Is Granite Porous? What Every Homeowner Should Know

When deciding which stone to purchase for your home, porosity is a component that you should take into account. This comprehensive guide can answer the question—is granite porous or not?

Yes, that is the answer. Granite is a porous substance with minute spaces between its granular layers, like any natural stone. The job is complete once the stone has been sealed, leaving a virtually impenetrable surface.

To learn more about granite’s porosity, keep reading.

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Is Granite Porous Substance?

In a nutshell, the answer to the query- is granite porous or nonporous, is yes. A naturally porous stone is granite. Granite can cause damage and make it less durable if liquids or stains penetrate the stone. It can therefore allow liquid to infiltrate its surface if it is not adequately sealed.granite

Natural stone is produced by applying extreme pressure and heat to tiny grains of organic material and minerals. A chunk of granite or another stone may appear extremely solid to the unaided eye, but when examined under a microscope, it will appear to have hundreds of small pores. These pores result from the granite’s formation during its deep mantle formation.

Tiny pores appear between each crystal in granite and other natural stones because they are composed of squeezing together discrete crystals or grains. What do you think of these pores?

These holes allow oils and liquids to penetrate the stone. Likely, there are several things you can do to maintain the beautiful appearance of your granite countertops for many years to come. Some sealers can shield your kitchen surfaces from stains by preventing absorption. Also, learn about how to seal the granite countertops flawlessly.

What Do You Mean By Porous Stone?

Is granite porous, then? Yes, to answer briefly. And what is the response to the query, is marble porous? Likewise, this is true. Other porous natural stone options for flooring include limestone and marble. What does that mean, though, and should it affect your choice to install natural stone flooring in your house?

Let’s define a porous stone before discussing the various varieties of porous natural stone possibilities you have to choose from. Porosity is the number of tiny, open spaces on a stone’s surface. Your natural stone has more microscopic holes in it if the porosity % is large, and vice versa.texture of porous stone

Moreover, porous stone flooring has an absorption rate, measuring each stone’s size or quantity of pores. If you don’t seal the stone properly, it is more susceptible to discolour or etch due to its greater absorbency.

However, regular upkeep, such as polishing, sealing, and cleaning your natural stone, will lessen the likelihood of stains and help your flooring retain its original brilliance. If you were to evaluate various porous stone flooring options, you would find that sandstone is the most porous and granite is the most resistant to absorption.

Now, you know the answer to whether it is granite porous or not. Both types of stone, porous and non-porous, have advantages and disadvantages. However, this does not imply that choices for non-porous stones are preferable to those for porous stones.

Like natural stone, there isn’t necessarily an “optimal choice” of porosity. Regardless of the porosity of your natural stone, what matters most is choosing a sealer and establishing a care schedule that is meant to maximize its longevity. Check this out to know quartz countertops are a porous substance.

How Can You Safeguard Your Granite?

Despite granite’s porousness, there is a solution to prevent liquid damage or stains on your counters. It would help if you sealed your countertop to keep it safe (and reseal when appropriate). The sealer’s purpose is to penetrate the surface and close the pores. Sealing will protect your countertop. Every granite countertop must go through the procedure.seal granite

Sealing takes a few minutes, and the technique is really simple. In reality, many sealants are available in handy spray bottles. You can reseal Granite countertops often once a year.

Granite may require more or less sealing than other natural stone countertop materials, but you won’t need to do it as frequently with granite. You may buy a variety of granite sealers on the market.

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How Much More Is Granite Porous Compared To Marble?

Similar to granite, homeowners frequently choose porous marble for their countertops. Contrary to granite, however, marble doesn’t count as one of the lowest porous natural stones.marble vs granite You must seal the Marble countertops every few months again because they are porous.

How Can You Tell Whether Your Granite Countertops Require Resealing?

If your granite countertops require resealing, you may rapidly test them. On a tiny section of your granite countertop, sprinkle some water. Check to see if the water has risen to the surface after 10 minutes has passed. If it has, your need to reseal the granite countertops right away.granite maintain

Although granite is not the naturally porous option for countertops, it is still porous, so you must treat the surface to prevent liquid damage and stains. You want a worn seal to avoid causing damage to your granite kitchen porous/non-porous countertops (or another porous/non-porous surface in other rooms).

Is Granite Safe For Food?

Natural stone can retain bacteria since it is porous. However, bacteria should be safe if you are properly clean and seal the countertop in the kitchen

There are good reasons why so many homes, not to mention businesses, select this strong stone for their kitchen areas.

Granite Flooring

As previously discussed, porous granite is one of the most common natural stone selections. It’s crucial to remember that the upkeep of your granite may change based on where it is. Granite floors and worktops are striking, but it’s important to understand that their maintenance requirements range slightly.granite floor

Both are porous, necessitating routine cleaning with a granite cleaner appropriate for stone and a natural stone sealant to guard against stains, etches, and soil accumulation.

Polishing stone flooring advises with something other than polish spray because doing so makes them very slick and may be unsafe. Engaging a skilled floor polisher with the right equipment and training is advisable, such as a stone restoration specialist.

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What does natural stone porosity mean?

The porosity of a natural stone refers to the ratio of open space to solid volume. Granite and other igneous stones generally have lower porosities than metamorphic and sedimentary stones. The minerals present in the various varieties of stone are to blame for this.

What factors affect the porosity of granite?

The porosity level is determined by these tiny spaces' size and surface number. Although granite is igneous, as was already established, it is less porous than sedimentary rocks like limestone and travertine.

What do you mean by a high-porosity stone floor?

Your natural stone has more microscopic holes in it if the porosity % is large, and vice versa. The absorption rate, another characteristic of porous stone flooring, can measure the size or quantity of pores in any given stone. If a stone is not properly sealed, it is more susceptible to discolour or etch due to its greater absorbency.

While purchasing granite countertops, what should you take into account?

When choosing which stone to purchase for your house, porosity is an additional consideration that you should make, even if the appearance of granite countertops may be your initial point of concentration.


We’re sure that after reading this, you already know whether granite is porous.

Your granite countertops can last for many years in excellent shape now that you know the answer to the question “are granite countertops porous or not?” and how to safeguard the surface.

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