Know How To Fix Cracked Granite: An Easy Guide

Any home’s granite worktops are the center of attention, especially in the kitchen. Granite countertops are quite strong and withstand normal use admirably. However, there are some conditions where granite may crack. Don’t worry if this occurs to you. Your stone is still intact. To keep their high-end appearance for many years, you’ll want to learn How To Fix Cracked Granite

crack granite

Maintaining any little chips or cracks will help keep your granite countertops looking beautiful while saving you the money you would otherwise spend hiring a professional to complete the task. You can’t mend granite fractures and breaks, but they can be covered with epoxy, acrylic, or other colorless resin or adhesive to make them less noticeable.

The good news is that cracked granite countertops will not require replacement. You can repair granite for minor damage by yourself. We’ll demonstrate how to how to fix cracked granite in this article.

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Is It Even A Crack?

Your granite countertops may have a fracture, but you must first confirm that it is an actual crack instead of a fissure. Fissures may exist in granite because it is a natural stone. The fissure in your granite countertop may appear to be a crack, but it’s a naturally occurring separation in many natural stones. A fissure contrasts sharply with a fracture, which can penetrate deeply through the stone’s surface.

Nevertheless, granite slabs may physically crack during production, installation, and shipment. Physical cracks commonly follow more or less straight lines across crystal formations and veins. Pits and fissures are enduring characteristics of the stone. You should have seen these immediately if you diligently inspect your granite countertops after installation. If you didn’t see them then and now they seem to have appeared overnight, you might have a problem.

Last but not least, fissures and pits can appear everywhere, not just in places under stress. You can easily see around cuts and other vulnerable areas.

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Why Did Granite Crack?

Granite is sturdy, yet it is also rigid. It implies that the granite won’t move with your cabinets or the subfloor beneath your granite tiles if they move or settle. Instead, the granite can crack. Since granite is a natural stone, some pieces will have inherent cracks that may make them more prone to cracking. Another thing that might lead to cracks in your granite countertops is standing on them or leaning too far on an overhanging granite breakfast bar. Click here for 50+ Popular Brown Granite Countertops for Kitchen.

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How To Fix Chips And Cracks In Granite Countertops

We’ll begin by explaining the steps on how to fix cracked granite. Do you wish to learn more about the characteristics of this type of stone? Visit our comprehensive guide to Granite Edges Types after that.

Analyze The Crack Or Chip 

Discover whether the requirement to repair the fracture or chip is necessary or not. Small surface blemishes like surface chips and cracks that don’t go through the granite can be unattractive, but they don’t endanger the durability of your granite surface.

analyze the crack

A hairline crack is typically perfectly harmless and should be left alone if you can only see it from a certain angle and you can’t feel it when you run your hands across the surface. Regular sealing of your granite, typically once a year, will help to prevent these little flaws from growing more unsightly.

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Gather Granite Dust To Fix Cracked Granite

You can combine granite dust with epoxy for coloring to achieve the desired color. If possible, try to obtain granite dust that was ground from a slab that is almost identical to yours.



Beveling and polishing granite edges, a fairly popular task for countertop installers and fabricators produces a lot of granite dust; you might try to purchase the quantity you require from these experts.

Given that 2 teaspoons of granite powder ought to be more than enough for a 1-foot-long crack, you could even be able to get that for nothing.

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Cover The Crack Area 

Cover the area around the broken granite before you fill it to prevent the epoxy from getting on the remainder of the countertop. 

cover crack

Using painter’s tape is the advised strategy for this step. Later, it will be simple to remove the painter’s tape.

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Make The Epoxy Mixture To Fix Cracked Granite

Combine granite dust and two parts epoxy. Once the product is a thick paste with a hue similar to granite, add the granite dust. To use epoxy, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which often call for combining a specified amount of each epoxy component with the others. 

make the epoxy mixture to fix cracked granite

You can choose an epoxy that can help to repair granite or stone on its container. 

Mix the epoxy using a wooden paint mixer or another disposable item with at least one flat side. For this task, tongue depressors function remarkably effectively. 

Apply Epoxy To Cracks InGgranite Countertop

With the same tool you used for mixing, spread the epoxy to fill it into the crack and push it.    

The key in this situation is to ensure a smooth application. Keep in mind that, subsequently, you need to smooth off all the extra epoxy. However, keep in mind that epoxy has the propensity to contract, so it is better to overfill than underfill.

Finishing To Fix Cracked Granite

After finishing, repolish the granite surface.

repolish the granite surface


It will smooth out the epoxy scar and restore the appearance of a seamless surface.

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What does it cost to repair a granite crack?

Granite countertop repairs cost between $200 and $1,000. Although one of the priciest and most long-lasting stones for kitchen countertops is granite, chips and cracks can appear over time. Epoxy is typically required, just like with other materials, to fix this damage.

Does heat have the potential to break granite countertops?

Granite maintains its structural integrity even when exposed to direct flame; nonetheless, it is never advisable to point a blowtorch at your countertop. Thanks to their strong heat resistance, granite countertops in your kitchen won't fracture or chip even under realistically high heat conditions.

What happens if granite isn't resealed?

Your granite countertops will absorb food, grease, and liquids, resulting in set-in stains on your countertop if you don't seal them with a granite sealer. Absorb water, making the countertop appear perpetually soiled.

Is there a granite sealer that is everlasting?

Fluorocarbon alphatic resin sealants work best for granite because, unlike other types of sealants, they don't evaporate or lose their effectiveness over time. Additionally, these sealers typically cost more than normal ones due to the permanent results.

How can you repair granite cracks?

You can't truly repair Granite fractures and breaks; the only thing you can do is seal the cracks using epoxy or acrylic, so they don't appear. Likewise, epoxy can be used to bond together a broken piece of granite.

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Unusually, you will need to repair granite, but it is not difficult to do. You should repair your granite countertop as soon as possible if it develops cracks or chips. Even while a little crack or chip can appear simple to mend, if you ignore the damage, it could develop into a larger crack or chip and cause even more trouble. We’ve covered how to fix cracked granite countertops in this article to assist you with that. 

When you first consider fixing your granite, it could seem like a difficult undertaking. Granite countertops should always be installed by a professional, but simple fixes don’t always call for one. The procedure is quick; your countertop should be repaired and back to normal within 24 hours. Still, the procedure is fairly straightforward.

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