How to Clean Quartz Stones: Tips for Effective Maintenance

We decorate our homes with beautiful quartz slabs and countertops. The quartz stone makes our living space look more aesthetic and dynamic. Quartz stones are also considered a durable alternative instead of other countertop materials. But to maintain it, we must know how to clean quartz stones. 

Quartz stones are known for their low maintenance in comparison with their durability. Cleaning a quartz stone is easier than it seems. But as it is a naturally occurring material for countertops, cleaning is required occasionally. So, today we will discover easy tips for cleaning a quartz stone. Also, learn about how to clean composite sinks.

quartz countertops

A hundred percent natural quartz stone may be very hard to find in the market. This is because natural quartz stones are more prone to stains. Instead, you can find an engineered version of quartz stone easily.

You can fit quartz stones inside your home in several ways. You can install it in your bathroom or kitchen vanity spaces. Many people also use quartz stones for their vanity spaces and wardrobe interior. Because quartz stone countertops are used daily, we need to learn how to clean quartz stones.

Quartz is popular because of its classic appearance. Its texture is like that of a crystal. White-colored quartz stone is the prime choice of every consumer like you and me. Hence, a white quartz stone is even more important to be maintained.

Let us now discover easy ways how to clean quartz stones.

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How To Clean A Quartz Stones

Quartz stone is low maintenance and, therefore, a top choice for most customers. Cleaning and maintaining your quartz countertops are necessary to keep their appearance intact. Time-to-time cleaning of your vanity also increases the durability of the quartz stone.

how to clean a quartz stone

But our beautiful quartz stones are used for daily stains. Like oil and food stains on your quartz kitchen countertops. Or the moisture on your quartz bathroom countertops.

If you don’t take care of your quartz stone, it can make it lose its shine and durability. I will now tell you the step-by-step procedure on how to clean quartz stones.

Step 1: Avoid Scratches On Your Quartz Stone

You must have come across the phrase, “precaution is better than cure.” This applies to your beautiful quartz stones as well. To keep its shine and luster intact, you have to make sure that you try to avoid any scratches on the quartz surface.

The engineered quartz stone countertops are sensitive to sharp knives and blades. If you have installed a quartz countertop, always use a chopping board while cutting your vegetables.

avoid scratches on your quartz stone countertops

Using blades and knives directly on quartz stone can lead to permanent scratches. A scratch will further deepen over time. Its dirt will start to accumulate in the gap. This will make your quartz stone look dirty.

Avoid as much of scratches as possible. Therefore, before knowing how to clean quartz stones, you must take care of it. Another way to avoid scratches is using rubber foot stands for vanity boxes.

Many like to keep our organizers and racks on the quartz stone countertops. The legs of these racks can also create scratches on your quartz stone. So, if you want to increase the life of the quartz stone, keep a rubber pad or rubber foot stands to minimize scratches.

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Step 2: Avoid Moisture On Your Quartz Stone

Moisture and humidity are the worst enemies of your quartz stone.

avoid moisture

Therefore, always clean your quartz stone once a week to avoid moisture accumulation on the countertops.

Step 3: Dishwash Soap Liquid For Your Quartz Stone

Cleaning your quartz stone is not a costly affair. You can easily clean it with your dishwasher soap liquid or any other mild detergent liquid.

To start cleaning a quartz stone, first empty your space. Put down all the things that you have placed on your quartz countertop. Make sure it should be empty. Your space should look as if you have just installed the quartz stone.

dishwash soap liquid

Next, you must grab a sponge or a small towel to cleanse the quartz stone. Take a bowl or a small container and create 50 milliliters to 75 milliliters of dishwashing soap solution. You can even use a high-quality microfibre cloth in place of a sponge.

Avoid any hard rubbing on the quartz surface. You have to wash the stains off gently. The final steps include wiping the quartz surface with a dry cloth. And you know the reason for this is to avoid any moisture.

You will also come across some liquid cleaners in the market that specialize in cleaning the quartz surface. You can get some of the best quartz stone cleaners here.

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How To Clean A Quartz Stone Debris

Sometimes, you must have found a chunk of debris on your quartz countertop. These are usually found around corners and edges.

clean a quartz stone

Cleaning the debris chunk can be hard because you cannot remove it merely with a dishwasher and sponge. Instead, you have to scrap the debris off, while selecting a scrapper, don’t use one with sharp edges.

You might need to remove the debris completely. To erase the stain, use dishwasher cleaning liquid and a sponge.

How To Clean Quartz Stones Effectively

The most convenient and eco-friendly method of cleaning a quartz stone is with a mild dishwashing soap liquid and a microfibre cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals because that will decrease the luster and shine of the quartz stone.

microfiber cloth

Clean your quartz stone at regular intervals, like once a week. If you have installed a white quartz stone in your vanity, you can add lemon juice to your soap solution for cleaning. Lemon is a natural cleaning substance and a good choice for cleaning a qu artz stone.

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What should you not clean quartz with?

How clean a quartz stone is is important to know to maintain the shine and luster of your vanity countertops. While cleaning the quartz stone, there are some do’s and don’ts to remember. Avoid corrosive chemical-based cleaning products. Also, refrain from using sharp objects to scrap debris from the quartz surface.

How do you clean and shine quartz?

How do you clean and shine quartz? Your quartz stone can be made to shine naturally by simply adding lemon juice to your regular cleaning schedule. While preparing your dishwasher soap solution, add a few drops of lemon juice, and you are good to go. By cleaning with this solution, your quartz stone will shine. You will also cover it with the smell of fresh lemon. This will also help clean germs and bacteria.

What can damage quartz?

Sharp tools like knives and blades can damage your quartz stone. Therefore, always use a chopping pad while cutting your vegetables.

Does water affect quartz?

Quartz stone is a natural substance. It has high silica-based mineral content. Although engineered-based quartz stones are more durable, it is still sensitive to humidity. It would help if you avoided any moisture to increase the durability of quartz stone.

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Quartz is the preferable stone when it comes to vanity tops. They make your living space look sleeker and more aesthetic. To maintain their luster and shine, you must know how to clean quartz stones properly.

Cleaning a quartz stone is not hard as it seems. All you need is consistency and regular cleaning of your quartz stone.

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