranite countersto like-new condition. After achieving the right finishing, your countertop needs to be sealed to ensure long-term durability. 

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How To Polish Granite Countertops Edges

Follow these steps on how you can polish Granite countertops’ edges.

Granite Should Be Set Up On Flat Work Surfaces

After setting the granite slab on a work surface, secure it with a clamp or vice. To prevent the clamp from touching the granite directly when clamping it, lay a thin piece of wood over the surface.

granite slab on a work surface

The stone will stay in place, and there will not be any surface damage as a result. If the granite edges hang off the end of your work table, polishing will be simpler.

Apply Water To The Edges

As a result, there will be a reduction in dust particle growth. Apply water to the edge.

It Is Necessary To Attach The Polishing Pads To The Grinder

Turning the backing pads counterclockwise can attach them to the grinder’s arbor. When buffing granite countertops, tighten them, so it is not loose.

grit pad

The 50-grit pad should be the first one you attach.

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Use Grit 50 To Begin Polishing

The roughest buffing pad available is a 50-grit pad. Operate the grinder at a slow pace. Start at speed 2 on a grinder with a variable speed setting.

As You Move, Wipe Down With Water

Wetting the edges makes it possible to determine if the granite has already been flattened. Because the grinder is meant to eliminate any moisture from the stone, if part of the granite edge is still damp, you need to polish that area sufficiently.

Move On To Grit 100 Polishing

It’s time to switch out the 50-grit pad for a 100-grit dial after you’re happy with the results. After that, your granite will be smoother after using grit 100. Repeat the last procedure.

grit 100

Once the proper shine level has been achieved, use the next grit pad. Working with the finer grit pads up to the desired level of shine might take as much time as you need. The specific grit levels don’t matter as long as they keep rising. The exact amount will change depending on the recommendations given by the manufacturer of your granite.

After polishing your granite, remember to seal it for an added layer of protection. Stains will only be able to deteriorate the surface slowly if you do this.

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Options & Methods For How Is Granite Polished

You can use either dry or wet material for granite countertop polishing. Experts can only agree on which is better. Both strategies have a probability of succeeding. Think about these benefits and drawbacks of wet vs. dry granite polishing:

  • Less expensive than paste is dry granite polishing powder. tenax polishing powder
  • Granite polish in powder form can be applied dry or wet, making it more flexible.
  • Also, wearing water-resistant clothes will protect you from the spray that wet polishing with power tools generates, and plastic sheeting should be used to shield walls, furniture, and cupboards.
  • Wet polishing cools the pads, preventing them from overheating and early deterioration.
  • Dry polishing clothes are more expensive than wet clothes. How frequently does Quartz need to be sealed? Red this article to learn.

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Sealing Granite

Penetrating sealers provide the finest protection for granite, and most professionals opt for them. Granite, marble, and other stones are all acceptable, as is concrete. Protex Impregnating Stone Sealer from Tenax is one of the best sealers of this kind. Tenax Protex sealer provides an outstanding defense against juice, water, oil, and other stain-producing substances.

In addition, professional sealers Tenax Proseal and Protex both have comparable prices. For stone worktops that are not used for food preparation or unclean, greasy dishes, Proseal is a good option. To achieve the best possible adhesion of the product, clean the countertops and allow them plenty of time to dry before applying the sealer. Also, Click here for Granite Colors.

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How is granite polished?

Granite slabs are polished in a slab polishing machine using a series of diamond polishing pads with progressively smaller grain sizes to achieve the desired finish. The surface finish gets glossier with every new layer of polishing because the finer the pads are.

How frequently should granite be sealed?

Every few months, seal the granite surface if it absorbs the majority of the water right away and leaves a dark mark or ring. You must seal your stone countertop once every year or two if it takes a while to absorb all the water.

Is granite prone to scratches?

Due to the richness of its color and design, natural stone is generally scratch-resistant or at least well conceals minor scratches. Only another chunk of granite or equipment specifically sharpened to cut through the substance may scratch granite.

Can I clean granite using sandpaper?

Use sandpaper discs with a 40 or 60-grit rating to smooth the edges. Use finer grit sandpaper if just subtle shaping is necessary on the edges. It would help if you always safeguarded yourself when using a power sander by donning a dust mask and safety glasses.

How soon can granite be polished after sealing?

If you want to polish your granite after sealing it to bring out its natural sheen and color, wait a minimum of 24 hours. Only apply granite polish after the sealant has dried and the surface is dry and clean.

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To sum up, your kitchen’s granite countertops are an investment and beautiful and useful addition. Granite countertops enhance your kitchen’s beauty and coziness while increasing your house’s value. Granite can maintain its worth for many years if it is properly maintained because it is resilient. But even the most watchful and vigilant homeowners can have mistakes or accidents in their houses. If you know how is granite polished, then keeping granite countertops clean and maintained is easy. It’s important to remember numerous methods for polishing and restoring granite surfaces.

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