Is Quartz Stronger Than Granite? A Detailed Comparison

Which kitchen countertop material—quartz or granite—should you use when upgrading your kitchen or creating a new one from the ground up? This article compares quartz with granite and discusses whether- “is quartz stronger than granite?”

Granite and quartz differ greatly in their material composition, lifespan, cost, and other factors. While choosing the kind of countertop for your house, it’s critical to be aware of these variations.

Continue reading to discover the various difference between granite and quartz countertops.

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Quartz Vs Granite Countertops

If you’re wondering is quartz stronger than granite, the differences listed below should help:

Composition of Materials

Countertops composed of quartz, often engineered stone countertops, are manufactured products.quartz vs granite They contain a minor amount of additional minerals and coloring agents and 93% to 95% powdered natural quartz stone.

Granite is dug up, shaped, and put into creating granite countertops. Check this out if you want to know the pros and cons of quartz.


Quartz countertops require very little upkeep. The resin produces a non-porous surface that doesn’t require any form of sealing or maintenance. Rarely would it be necessary to upgrade the sealing at the wall-to-countertop joint.maintain granite kitchen Granite is thought to require little (but not nil) upkeep. But, granite’s rather porous surface requires yearly sealing to guard against stains and scratches. For the same reasons, it’s crucial to keep it clean. With granite, stay away from strong all-purpose cleansers.

Design Decision

For quartz countertops, there are many different design options. Everything is always available, from prefabricated slabs in various colors and designs to specially created, purpose-built works of art.royal white granite There are also tops with complex designs. They are uniformly made, in general. A quartz countertop can have any edge carved into it.

You are now aware of the design differences between quartz and granite countertops. Instead of being created, a granite design is chosen. The quantity of granite on earth allows for a wide variety of hues and patterns. However, there are restrictions. Each granite countertop is unique. Granite countertops may use almost any edge style.

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Quartz may complement or match any kitchen with a dark, rich color or a contemporary, light design. You may design it to resemble marble or granite, or it can be uniquely designed to suit your tastes by combining various quartz, minerals, hues, glass, and resin materials.elegant kitchen look Since it is a manufactured item, few restrictions apply.

Granite countertops have a distinct appearance thanks to Mother Nature, who served as the artist. Being a 100 percent natural product, you get what you see. Granite is beautiful because of each piece’s unique veining patterns and irregularities. Patterns and hues may be straightforward or complex depending on the volcanic activities that occurred millions of years ago.


Almost all quartz countertop producers provide limited warranties with terms ranging from 10 years to forever. Shows how certain they are that the product will outlast the house it is in.granite countertops You are now aware of the differences in the lifespan of granite vs quartz countertops. The average estimate of a granite countertop’s lifespan is 100 years. Nevertheless, once it’s been sliced up and put through the rigors of culinary use, it can eventually lose its usefulness.


The manufacturing process of quartz countertops ensures uniformity and strength throughout. Yet nothing is flawless. There are techniques to repair quartz if it ever gets scratched, chipped, or fractured.granite countertops Skilled polishers can remove scratches. DIY repairs are not advised.

Granite is difficult to harm. However, because of its porousness, the material can easily stain. The methods for fixing chips, scratches, and cracks are similar to those for quartz and should only be done by professionals. Specialized granite countertop cleaners can usually get rid of these. Check this out to learn how to fix cracked granite.


The cost of your kitchen remodel may significantly increase due to the expense of quartz worktops. Installed costs start at about $80 per square foot and can go up to $110 per foot on average.quartz countertop Expensive, custom-built countertops with intricate designs can cost up to $150 per square foot when fitted.

Get the checkbook out. Granite countertops are a high-end luxury item because they typically cost $130 per square foot to install. Many variables that might change rapidly and unexpectedly affect prices and cause variations.

The cost of delivering the stone from the quarry to you, its availability, demand, and even the political climate all affect pricing. The price per foot might fluctuate between $80 and $180 at any one time.

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Heat and Water

Quartz countertops’ resins prevent moisture from penetrating past their surface. High heat, however, can harm the same table When placing hot pots on a surface, use hot pads.

Granite countertops that have been properly sealed will have little issue resisting the damaging effects of moisture. Heat does not affect granite. Yet, some sealants could have a harmful effect. While placing hot objects on a surface, use caution.


When you look for ” is quartz stronger than granite,” contradicting information regarding general hardness and durability will come up.granite slab With professional experience, people argue that quartz is tougher and more force-resistant overall.

However, some stone fabricators disagree and assert that granite is considerably harder to drill holes through than quartz. This one is still up for debate. Yet, you’ll discover that granite and quartz are excellent choices for general kitchen durability.

Resale Value

Currently, when it comes to resale value, quartz is the underdog. Yet that attitude is evolving. The advantage of a low-maintenance material and the constantly improving quality and styles are reducing the already slight difference in resale value between the design The resale value of granite countertop’s currently estimation is around 25% of their retail value. Namely, the price of the countertops themselves, excluding the installation fees. Although it won’t make you wealthy, that still represents a good resale value percentage.

The distinctions between quartz and granite and whether quartz is stronger than granite must now be clearer to you, and you must decide whether quartz is better than granite.

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Which is easier to maintain, granite or quartz?

Granite and quartz are simple to maintain with water and mild dish soap. Due to its porous nature and requirement for stain resistance, granite requires sealing after installation. Every one to three years should apply this sealant once more. A sealant is not necessary for quartz.

Do quartz or granite countertops increase a home's resale value?

Absolutely! Both countertop materials will increase the value of your house and the resale price when you decide to sell.

Is granite more scratch-prone than quartz?

No, quartz is more durable than granite regarding cracks and scratches.

What is better, quartz or granite, for kitchen countertops?

There is no easy solution! Due to their equal popularity and pricing, granite and quartz are both highly popular choices for stone kitchen countertops. But, each of these stones has unique characteristics that may make them ideal for your particular kitchen or disastrous.

Is quartz stronger than granite?

Quartz is more durable than granite, indeed. On the Mohs scale, quartz often rates a 7 out of 10, making it one of the toughest materials available for countertops.


After reading this, you know the answer: “is quartz stronger than granite?” Now, you determine which is better, granite or quartz, according to your needs. Granite is unquestionably the winner for those who want only the best standards, want to use only a completely natural product, are willing to pay the price and don’t mind a little bit of upkeep. Quartz is the best option for everyone else with a budget that can support expensive countertops.

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