How Thick is Vinyl Plank Flooring? An In-Depth Analysis

What harm can it cause if you aren’t aware of how thick the vinyl plank flooring you choose? It will wreck your entire home!!! An inappropriately wide vinyl plank is not something you can be okay about.

Vinyl plank flooring comes in different sizes depending on what kind of plank it is. An average vinyl plank flooring can range from 2 to 8 mm. It can also be thicker than that. A click-and-lock vinyl flooring requires planks that are at least 5mm wide. A glue-down flooring needs a plank of about 2- 3 mm.

To know about the other thicknesses of the vinyl planks, you must reach this article’s end. You will learn about the various thicknesses and their needs in vinyl plank flooring. So, let’s begin.

Why LVP Thickness Matters

It is essential to know how thick is vinyl plank flooring. The cost of vinyl plank flooring is directly related to its thickness. If you use wide planks, it will cost you more than the thinner planks. So, knowing which planks you need for the area you want to cover is a must to ensure you are not lighting your money on fire.

luxury vinyl plank

How thick is luxury vinyl plank flooring generally? It ranges from 5 to 9 mm. It can have a wear layer of 6 to 20 mm.

If you buy thick vinyl planks for areas that do not face heavy movements or don’t hold heavy furniture, you’ll waste your money. If you buy thin vinyl planks and end up placing them in areas that must have thicker ones, you will damage the entire flooring and will keep regretting it.

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How Thick Is Vinyl Plank Flooring On Average

The average thickness of a vinyl plank flooring is anywhere between 2 to 8 mm. They carry a wear layer, the protective outer layer of 6 to 20 mm thickness, which usually depends on the brand. This thickness is advisable for residential floorings as they are waterproof, scratch-proof, and easy to install. Since they are waterproof, they can also be used for bathroom flooring.

vinyl flooring

If you want to know how thick is vinyl plank flooring in inches, it is in the range of 0.0787402 inches to 0.314961 inches.

How Thick Is Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you wish to go for the Coretec LVP, you must know its general thickness. You should also know what thickness of the wear layer it carries over itself and what it is needed for.

coretec flooring

So, a basic Coretec LVP is usually 4.4 mm thick. The wear layer is approximately 20 mm and has an additional cork underlayment, which is 1.5 mm thick. It is generally a plank of the size 7×48 inches.

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How Thick Is Armstrong Vinyl Luxe Plank Flooring

Further, let us talk about how thick is Armstrong vinyl luxe plank flooring. It is usually 8mm thick, which is approximately 6 inches thick.

armstrong vinyl flooring

So, they are thick planks that are robust. They can carry substantial weight on them. They are suitable for areas that have to face motions throughout and some hefty furniture placed on them.

How thick is suitable vinyl plank flooring? It is the same as Armstrong Vinyl Luxe Plank Flooring. It is the best for your subfloors, too.

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How Thick Is Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

When we talk about lifeproof vinyl plank floors, they have a variety. But, all in all, they range from 6 mm to 8 mm.

lifeproof flooring

They have the most options in colors and styles. They are fantastic for any flooring except a staircase tread.

Which Floor Needs What?

Now, we will show you what kind of vinyl flooring planks you need to consider depending on the type of sub-floors you have.

brown vinyl-flooring

Before knowing how thick is vinyl plank flooring? You should know what your floor needs. You must go for thinner vinyl flooring planks if you own concrete floors. This is because the floors made of concrete are already strong enough to handle any detrimental causes. However, the wear layer must be paid attention to separately.

Now, assuming that your floor is porcelain or, for that matter, made of ceramic tiles, you do need thicker plank flooring. This is because, generally, the tile floors are not that strong. They are weak and require more strength to be added to them.

Another option is that you have a floor made of wood. This would require to have medium to thick plank flooring. This provides complementary support to the floor.

If your floor is somehow damaged or not completely free of hollow points, you must get them fixed before installing vinyl flooring. In case you fail to do so, you may not get the full benefits of beautiful vinyl plank flooring.

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What’s a Wear Layer? How is its Thickness Different from Vinyl Plank’s Thickness?

How thick is vinyl plank flooring, and how wide is the wear layer? You must be wondering what is the wear layer we keep talking about. You may be already aware of it. But if that is not the case, no need to worry; we have your back. Let us tell you what a wear layer is and how it varies from the vinyl planks.

wear layer

A wear layer is the periphery layer or the surface layer of the vinyl planks. It protects the plank and maintains its longevity. Moreover, It also enhances the look, life, and stature of the flooring. It is generally the transparent layer of the plank.

The vinyl is printed. It protects that print from any damage and deterioration. Vinyl prints are colorless and made of plastic.

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What kind of rug can be added to vinyl plank flooring?

You should avoid using rubber-bottomed rugs or one with a latex bottom. If they are left aside, you can use any other carpet on the plank.

What is SPC vinyl?

The SPC vinyl refers to Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. This is a very thick plank flooring. It is water-resistant. It supports both residential and commercial use.

How should I protect my vinyl flooring?

Learning how to save your vinyl flooring from any punitive damages is essential. It would be best to use a mat under your furniture, especially the ones with wheels, like a chair. You must save your vinyl's texture so that it remains flawless.

After installation, how long before I can walk on the vinyl plank floors?


Woah! We are done here! You are now aware of how thick vinyl plank flooring is. This gets us done with our duty, and you get to start with yours. You must choose the best-suited flooring planks for your subfloors, as you know better now. All you have to do is revise the thickness of the floors, as we have told you in this article. You have to consider the thickness of various plank floorings before you pick one for your floors. You learned about the vinyl plank floorings, the LVPs, the Armstrong Vinyl Luxe Plank Flooring, the Coretec Vinyl Plank Floorings, the Lifeproof Vinyl plank Flooring, and all other general categories. So, you are now all set and ready to go. All the best, and happy flooring!

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