Italian Marble for Bathroom: Why It’s the Perfect Choice

Italian marble fits in beautifully with any luxury setting, indoors or outdoors. Let’s look at some of India’s finest Italian marble for the bathroom. Knowing your alternatives, whether you want to put Italian marble in your bathroom or merely appreciate it, is essential.

The most popular varieties of Italian marble are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario; additional popular choices include Botticino, Nero Portoro, and Rosso Levanto marble.

Let’s examine each of these in more detail to comprehend their origins and what makes them unique.

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Best Italian Marble For Bathroom | Top 6

Here is the six best bathroom Italian marble.

Carrara Marble

The history of Carrara marble dates back to the days of Ancient Rome. The Italian city that serves as the northernmost tip of modern Tuscany is where it derives its name. More precisely, the Apuane mountains, which have more than 600 quarry sites, are where Carrara marble is found.

It was utilized to make some of the most well-known Renaissance sculptures and architecture, including Michelangelo’s David and The Pantheon.carrara marble bathroom

With gentle grey veins and occasionally little touches of gold, this variety of marble has a white or blue-grey color. It is possible to polish, hone, and tumble Carrara marble to make it appear brilliant. These marbles are ideal for use as cladding and countertops.

To give your shower or bathtub an exquisite look, utilize large bathroom Italian tiles on the walls. Brown wooden shelves and cupboards go well with Carrara marble countertops or as cladding.

Carrara is readily available so you can use it liberally for your bathroom flooring, wall tiles, and countertops. The dazzling purity of these stones symbolizes how durable Italian marble for bathroom is.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble, another well-liked variety of Italian marble for the bathroom, is a rarer and more expensive type. In actuality, this exquisite natural stone is also from Carrara, Italy. However, the thicker, more pronounced veining sets it apart from Carrara marble.

The white base and the dark grey veins of Calacatta marble stand out sharply. There are other reports of brown and gold undertones in this marble. Because it is somewhat porous, it must undergo chemical treatment before using it in bathrooms or kitchens, just like Carrara marble.calacutta marble bathroom

Calacatta marble often links with luxury due to its scarcity and distinctive, firm appearance. It is frequently found in designer homes as bright countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom and kitchen vanities. However, its classic style would look fantastic on almost any surface in your house.

The best feature of Calacatta Marble is its capacity to elevate the design by serving as shower curtains and interior walls in uniformly grey tones.

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Statuario Marble

Statuario marble, another rare Italian stone, has distinctive grey and gold veining throughout in a striking, strong pattern. It is entirely white. Like Carrara and Calacatta, this kind of marble is a more pricey natural stone and regards as one of the leading white marble.

Furthermore, this location, which lies in the Italian highlands above Carrara, only produces around 5% of the marble quarried there. Statuario marble is still in high demand and is hard to get by today.statuario marble bathroom

In recent years, Statuario Italian marble for the bathroom has been included in nearly all luxury marble for the bathroom. Statuario marble creates a glossy finish for countertop backdrops or bathroom wall cladding after undergoing polish.

Although this marble may only be used in black, grey, and beige color schemes with other materials, it nonetheless shines out in any opulent bathroom thanks to its timeless luster. Bathrooms with monochromatic or two-tone materials work well with this white marble. Statuario’s slightly rough texture makes it suitable for countertops and flooring.

Botticino Marble

The marble’s name comes from the town and municipality of the same name in the Brescia province of Italy. It is beige in tone with a beautiful grain and frequently includes gold accents. Beige is the hue of the base of Botticino marble; however, you may occasionally see darker veins or white veins with calcite traces.

For worktops and walls in bathrooms, Botticino marble can be smoothly polished. On the other hand, a Botticino with a rough or gritty finish might be used to increase resistance for bathroom floors.botticino marble bathroom

You may quickly use it to provide the inside of your bathroom with various textures based on its color and design. Botticino Italian bathroom tiles that resemble bricks merge nicely with white bathtub or shower flooring in current modern bathroom designs.

The beige background of Botticino marble can also support white or brown decorative patterns. Botticino is available in tones ranging from light beige to dark brown. These colors can make your bathroom decor stand out in contrast to one that is bland and monochromatic when blended in abstract patterns.

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Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro is the perfect Italian marble for the bathroom due to its fragility. Being a delicate marble, Nero Portoro cannot endure extreme strain. However, Portoro absorbs water at a slow rate.

Nero Portoro is a black Italian marble with veins of white and gold that stands out even when used sparingly in an interior setting. There are quarries for Portoro marble in various levels of the stone. As a result, the extraction depth affects the slab’s quality and design. To keep things straightforward, though, the value of Portoro increases proportionately to the number of its golden veins.nero portoro bathroom

Your Italian marble bathroom design will look more elegant with Portoro, which looks fantastic against beige, white, black, brown, and golden backgrounds. Applying Portoro marbles as a backdrop for showers and jacuzzis is one of its eye-catching uses. Additionally, Portoro mixes in nicely with mirrors and has become famous for usage as cladding material around sink areas.

Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto originates in Liguria, a region in Italy known for its continued use of antiquated quarrying methods. It is one of the hardest Italian marbles ever from Italy. One of the reasons its use for bathroom countertops and interior walls is because of how hard it is.rosso levanto bathroom

It is a reddish-purple marble with white and green veins in some areas. In its unfinished state, Rosso Levanto has a reasonably dull appearance. In its unfinished state, Rosso Levanto is suitable for usage as flooring, columns, countertops, and stairs.

However, when polished for a flawless finish, it can bring out all the stone’s vibrant components. Sinks, shower trays, bathtubs, and bathroom accessories are all made of Rosso Levanto, which has a glossy appearance.

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Which black Italian marbles are the best?

Due to its chic texture, Nero Portoro is one of the most incredible black Italian marble used in interior design. It can also be used for flooring and many other things, such as bathroom countertops.

What are Italian marble tiles?

Italian marble tiles are trendy right now because they are beautiful and strong. However, Italian tiles for the bathroom have gained popularity due to the growing popularity and advantages of porcelain and ceramic.

What is the price of laying Italian marble?

The installation fee for Italian marble is approximately $255 per square foot. The cost of diamond or mirror polishing for this type of marble is an additional 106 cents per square foot. Marble installation is labor-intensive, requiring building a cement and river sand base before setting the marble slabs.

Which advantages does Italian marble possess?

Italian marble's advantages are its huge variety, good grain quality, and high luster.

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Italian marble has long been a popular choice for interior bathroom design. Depending on the surface and finish, marble can cover anything in the bathroom. This blog post provides the complete selection of Italian marble for bathroom.

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