Italian Marble Price: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Italian marble blends well with any rich environment, inside or exterior. The luxurious nature, lovely patterns, and brilliant gloss of Italian marble make it so popular in interior design. Let’s look at some of India’s most exquisite Italian marble and Italian marble price.

The price of marble varies from town to town and seller to seller. Statuario Italian marble is ₹1200/sqft, Calacatta White Marble is ₹820/sqft, etc. Italian marble costs between ₹150 and ₹900 per square foot in India, which may go even higher.

This article discusses the top 10 Italian marble and their prices in India. Here’s a list of the top ten Italian marbles and their prices.

India’s Italian Marble Price | Top 10

A list of the ten best Italian marbles in India with a price:

Statuario Italian marble

  • This Italian marble is well-known for using foreign-imported natural stones. It comes from quarries in Italy’s renowned Carrara region.
  • This Italian marble price is ₹1200/sqft.statuario
  • Statuario marble is appropriate for floors and counters in bathrooms and kitchens. This stone is suitable for usage both inside and outside.
  • The marble Statuario is opulent and pricey. These stones have served as a canvas for numerous Italian artists. One such illustration is the David sculpture by Michelangelo, which was carved from a single piece of Statuario marble.
  • Because of its robustness, transparency, and enduring hardness, statuario marble is a popular choice.

Carrara White Italian Marble

  • Another famous marble quarried in the Italian town of Carrara is called Carrara marble.
  • This Italian marble price is ₹820/sqft.carrara white
  • It is a rock made of limestone. Microorganisms that were fossilized in it millions of years ago are what gave it its texture.
  • These marbles’ distinctive blueish-gray color makes them ideal for various niche space designs. Kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, pool decks, wall claddings, and vanity tops are a few examples.

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Calacatta White Marble

  • The Italian province of Carrara is also the source of the Calacatta White marble. You can see that the top three marbles on this list all originate from the same area of Italy.
  • This Italian marble rate is ₹820/sqft.calacatta white
  • The marble Calacatta white is used in various places, including bathroom walls, flooring, and kitchen counters.
  • This marble is sturdy and has a good shine, making it suitable for counters, wall cladding, and flooring.
  • One way to identify this marble, one of many Calacatta Marbles on this list, is by looking for the bluish-gold streaks.

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Carrara Bardiglio Marble

  • Although this marble is a part of the Carrara family, its vast grey and black streams that cross a background of white set it apart from the others.
  • This Italian marble price is ₹820/sqft.bardiglio
  • Because Carrara Bardiglio is available in white and grey tones, it may be used in various applications, depending on the chosen tone. This marble works well for kitchen, bathroom, and flooring countertops.
  • Also widely used for mosaic art is Carrara Bardiglio. This marble’s resilience and hardness enable the creation of a lasting work of art.

Bianco Beige Marble

  • Turkey is a common source of marble, Bianco Beige. However, Italian Dyna marble is very similar to it. Please be aware, though, that this marble is from Turkey.
  • The cost of this Italian marble is ₹410/sqft.bianco beige
  • The veins in this marble are delicately white with a brown feel. Therefore, it is simpler to mention that Bianco Beiges finds uses for wall cladding and flooring.
  • Bianco Beige is a gorgeous shade of brown that works well with warm brown accents like furniture and cladding to create a calming interior or exterior decor.
  • This marble requires stunning polish.

Venatino Marble

  • This marble is a member of the Carrara family and closely resembles its parent marble. The sole distinction between them is that Venatino has more noticeable grey veins than pure Carrara marble, which has both veins and crystals mixed.
  • This marble price is ₹1300/sqft.venatino
  • Venatino has a separate listing because it can create patterns that blend into more intricate and creative designs.
  • Venatino marble is used for wall coverings and building facades. Because each slab has a unique pattern, they also make lovely shower or bedroom backdrops.

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Botticino Sicilia Marble

  • In addition to Italy, Turkey also has quarries for Botticino Sicilia marble. These can be found in the Trapani region, particularly in Italy.
  • This Italian marble price is ₹320/sqft.botticino
  • The marble in question is light brown with delicate white and dark brown streaks. This soft stone is suitable for carving and other modifications for a range of purposes, including mosaic artwork.
  • The best use for these marbles is as wall coverings in the bathroom and kitchen. You can use Botticino Sicilia marble by cutting it into little tiles and polishing them to an excellent finish.

Armani Brown Marble

  • Turkey is the primary source of these marble quarries. However, due to its incredible appeal, it typically categorizes as Italian marble.
  • This Italian marble tiles’ price is ₹300/sqft.armani brown
  • Armani brown is a rich brown marble with tiny dark brown or white veins. It is a soft stone that is simple to cut into tiles.
  • Armani brown marble demands a robust sealer because it is relatively softer. There are professionals at Petrosstone who can handle this task.
  • Brown furniture, like coffee and dining tables, looks great when paired with Armani brown. You can use them as floor and wall claddings in the form of little tiles.

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Black Portoro Italian Marble

  • Portoro Waves is the name of a stunning marble from the Portovenere region of Italy. Famous Italian sculptor Dominico Casella made the initial discovery.
  • This Italian marble costs ₹380/ portoro
  • The White and Brown streaks traverse the slab parallel to one another, defining this marble. A block of Portoro will have uniformly patterned slabs throughout.
  • This marble, costly due to its scarcity, is often used in bathroom facilities to create a glitzy yet opulent look. Black Portoro waves are a terrific choice if you’re trying to make the ideal marble countertop or bathtub.
  • This marble can only be distinguished from Nero Portoro marble with a skilled eye.

Crema Marfil Marble

  • This stone was quarried in a few areas of Spain. Due to its widespread use, Crema Marfil falls into Italian marble and resembles Light Emperador marble.
  • This Italian marble price is ₹220/sqft.crema
  • Its veins are pale white, brown, or golden, and it has a beige feel. Elite designers are very fond of Crema Marfil marble because of its delicate yet exquisite texture.
  • Crema Marfil is a versatile material for flooring, wall cladding, and accent pieces.

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What is the price of laying Italian marble?

The installation fee for Italian marble is approximately $255 per square foot. The cost of diamond or mirror polishing for this type of marble is an additional 106 cents per square foot. Marble installation is labor-intensive since it requires building a base of cement and river sand before setting the marble slabs.

How Are Indian and Italian Marbles Maintained?

Regularly sweep to remove dust and grit. Use a diluted detergent solution or a solvent explicitly designed for cleaning marble. Mop or gently rub the floors; never scrape.

What benefits does Italian marble have?

Extensive selection Superior grain quality High luster

What is the purpose of Indian marble?

Indian marble is typically used for tables throughout the house, kitchen, bathroom counters, and flooring.


Because each type of marble has a unique color and pattern of veins, it is crucial to match the true Italian marble colours, price, and other decor elements. This blog post gives you access to the most thorough price list for Italian marble in India.

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