Luxurious Flooring: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Options

As it can be found everywhere, luxurious flooring is the centerpiece of every home’s interior design. This article lists the top 6 tips for luxurious flooring, highlighting their beauty, durability, and cost.

Choosing the finest flooring could be difficult with so many options. We’ve compiled a thorough list of India’s greatest selections for luxurious flooring. Marble, hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tiles, and other materials are among them.

Keep reading for additional information on your options and tips regarding luxurious floorings.

How To Get Luxurious Flooring?

Are you creating the house of your dreams? The criteria for choosing luxurious interiors are also very high. You must have everything in your home, including the flooring, curtains, furniture, and décor, ideally in place.luxurious floorings

The heart of each interior design is the beautiful flooring, which is widespread. Now let’s talk about some elegant and luxurious solutions that can elevate your “DREAM HOUSE” to a new degree of sophistication.

Desirable and appealing flooring can highlight the true character of your space! It is similar to a lifetime investment you and your family always value. One can investigate many possibilities depending on the needs and money, whether it’s marble, wood, or luxurious carpet.

Tips For Choosing Luxurious Flooring | Top 6

Here are the 6 Best Flooring Options Used Across India.


Marble is the definition of luxury and elegance in addition to looking expensive. Yet, this sort of floor’s quality and variety depends on your budget. After all, if you want to install the most expensive floors and upscale luxury flooring options in your home, the cost will be high. Also, these luxurious floorings have higher installation expenses.marble flooring

Marble Flooring Price

Depending on the type of marble you choose, marble tiles may be found on the market for anywhere from ₹200 and ₹800 per square foot. Also, having them laid will range from ₹150 to ₹250 per square foot. Polishing a marble floor will cost you between ₹60 and ₹100 per square foot if you already have one and wish to restore its appearance.

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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors will help create a rustic, raw atmosphere in your home. This flooring’s retro charm can give your home a distinctive style and improve the overall appeal of the interior design. Several wood textures and designs might give your home a finish like a forest.hardwood floor

High-end flooring gives your home’s interior a stunningly smooth and cozy feel. Compared to stone or ceramic floors, the installation costs for these luxurious floorings are considerably lower.

Vendors of this flooring use sustainable forestry practices and follow FSC guidelines (Forest Stewardship Council). You can choose from unusual solutions abroad if cost is not a concern.

Hardwood Flooring Pricing

Depending on the type of wood, hardwood tiles can cost anywhere from ₹400 to ₹1,500 per square foot, and installation can run anywhere from ₹200 to ₹500 per square foot. It will cost you between ₹80 and ₹250 per square foot to sand and polish your old oak floor.

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Hand-scraped Hardwood Floors

The new trend of hardwood floors is next on the list of luxurious home flooring options. Hand-scraped planks that resemble old English-style timber floors must be installed straight. It has a very unpolished appearance and fits in wonderfully with the most recent retro fashion that is now the most popular flooring in new homes.hand-scraped hardwood floors

The fine craftsmanship of hand-scraped expensive tile flooring sets them apart from the competition. The best version of the wooden floors uses cutting-edge production methods, making it seem impressive.

Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring Price

The typical price range for a 535-square-foot floor with no underlayment issues or urgent repairs is between ₹1,430.55 and ₹1,883.80.

Luxurious Vinyl Tiles

Is vinyl a luxurious material? Most of you may be considering vinyl flooring as a high-end option. Yet it’s true that things are changing, and LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, is the new entrant in the furniture market. This excellent mid-range alternative allows you to make a prudent investment. Depending on your preference, it can also mimic genuine stone or timber flooring.luxurious vinyl tiles

The most incredible thing about these luxurious floorings is that, compared to other options, laminated flooring is much more robust and realistic in appearance. A robust vinyl sheet sold by several high-end companies starts at ₹5 per foot, making it almost as expensive as porcelain tiles. LVT tiles are a great option that is also non-slip.

Vinyl Tiles Pricing

These tiles range from ₹70 to ₹150 per square foot, while labor costs about ₹50 per square foot.

Carpet Flooring

The hottest trend in designer carpet flooring is because its opulent appearance conveys your glory and majesty. If you want to give your property luxury home flooring, you may also pick carpets or carpet tiles. And this is a choice that fans of modern homes flooring must make.carpet flooring

Full-length rugs that extend from the floors to the walls, abstract tiling designs, and traditional square sisal types can transform a plain room. Regarding styles and adaptability, this kind of flooring is unbeatable.

Carpet Flooring Price

Carpet flooring starts at ₹220 per square foot.

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Designer Mosaic Ceramic Flooring

The mosaic ceramic floor tiles are an alternative option that drew inspiration from ancient palaces. Nothing compares to the texture and appearance of these tiles; they are equally sophisticated. Regarding inventiveness, the patterns and motifs of this luxurious flooring are likewise flawless.designer mosaic ceramic flooring

Do you want some unusual and unconventional house interiors? If so, these stylish ceramic floor tiles are a fantastic option.

Glass tiles, handcrafted floors, pebble mosaics, Italian designer tiles, and vintage recovered tiles are popular choices. High-end ceramic mosaic tiles give your space a sense of exclusivity. It would help if you noticed these tiles’ complex patterns and polished appearance.

Designer Mosaic Ceramic Flooring Price 

₹200 per square foot is the starting price for designer mosaic ceramic flooring.

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How is luxury vinyl flooring installed?

Luxury vinyl flooring installation may vary depending on the tile or plank type. Certain kinds are cemented into place. Without any glue, the pieces of click-lock flooring are locked together and float on top of the subfloor.

What is the best flooring for Indian homes' interiors?

Vinyl might be the most excellent flooring for home interiors in India, but it needs specific maintenance to prevent scratches. Vinyl is the material for those seeking a warm substance miming the appearance of hard floorings, such as stone.

What is the price of exotic hardwood flooring?

If the installation fee is not included, the price of exotic hardwood flooring ranges from ₹12 to ₹22 per square foot (installation fees may range from ₹3 to ₹4 per square foot).

Can hand-scraped hardwood floors be prefinished?

When you order prefinished flooring, we can hand-scrape the boards, sand them, apply stain, and seal them in our production facility's perfect environment. Your hand-scraped wood floor will be delivered ready for quick installation, saving you the time and hassle of doing the floor's sanding, staining, and sealing yourself.


Luxury is all about indulgence. The more one indulges in rare materials or fine craftsmanship, the more luxurious the flooring. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our top 6 recommendations for obtaining luxurious flooring.

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