Modern Tile Countertops: Innovative Designs for Your Kitchen

Are your kitchen counters in need of an upgrade? There are several modern tile countertops alternatives available to you. We have gathered over a dozen ideas to change the look of your kitchen.

While traditional tile designs are frequently created in people’s minds when they hear the word “tile,” several modern alternatives can make your kitchen counters an actual focal point. By reading on, learn more about our favorite tile countertops designs, like hexagon tiles, handmade tiles, etc.

Learn more about modern tile countertops in the following paragraphs.

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Modern Tile Countertops Ideas

Here are a few surprising current tile countertops design concepts.

The Hexagon tile adds a pattern to the countertop.

A hexagonal grid combines six round tiles to create a hexagonal tile. This unique pattern gives the tile a complex design that might be lovely in a kitchen. The hexagonal tile is also incredibly durable; it can withstand high humidity and temperatures without showing wear.hexagon tile countertop

If you’re looking for a unique countertop option to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style, consider purchasing a hexagon-tile set. The results will meet your expectations, and the cost is reasonable. Read here to level up your tile design using beautiful tile edging options.

White modern square tile countertop

Tiled countertops are popular for homeowners who prefer their kitchens to have a contemporary, streamlined appearance. The modern square tile is perfect for a modern kitchen since its shape unifies the room’s look.square tile kitchen

If you’re looking for a tile countertop that will add charm and personality to your kitchen, consider natural stone or wood tile. Wooden tiles are beautiful and environmentally beneficial, while natural stone countertops are robust and easy to maintain. These tiles could give your kitchen a cozy, welcoming atmosphere while serving practical purposes.

Handmade Tiles 

Adding tile to your kitchen counters is an excellent way to update the design of your room without doing a lot of labor-intensive work. Finding the perfect tile for your home will be best because many options are available.countertop handmande

Handmade tiles have more elaborate patterns than regular tiles and frequently experience less color shift, making them perfect for kitchen usage. Additionally, their prices are more affordable when compared to those of other options for tile kitchen countertops.

Countertop with marble hexagon tile

Installing marble hexagon tile, available in several colors and textures, may give any kitchen a unique appeal. These days, many different marble hexagon tile options are available on the market. Three of the most frequently utilized varieties are Beige Granite, Carrara, and Vermont Slate.hexagon tile marble countertop

One of this material’s numerous benefits is the versatility of counters made with marble hexagon tile. They are adaptable enough to function as a kitchen’s primary work surface or an accent piece. They are available in various sizes and forms, allowing customization to match any kitchen area.

Personalized countertop with baby blue tiles

Baby blue tiles are a possibility to consider if you’re looking for a tile kitchen countertop design that stands out. Using light baby blue countertop tiles is a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your kitchen and is a wise design tile counters

The light blue tiles can have any surface treatment on top of them to seem like a stone. Due to their air of refined sophistication and lack of overt display, they are the perfect accessory for use in kitchens.

Consider selecting tiles in a light baby blue shade if you want to design a unique look for your tile kitchen countertop that sticks out from the crowd. They go well with any surface finish you decide to use in your kitchen and are perfect for adding color to your cooking area.

Use marble tiles to cover a laminate countertop.

Use marble floor tile as an alternative if you want to replace your laminate kitchen countertop but are afraid to take it out and replace it. It’s not only a desirable alternative that might raise the value of your house, but it’s also easy to install and doesn’t need any particular tools or knowledge. Furthermore, marble floor tiles are suitable for use in any house room. And are more than just ideal for the kitchen.marble tile counters

Start eliminating the old countertop before installing marble floor tiles to replace your laminate countertop. If the laminate is attached to the substrate, use a sharp knife or pneumatic nail gun to cut the adhesive. Scrape away any remaining laminate with a putty knife. Use gloves and safety glasses when handling earlier materials because they can contain dangerous chemicals.

A kitchen countertop with green porcelain tiles

It’s crucial to choose the tile type that best suits your needs because a kitchen may utilize a variety of tile types. For kitchen counters, green porcelain is one of the most common types of tile. It has a sturdy design and a sleek, stylish appearance. For those who want a modern tile countertops design without breaking the bank, this type of tile is porcelain tile counters

The green porcelain tile also has the advantage of being eco-friendly. Clay, a naturally occurring material that is easily accessible, makes up the majority of tiles. Plastic, an eco-friendly material, is used to produce green porcelain tile.

Countertop tile in large format

Adding a massive tile to your tile kitchen countertop will create a stunning focal point in the area. You can choose large format tiles that fit your personality and interior style because they come in various colors and patterns.tile kitchen countertop

Large-sized tiles are also perfect for creating a unique kitchen layout. On one side of the countertop, you can highlight a feature or divide the space using a variety of tiles. Big-size tiles are easy to clean; wipe them with a damp towel.

Kitchen countertop with gray tile

Gray tiles may be a perfect solution for primarily white or light-colored kitchens. Gray tiles can be an excellent replacement for dark kitchens if the rest of the decor is also unclear. Remember a few things while selecting a gray tile kitchen countertop.gray tile counters

Be cautious about selecting tiles with a dark color when choosing gray tiles for kitchen counters. Light gray and beige tiles will not appear as solid on your counters as darker tiles. If the size of your counters is restricted, pick proportionally sized tiles. Use larger tiles for a more uniform appearance if your countertops are ample.

When selecting the ideal shade of gray tile for your kitchen countertops, consider the colors of the other furnishings. Gray tile blends nicely with neutral tones, although it may clash with brightly colored cabinets or walls. It’s crucial to consider the surrounding walls and cabinets when choosing gray tile for kitchen counters.

Handmade tiles create a contemporary and rustic feel

If authenticity and uniqueness are two of your main design objectives, tile is your most excellent option for giving your tile kitchen countertops that look. Every one of the many handmade tile options available could give your kitchen a natural and authentic appearance.handmade tile counters

Additionally, you can choose hand-painted tiles for your project. Your kitchen will thus have a more conventional appearance. However, you can still make changes to suit your personal preferences.


Which tile type is ideal for kitchen countertops?

To use in a kitchen, there are many different tile selections available. The ideal tile materials include quartz, granite, and porcelain.

What are ceramic tile countertops?

A ceramic countertop is a wonderful novel and surprising addition to the interiors of contemporary kitchens.

Are tiled kitchen countertops affordable?

Briefly, yes. Tiles are a less expensive option for your kitchen counters when compared to marble, stone, or wood.

Are white tile kitchen countertops good?

White tile kitchen countertops are an excellent option since the tile adds texture to the otherwise plain color scheme.


This tutorial provided you with a tonne of tile countertop ideas for your upcoming countertop renovation. As we already indicated, there are hundreds of pre-existing designs, and on top of that, you may customize your links.

However, the modern tile countertops design you choose to blend in with your kitchen’s or bathroom’s overall style.

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