How To Protect Quartz Countertops: Essential Tips and Tricks

AlsoHey, Shine- lover! So are you looking for how to protect quartz countertops? No going any further, as you have reached the garden of solutions. This article will give you all the tips you tricks you require to protect your quartz countertops.

You need to protect your dear quartz countertops by the following methods:

  1. Regular cleaning using gentle dish soap and warm water.
  2. Defend your Quartz from the heat by using heat pads, trivets, or mats
  3. Cleaning off spilled liquid immediately,
  4. Prevent staining by using specific equipment 

This is just scratching the surface. To become a proud quartz keeper, you must know the details about keeping your Quartz protected and beautiful. The methods and do’ and don’ts are all a part of this article. Stay tuned until the end; it will give you all the necessary info.

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Daily Care

You must know how to protect quartz countertops to ensure it is safe and clean. Quartz is a non-porous material, so fluids and stains would not enter the surface.quartz countertops

Daily care is necessary to preserve your quartz countertops’ natural look and cleanliness. Follow a few easy do’s and don’ts to maintain their durability and beauty:


  • Use gentle dish soap and hot water to clean your quartz surface. The solution of water and mild dish soap is effective, and it efficiently eliminates pollutants and dirt without causing any harm to your quartz surface.
  •  Use a soft towel or a sponge to clean the countertop. You can use microfiber towels because they efficiently tend the surface without leaving a scratch.
  • Dry the countertop with a clean and dry towel to avoid spots of water and dirt from building up on the surface.
  •  Give particular attention to the borders and the joints of the quartz countertops, as they are more prone to collect water and dirt. So, they should be cleaned and dried correctly.


  •  Avoid using aggressive cleansers or scrubbing pads, which might damage the quartz countertop and degrade its natural shine.
  •  Avoid using vinegar as it is an acidic natural cleaner, which might harm your quartz countertop with time.
  • Avoid using oil-based cleansers as they can stain your quartz countertop, hindering the appearance and building up more dirt on your quartz surface.
  • Prevent fluids from gathering or remaining on the quartz surface for an extended period as it tends to get into the gaps and edges of your countertops which can create problems in the future.

Spill management

How to protect quartz countertops? The answer is spill management. Spill management is essential as it maintains Quartz’s natural look and longevity. Quickly clean the spilled liquids; the more quickly you remove them, the less stained the stone will be.

Quartz surfaces resist stains, but acidic solutions like vinegar, lemon, or wine might damage the surface if spilled for a long time. You should clean the surface immediately when something is spilled with hot water and mild soap. Also, see this article to learn how to clean quartz stone.clean quartz countertop

You can use PH-balanced cleansers for harder stains and rinse the surface clean. Also, avoid rubbing the liquid as it might spread the spilled fluid that can enter the edges and gaps on your quartz surface. It would be best if you use towels or trays below the drinks to prevent them from spillage.

Protection from heat

Quartz countertops are famous for their excellent heat endurance, making them a great choice for kitchens as this area is frequently exposed to heat.burn marks

It is not wholly heatproof, so to know how to protect quartz countertops from heat, you should follow the following:

  • Always use trivets, hot pads, or mats below the hot cooking equipment to prevent heat from damaging the quartz countertop.trivet mat
  • You should give time to hot objects to cool down before putting them on the countertop, as the abrupt change in temperature can cause discoloration or even cracks your quartz surface.
  •  You should not put hot items like pans or pots directly on the quartz countertop as it might cause thermal shock and damage your countertops.
  •  You should avoid directly placing flammable substances like candles or gas burners on the quartz surface as it can produce much heat, harming the surface.

Protecting from stains

Quartz countertops require additional maintenance and standard cleaning to keep their flawless look. Though quartz countertops are highly resistant to stain still, some liquids like coffee or wine might leave a mark if you allow them to remain on the surface for an extended period.stained countertop

So, to know how to protect quartz countertops from staining, you should follow the following:

  •  It would be best to clean the spills immediately to avoid stains, especially those involving acidic liquids such as wine or lemon.
  •  It would be best to use cutting boards to avoid direct contact with the food on the quartz countertop, as some food items might stain the surface.
  •  It would be best to use PH-balanced cleansers mainly made to remove harder stains from quartz countertops.
  •  Avoid harsh chemicals, including bleach, ammonium, or other powerful substances, as they can increase the chances of staining the quartz surface.

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Does Quartz countertop fade in sunlight?

Yes, it might fade in sunlight. However, this usually only occurs when you have placed interior quartz countertops outdoors or placed the quartz surface in sunlight directly for a long time.

How to protect white quartz countertops?

While learning how to protect quartz countertops, learning how to care for the white ones is essential. They require more care. White Quartz should not be kept in sunlight as they fade faster. They are also non-porous, but they still need spill and stain protection.

Should I be okay putting hot pans on a quartzite countertop?

No, it is strictly prohibited to keep hot pans on Quartz. You should not, in any case, do that as it would cause severe harm to the stone. They contain resin, and it is very vulnerable to heat. That's why you shouldn't even directly leave the quartz countertops under sunlight.

Is quartz stone found in nature?

Yeah, Quartz does come from the wild. But, the countertops are made from only a part of Quartz and joined using resin and other artificial materials. So, unlike natural granite countertops, you are not holding a natural stone in your possession when you place a quartz countertop in your home.

Which is the hottest countertop material in 2023?

Quartzite countertops are the most trending countertops in 2023. They are creating a buzz, though they are relatively newer. It is due to their durability and strength. Quartz countertops are also an icon of beauty and grace.


Now that you’ve learned how to protect quartz countertops, you are ready to become a great quartz owner! You’re knowledgeable about preserving quartz countertops, ensuring protection from heat, stains, and spills. You’re also well-versed in the proper cleaning methods for quartzite. Additionally, you’ve gained insights into everyday issues others face and their solutions. All left to do now is try to execute the given methods and maintain your Quartz’s shine.

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