Italian Marble Flooring: Why It’s Worth the Investment

Italian marble has a class all its own and produces rich quality when utilized sensibly, as the greatest architects and interior designers of our time have long recognized.

The best ones include Nero Portoro, Travertine, Golden Calacatta, Black Marquina, and more. 

Every person aspires to own a home with a stunning interior that exudes wealth. What better material to give your home this opulent appearance than Italian marble? You can get your perfect Italian Marble flooring using the best Italian marble mentioned below.

Best Italian Marble Flooring | Top 13

Here is a list of the top 13 of the best marble for flooring, along with their prices.

Nero Portoro

Due to its rich black base and striking gold and white veins, Nero Portoro is the most delicate black marble on the market. This marble, excellent for high-end projects, is used in many houses and restaurants for bathroom tiling and to create the ideal Italian flooring and as a feature wall.nero portoro

Due to the lengthy and close to the sea extraction method, there is a limited supply and a high cost.

Thickness: 18 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 500 to Rs. 750 per sq. ft

Statuario Italian Marble

White marble stands out from other stones due to its luxurious beauty and use in art like the Taj Mahal. The stone is incredibly sturdy and has grey veining. It’s a lovely pastel substitute for making your floor patterns. There are just a few Statuario marble mountain quarries in Italy.statuario italian marble

Thickness: 18 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000 per sq. ft

Travertine Marble

Because it is frequently visibly porous, Travertine marble has a more raw, grainy texture. Because this stone is somewhat soft and absorbent, it requires several coats of sealant to prevent dirt from penetrating.travertine marble

For garden paths and paved patios, Travertine is a popular material. Given all its advantages, this natural stone is a stunning addition to any home. Travertine marble creates flawless Italian flooring outside due to its durability.

Thickness: 17 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 150 – 500 per sq. ft

Golden Calacatta Marble

Calacatta is a high-end Italian marble with striking, irregular veins that stands out from the competition. Golden Calacatta Marble is a gorgeous, natural white marble imported from Carrara in Italy’s Apuan Mountains.golden calacatta marble

It has a deep grey or golden pattern. Also, it may be readily accommodated inside the house and has a beautiful appearance. Its frequent uses include construction projects, wall cladding, flooring, and ornamentation.

Thickness: 15 to 18 mm

Price: Italy Imported – Rs. 450 per sq. ft  |  Turkey Imported – Rs. 325 Per sq. ft

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Black Marquina Marble

Black Marquina Marble is well-known for being simple to clean. Due to its rich color and outstanding quality at reasonable prices, Italian marble is much sought after in the market. The stone’s white veins look stunning against the black background, which is the perfect marquina marble

It is considered one of Spain’s most essential marbles and a top contender among black marbles domestically and internationally. It is perfect for Italian Marble flooring, firewall, bedroom, and countertops.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 125 – 380 per sq. ft

Equator White

Equator Marble is white marble. It has a uniform background and a delicate texture. It is a well-known and stunning marble with vertical veins of grey and black running through it. Turkish natural stone, Equator Marble or Marmara White, is well-known and durable.equator white

It has been used for centuries to beautify the interior and exterior of grand buildings like mosques and hammams. It can also serve as living room Italian marble flooring.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 195 – 460 per sq. ft


With its predominant shade of white or white-grey and veining that runs from blue-gray to charcoal grey, Carrara marble turns an ordinary space into a piece of art. Michaelangelo chose this exquisite white stone from the Massa-Carrara quarries in northern Tuscany for his David statue.carrara marble

Since Roman times, it has been used in architecture and the arts and for Italian flooring in hot areas because it radiates a coolness that maintains a comfortable internal temperature. The history that this delicate stone creates as it breaks apart is what gives it its charm.

Thickness: 18 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 300 – 950 per sq. ft

Botticino Classic

This beige marble with brown veins is ideal, with earth tones used increasingly frequently in houses to offer a warm, relaxing sensation.botticino classic

This Italian marble complements nature beautifully and is frequently used as cladding or flooring in semi-open spaces. It is a popular option for Italian marble flooring since it instantly gives the property a warm tone.

Thickness: 18 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 225 to Rs. 425 per sq. ft

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Golden Spider

The beautiful Golden Spider marble, white marble from Greece with stunning gold and taupe veining, is set on a classic white background. Greek Golden Spider marble has uniformly spaced veins over the entire surface. Golden spider marbles come in three different varieties:

  • A red vein on a white background
  • A red vein on a cream-beige background
  • A yellow vein on a cream-beige backgroundgolden spider

This marble works beautifully for wall capping, pools, mosaics, countertops, and other external and interior design tasks. Vertical walls, Backlighting floors, and other decorations using this option are also common.

Thickness: 15 to 18 mm

Price: Rs. 290 – 450 per sq. ft

Rosso Verona

The gorgeous red stone has wild white veins, giving it the extraordinary appearance of a cracked red mirror. This one is typically used for vanity tops or décor, but it can also be employed as an Italian flooring statement in areas with heavy foot activity.rosso verona

The color resembles terracotta and looks good even when used with conventional Indian materials. It is combined with white or creme marbles to make intriguing floor patterns because of its dominating tint.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 250 to 650 per sq. ft


Michaelangelo marble is a magnificent stone with white and brown color. It is available in various colors that might work well with various color schemes in Italian marble flooring design. Additionally, it is well-known for personal and business adventures thanks to its incredible shine and brilliance.michelangelo italian marble

It works well as borders, wall covering, and flooring. This stone has a formally ornate appearance. Due to its enduring shine and life, this stone is pricey.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 280 – 500 per sq. ft

Dark Emperador Marble

Dark Emperador Marble has a uniform dark brown tone with sporadic veins of light brown. This expensive Italian flooring makes a bold statement with its abstract art-like design.dark emperador marble

It is one of the best in the dark range of imported marble and of remarkably high caliber. Use in both interiors and exteriors is its best feature.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 150 – 350 per sq. ft

Bianco Marfil

Due to its adaptability, Bianco Marfil has been utilized in furniture, bathrooms, vanities, and flooring for hundreds of years. Its typical uses are to design walls, staircases, windows, pools, and Italian marble floor design aspects both inside and outside.bianco marfil

Adding a hearth, bathtub, bathroom, or stairway will make the area gorgeous, unlike anything you could imagine. Bianco Marfil requires little upkeep because of its low porosity. It needs basic upkeep, and cleaning merely calls for a mop, hot water, and a pH-neutral solution.

Thickness: 15 to 20 mm

Price: Rs. 150 – 850 per sq. ft

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Italian marble flooring, is it fragile?

Italian marble is prone to scratches because it is a delicate material. As a result, you shouldn't ever pull large items across marble flooring. Over an extended period, the incredibly soft material may show noticeable hairline cracks. But by keeping it well-maintained, this can be avoided. Italian marble is frequently utilized as decorative elements, such as on walls, tabletops, and flooring in areas with little traffic.

What is the price of Italian marble?

Depending on various variables, Italian marble costs between Rs. 325 and Rs. 18000 per square foot.

Does Italian marbles flooring require polishing?

Yes, polishing is necessary to bring out the gorgeous glitter of Italian marble. After installation, all types of natural marble require polishing.

What is Marquino Black Marble?

Marquina Black marble is composed of calcite. Its vivid color base looks like a pitch-black night sky that is occasionally lit up by fossils and bright white veins. Marquina Black marble, mainly used for interiors, gives your interiors a rich appearance.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about the top 13 Italian marble flooring selections. You can create the ideal Italian flooring by utilizing any of this marble.

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