Indian Marble Manufacturers: Guide to the Best in the Business

India is unquestionably one of the top exporters of this fine marble worldwide. These top 10 outstanding Indian marble manufacturers stand out for their high product quality standards, client contentment, and customer service. India’s marble industry is flourishing and exporting high-quality marble to countries worldwide. India also has a large number of marble manufacturers.

You should buy from the top marble companies in India, including Petros Stone, Indian Marble Company, RK Marble, A-Class Marble, etc. 

This article discusses the top ten marble companies in India. Here, we’ve included a list of the top 10 marble producers and exporters.

Indian Marble Manufacturers | Top 10

We’ve compiled a great list of the top 10 marble manufacturers you should use.

Petros Stone

Any form of quartz, granite, or marble can be found at Petros Stone. It contains a sizable marble collection from the world’s largest mines. The marble blocks are split and processed at their cutting-edge production facilities before being sold worldwide.petros

Petros Stone is one of India’s top exporters of engineered stones, primarily quartz slabs. Since their engineered quartz slabs are built from high-quality quartz, Petros is the leading quartz brand in India.

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Oswal Granite

One of India’s top suppliers of fine marble is Oswal Granite. Oswal Granite is an ISO-certified business with facilities and stockyards in Chittorgarh, Madurai, Srikakulam, Pune, and Bangalore.oswal granite

It began as a little trading business in 1989 and has since grown to become one of the major exporters, producers, and suppliers of a wide range of marbles, 221 different types of granite, limestones, and sandstones.

You also have many options for finding the ideal marbles for your project because they are also in manufacturing, exporting, project management, business consulting, and much more.

Oswal Granite has an extensive global network and a high production capacity. They are among the greatest Indian marble manufacturers because of the caliber of their stones. Moreover, they utilize cutting-edge technology to provide their clients with high-quality items.

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Millennium Marbles Pvt Ltd

One of India’s top importers of marble is Millennium Marbles. They have facilities in North and South India, although different. Millennium Marbles is the greatest marble brand in India since they provide a wide variety of marble appropriate for all construction needs.millenium

Its manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu creates high-quality natural stones and exports worldwide.

Elegant Marbles & Granite Industries Limited

Elegant Marbles is responsible for India’s most important commercial and residential projects. Since its establishment in 1984, the marbles brand has had over 35 years of expertise in providing its domestic and international customers with high-quality marble.elegant marbles

They have one of the largest marble processing facilities in the nation, outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce marble and other natural rock products of the highest quality. They also take pride in being among the top Indian marble manufacturers, offering the finest marble available worldwide to meet their clients’ construction demands.

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Indian Marble Company

To improve quality and service in this storied and revered industry of natural marble, the Indian Marble Company was founded in 1974. It has more than 45 years of experience in this industry and a big marble empire with more than 200 types of marble.indian marble company

They also have marbles for all construction needs, from small to large projects. The business also produces granite, limestone, slate, and quartzite in addition to marble.

A-Class Marble

The beautiful objective of A-level marble India Pvt. Ltd.’s establishment in 2005 was to introduce premium marble to Indian markets. It has grown to be the top Indian marble manufacturer.a class

They hold one of India’s most renowned marble warehouses, measuring more than 1,20,000 square feet, and have their upscale showroom in the center of New Delhi. They have become one of India’s top suppliers of famous Italian marble.

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Classic Marble Company

For more than 25 years, the Classic Marble Company has supplied marbles. They rank among India’s top importers and exporters of marble. One of India’s largest facilities, covering more than 5 lakh square feet, belongs to CMC.classic marble company

The region also offers the largest assortment of marble, quartz, granite, and other materials worldwide.

Aditya Stonex

One of the fastest-growing Indian marble manufacturers is Aditya Stonex. It is the “stone industrial center” in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Aditya Stonex is an ISO-certified business. They also produce and export cobblestones, marble, granite, quartz, and sandstone. Aditya Stonex is the best source of marbles that are quite abundant.aditya

It also features sizable processing facilities, top-notch infrastructures, and internal experience acquiring natural resources from quarries. Additionally, it offers India the highest-quality imported marble, including Italian marble, onyx, and other marbles, at the most competitive prices.

RK Marble

R.K. Marble became one of the top Indian corporations in India thanks to their creativity, aptitude, and technological developments. In Rajasthan, the business was founded in 1989 as a small warehouse. They eventually became one of India’s major importers and exporters of marble.rk marble

Additionally, they have a quarry in Vietnam where Flawless White and Cat’s Eye White marble are in production.

Heritage Marble Pvt. Ltd

Since its founding in 1994, Heritage Marbles Pvt. Ltd. has become one of India’s leading and greatest Indian marble manufacturers, providing materials to numerous Indian architects, builders, construction companies, and designers.heritage

It provides the highest quality marble in various colors, onyx, travertine, and white.

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Why are marbles so well-liked?

Marbles are quite wonderful. The royal stone is crucial to the construction sector. The marble industry in India is flourishing and exporting top-notch marble to countries worldwide.

How do I decide which marble is best for my home?

You may choose the finest option for your home based on your tastes, your budget, the size of your floor, the expense of maintaining marble, and any color you choose. A too-inexpensive marble can eventually become discolored and lose its inner appeal. Indian marble, Italian marble, granite, or other natural stone are suitable choices.

Which market—Kishangarh or another—is superior?

The best selections and products may be found in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. The best marble suppliers, producers, and stockists are present there. The greatest option is the Kishangarh marble market. For a good reason, Kishangarh is known as the Marble City.

What benefits can marble floors offer?

The appearance of both simple and decorative marble flooring is well-known. It increases the level of interior style. With a little routine upkeep, marble flooring is more resilient and long-lasting. Summertime barefoot walking on cool marble floors is enjoyable and soothing.

Describe Katni marble.

Katni is the name of an Indian marble. It has prominent veining and resembles beige Italian marble almost exactly. While Katni marble is less glossy than Italian marble, it is more robust and stain-resistant. Katni marble is difficult to combine since joints can still be seen after carefully laid out. With this marble, the remaining job is simple. This Indian marble typically costs between 20 and 30 rupees per square foot.


Marble is more than simply an expensive stone—it’s a sensation. There are numerous marble producers in India. We truly hope you liked reading about the 10 top marble manufacturing companies you should work with in India.

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