Most Popular Granite Colors: Top Trends for 2023

We have a list of all colors you can imagine and the most popular granite colors interior designers use if you want to stay in style. This article will review several granite color selections and what they offer in terms of utility and design alternatives.

Granite comes in various colors, making deciding which is best for your space challenging. We’ve collected a list of prominent granite colors trending this year, such as Alaska White Granite, Azurite Granite, etc., to help you narrow your options.

Find out more about the most popular granite colors by reading on.

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Most Popular Granite Colors

The most popular Granite colors are listed below:

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White Granite, which is light white with darker flecks of color, is ideal for combining dark kitchen cabinets to create a dramatic black-and-white design.alaska white granite It complements a space with stainless steel appliances and a color plan with cold tones. It is the most popular granite color and has an interesting white kitchen countertop style that makes you think of snow.

Black Galaxy Granite

As fantastic as it sounds, black Galaxy granite galaxy granite Deep black granite with flecks of white, grey, and jet black creates a space-like granite slab that pairs beautifully with white cabinetry, reversing the traditional, modern high-contrast black-and-white style.

Namibian Gold Granite

This speckled stone, which has shades of gold, medium brown, and khaki, in addition to flecks of black and deep greyish veins, is ideal for the kitchen’s center point.namibian gold granite It might also function as a neutral granite countertop, depending on the precise shade of granite you receive from the slab.

Picasso Granite

Picasso Granite is a grey granite that features many erratic patterns and color splashes as a tribute to Pablo Picasso’s unusual artistic technique.picasso granite This granite finish is ideal for that exceptional focal point appearance. It is typically found in shades of grey, black, and white.

Black Pearl Leather Granite

It is a very dark, predominantly black stone with a few faint blue and grey particles pearl leather granite Black Pearl is useful and incredibly distinctive because of the leather treatment that produces a rough surface. Black Pearl looks wonderful in modern, transitional kitchens with white cabinets.

Azurite Granite

Azurite Granite has enormous veins, flecks, and chunks of color that resemble chaos, much like Picasso Granite.azurite granite Although the granite slab’s veins and color chunks are a mixture of golds, blues, browns, and creams, its overall appearance is a form of gold-tinged grey that unapologetically seems luxurious and expensive.

Typhoon Green Granite

Depending on the location from which the granite slabs were cut, this variety of granite might have a small color variation ranging from olive green to deep brown.typhoon green granite Both types of granite are extremely rare and sought after because of their outstanding natural features, though green granite is a more common color than brown granite.

White Ice Granite

White Ice Granite is a cool countertop stone with blue and grey flecks. It is white.white ice granite This white granite countertop is frequently used with black kitchen cabinets and stainless steel hardware for an ultra-modern appearance.

Almond Gold Granite

Almond Gold is a pure gold color with brown and beige tints scattered throughout.almond gold granite Although it’s frequently used as a neutral-toned countertop, this stone can blend into various house designs, like most Brazilian granite.

Blue Pearl Granite

With its speckled pattern of deep and medium blue tones, Blue Pearl Granite has a sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary pearl granite Several conventional and modern kitchens, including this granite style, are frequently coupled with white cabinets.

Nordic Black Granite

Designed in Canada, although having a name that suggests it comes from Scandinavia, this granite is quite dark by nature, and the surface has a suede-like texture.nordic black granite This stone is ideal for an opulent, high-end design since its silver and white veins almost make it appear like fractured marble.

Costa Esmerelda Granite

This granite design, which has noticeable greenish undertones, works well when coupled with wood cabinetry in a complementary color to match the overall kitchen color scheme.costa esmeralda granite To make the distinct tones of this speckled green stone stand out against one another, pair it with brass or gold kitchen hardware.

Andromeda White Granite

A white slab with flecks of white and beige makes up Andromeda White.andromeda white granite This granite counter has color deposits all over it that are silvery and greenish, giving it an even more striking tiger-stripe appearance. For a great modern look, pair it with black cabinetry.

African Ivory Granite

This cream-colored granite is decorated with shades of cream, gold, blue, and grey and resembles a Google Maps image of the desert.african ivory granite This stone’s natural, earthy tones make it perfect as a neutral granite counter and complement many people’s kitchen color schemes.

Colonial White Granite

One of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops is an off-white stone with rose-colored and brown flakes and areas of smokey grey with large black speckles.colonial white granite Because the grains of Colonial White granite are typically less than 0.5 millimeters, the patterning is quite mild and even.

Amadeus Granite

Amadeus is a medium-grained granite stone dominated by black and grey with lovely dark red and green tones. For those who want kitchen counters with darker markings, it is perfect.amadeus granite Its dramatic veining sweeps and flows across its surface like a musical overture, creating a rich design that nearly resembles moving water.

Blue Pearl Granite

Pearl Blue Granite has distinctive patterns that resemble brief brushstrokes. Most spots are duck-egg blue, while the background is dark grey or pearl leather granite Its feldspar crystals act as coarse-grained granite and reflect light, creating a mother-of-pearl-like iridescent look.

Brass Blue Granite

From a distance, Brass Blue granite resembles a picture of enormous waves.brass blue granite The background is dark with white spots and tinier swirls of grey and black. It is a medium variation granite stone with blue veins of varied sizes that provide a rich, beautiful pattern emphasized by pointed pieces.

Coffee Brown Granite

Coffee Brown granite, one of the unique stones on the market, has the same color scheme as freshly ground coffee brown granite It has a modest variation, meaning its patterns are relatively constant and rich.

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

Designers should remember the distinctive flow patterns of Chocolate Bordeaux granite because each slab might look different.chocolate bordeaux granite slab This stone occasionally has an undertone of brick orange. Chocolate Bordeaux typically has a warming effect.

Therefore, these were a few of the most popular granite colors.

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What is green granite?

Natural-looking green granite is very popular for kitchen surfaces. Also, it's common in bathrooms, particularly when mixed with other organic materials like wood or tile.

What is white granite used for?

White granite can be used for your home's flooring, kitchen countertops, or both. Also, it works well with light-colored cabinets since it will make them pop more against the black granite of the surrounding area.

Does white granite exist?

Pure white is not a color option for granite. Every granite will have additional coloring added to it, such as shades of brown, purple, grey, or even cherry or red hue. Pure white granite is not available anywhere in the world.

What is the price of granite?

Granite typically costs around $30 per square foot, depending on where you are, and it can be significantly less for frequent buyers like builders or contractors. Granite's costs typically grew by color, quality, uniqueness, and mining challenges.


You now know the best and most popular granite colors to choose for your home. This year, choosing top granite colors has never been more exciting. You may find the ideal fit for your kitchen with the wide range of well-liked alternatives available. Remember to get samples to see the granite countertop colors in person.

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