How Often Should You Seal Granite? Expert Advice for 2023

A granite countertop is long-lasting, attractive, and simple to maintain. This substance is porous and has the propensity to absorb water, which makes it vulnerable to etching over time. You should protect the stone surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen to prevent long-term harm. Even while you’ll read online about people suggesting a precise time frame, that’s a risky move. Exactly How often should you seal granite?

seal granite counters

One can seal depending on the granite’s porosity and absorbency. The more frequently a stone needs sealing, the lighter the stone. Rather than on a set schedule, seal the granite when it is necessary. You can seal most granite countertops during installation and reseal every one to five years, depending on the granite’s color and porosity and the sealer’s quality.

Even though granite is one of the hardest materials available, you still need to know how to treat granite countertops to ensure their shine and beauty last as long as possible. This article can assist you in determining how often should you seal granite to maintain its good condition. Also, click here for the ultimate guide for Granite slab prices list.

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Sealing Practices

You could do more to reseal granite if you constantly cook in the kitchen and utilize the counters. Professionals in the stone industry have historically given this advice. They are sealing granite countertops at a minimum once many experts advise a year.

sealing practices

The yearly application of sealer to granite countertops has decreased because of breakthroughs in polymers and nanotechnologies, which have made it possible to create highly efficient and long-lasting sealers for granite stain prevention.

The frequency of resealing can impact how frequently you maintain your granite counter. You will need to reseal granite more frequently if you put chemicals on the granite that degrade or wear away the sealer.

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Getting Granite Countertops Sealed

Proper planning and knowing how often you should seal granite countertops are reasonably quick and easy. Give the sealant time to cure after application—at least 24 hours. Adjust your downtime if you want to apply a second coat.

You will want plenty of dry clothes, good ventilation, and gloves. Invest in a trustworthy, premium granite sealing solution. Sealing is required for countertops made of various kinds of materials like that for countertops made of quartz.

Utilize this chance to thoroughly clean your granite with a premium, specifically designed stone cleaner. Apply the sealant liberally over a three-foot countertop length after thoroughly cleaning and drying. As allowing the sealer to cure might result in a haze, apply it to the stone immediately using a dry, lint-free cloth. Read this article for brown granite countertops.

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How Often Should You Seal Granite

You should know how to reseal a granite countertop. You can reseal the granite at least once a year. However, the following elements could have an impact on how frequently you should apply a fresh protective coating to the stone surfaces:

Granite Variety

The particular care needs of granite countertops are because of their porosity. The water test should show whether or not your stone surfaces are susceptible to absorbing liquids and developing stains, which will help you calculate how frequently you should reseal them.

granite variety

Beyond porosity, how they are finished affects how well they can repel liquids and withstand stains. Smooth vs. shiny surfaces have a higher likelihood of repelling liquids. You can determine the recommended interval between sealing countertops from the maker. Want to learn about decomposed granite? Read This.


It would help to consider how frequently you reapply a particular product in the directions.

sealant for granite countertops

Although more expensive, long-lasting granite sealants are well worth the expense if you do not have to reseal your counters regularly.

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Damage And Wear

If you routinely host gatherings and prepare substantial meals in the kitchen, how often should you seal granite worktops? The sealer could become damaged from the liquids, heat, and acids used in food preparation.


You don’t need to treat your sealed countertop frequently if you maintain it attentively. To keep the sealant in top shape, avoid eating acidic foods or putting nasty chemicals on your surfaces.

maintenance granite countertops

Immediately cleaning the surfaces and wiping up spills may be a good idea. You can perform a water test on your countertops approximately every six months to ensure the seal has not worn down. Click here for white granite countertops.


Inadequate sealing of your granite countertops might shorten their lifespan. You can take advice from an expert for the best line of action. To avoid confusion, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Problems With Granite Countertops If You Don’t Seal Them

Food, drink, and other spills can leave stains on unsealed granite countertops. Granite may easily absorb food and drinks due to its porosity, making it difficult to get up after. The easiest method to prevent stains like this is to seal your counters. Also, several household cleaning solutions present chemicals that might damage the granite and other natural stone.

citrus-based cleaning chemicals

Examples include citrus-based cleaning chemicals, which may quickly erode the calcium in the countertops. The easiest way to protect your countertops from these chemicals is to seal them. Unsealed countertops can be altered by anything as easy as laying a cold glass with moisture on them. It is because water may create water stains on stone counters that might permanently change their appearance and make them look unclean.

The frequency of sealing depends on how you use your countertops, but you must generally do it every one to three years. The Granite & Marble Design experts can assist you if you need help preserving the granite countertops or want to replace old ones.

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Do granite countertops need to be sealed?

Yes, without a doubt. Although granite is extremely durable and resilient, it still requires maintenance. The first stage is sealing because it stops liquids from seeping into the stone and ruining it.

Does granite require sealing every six months?

Although stone cannot be oversealed, some individuals seal their granite countertops once every six to twelve months. Testing it first is the easiest method to know when to seal your stone.

Can I seal granite on my own?

Fortunately, sealing granite is a simple DIY project. Because natural stone cannot be oversealed, many homeowners only preserve their granite worktops once or twice a year. However, if you want, you can seal them more frequently.

How durable are granite countertops?

Granite countertops should last at least 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. While there are daily actions you can do to extend the life of your granite, expert assistance is required for restoration and refinishing to guarantee your granite surfaces last as long as possible.


To sum up, granite countertops are a stunning addition to any kitchen or bathroom. With proper treatment, they can be in use for years. To preserve their natural beauty, depth of color, and glossy sheen, you must seal them with a safe and harmless solution. In actuality, the majority of granite countertops require sealing. 

It would help if you learned how to properly seal granite to keep your home’s granite worktops looking lovely and elegant. It will, however, develop a buildup that makes it dull and scratchable if you attempt to seal granite countertops that don’t require it or reseal countertops too frequently. Above all, you can perform a quick test to see if the countertop you’re considering requires sealing and to work out how often it will take to complete.

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