Onyx Countertops: The Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

There are many stunning options to pick from when selecting a countertop for your home, and Onyx is one of them. Here, we cover every aspect of the distinctive attractiveness of onyx countertops.

Onyx is a rare and exquisite natural stone ideal for countertops because it can create a unique item to make your house stand out. Numerous aspects of Onyx countertops have been discussed, including their colour options, benefits and drawbacks, physical characteristics, etc.

For more information on onyx countertops, keep reading.

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Onyx Countertops

Most homeowners remodelling their kitchens will consider solid surfaces, granite, and marble countertops. These countertops can be found in homes all around India. Which countertop should you pick if you want a unique countertop that gives your kitchen or bathroom a dash of elegance?white traditional kitchen

Homes rarely have onyx countertops. Onyx is a delicate stone made of calcium. Typically, this stone’s surface has a light background and swirls of pastel colours. Check this out to know popular white granite countertops.

Due to the transparency of onyx countertops, which allows light to travel through, many homeowners backlight the surface. You must be careful to safeguard and maintain an onyx countertop in good condition if you want to keep it looking great. Read here to discover more about these beautiful and precious Onyx stones

Onyx Countertop Colors

Its countertops are not like the black semi-precious gemstones that many people believe them to be. Onyx countertops are available in a variety of colours, including:honey vein countertops

Honey Onyx – Honey Onyx countertops give bathrooms and kitchens a neutral setting. The Honey Onyx comprises swirls of taupe and tan against a beige background.

Ice Sugar Onyx – This Onyx stone countertop is darker and has varied amounts of brown tint.

Light Green Onyx – The light green countertop has red veining and white flecks that are mottled.

Light Pistachio – With its white and light greenish beige swirls, Light Pistachio onyx countertops are white worktops reminiscent of opals.

Norm White Onyx – With its light beige backdrop and white and light grey swirls, Norm White Onyx is a favourite among marble lovers.

Other Onyx countertops colors

Here are other onyx countertops colors

Onice Avorio – For individuals who enjoy being outside, Onice Avorio is ideal. It will look fantastic in modern homes with its green backdrop and soft yellow, white, and light grey swirls.

Onice Smeraldo – Onice Smeraldo will look fantastic in modern kitchens. This countertop is stunning and intriguing with its pastel pink, white, and vibrant green spidery webbing.

Onice Smoke Onyx – For those seeking stunningly patterned grey countertops, go no farther than Onice Smoke Onyx. Because of the wavy grey striations, it feels like you’re peering into a pool of water.

Onice Stratos – Onice Stratos is a white countertop with a pattern of black, brown, and pinkish-tan lines running across it.

Onice Tanzania Dark – Onice Tanzania Dark has a white background with waves of purple and golden gold colour.

Onice Tanzania Light – Reminiscent of Grecian marble, Onice Tanzania Light has swirling designs in various tones of reddish brown and white.

Rainbow Onyx – Rainbow Onyx has pristine white and deep brown vertical striations.

White Onyx – White Onyx has a background that is dazzling white with brown hues in various tones.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Onyx Countertops

Although onyx countertops are gorgeous, they can be challenging to keep clean and maintain. Onyx countertops have both advantages and disadvantages, which you should carefully consider.

The Advantages of Onyx Countertops

Here are some of the advantages of onyx countertops:kitchen with onyx countertop

Rare– Onyx countertops are incredibly uncommon. Onyx could be your ideal countertop material if you desire something special.

Gorgeous – Onyx is stunning to look at and comes in various hues. Onyx countertops are stunning due to their striking veining and contrasting colours. Light reflects into the space when it strikes the countertop.

Also, unlike any other type of countertop, Onyx stone countertops may be backlit to create a lovely glow in your kitchen or bathroom.

Colour Choice – Many colours are available for onyx countertops. Some onyx countertops have lovely golds, pinks, greens, and purple, making them ideal for houses. To unify the entire area, use one of the contrasting colours found in nature as an accent colour.

The Disadvantages of Onyx Countertops

Here are some of the disadvantages of Onyx countertops:onyx aesthetic countertops

Fragile – Many homeowners believe that all-natural stone countertops are solid. Yet this isn’t always the case. Onyx, for instance, needs special caution when utilised as a background. Onyx typically includes a fibreglass backing component to strengthen the onyx slab and ensure it stays together.

Smaller Slab Size – Because Onyx is a delicate stone, it cannot be extracted from the earth in enormous slabs. Homeowners should anticipate that the slab sizes would be significantly smaller than those of other natural stone countertops like granite or marble.

Soft– Onyx is a softer countertop material because it contains a lot of calcium. Pots and pans can harm the countertop if they are moved about or if you cut straight on it. Moreover, acidic substances like vinegar or citrus juice can scratch and dull the countertop’s surface.

Upkeep – Onyx kitchen countertops demand a lot of upkeep. Use a specialised stone cleaner to reduce the likelihood of scratching and etching. Onyx also requires sealing to reduce porosity and lengthen the lifespan of the countertop.

Expensive – Onyx is a pricey countertop material. According to the countertop’s dimensions and the Onyx grade, the price of your onyx countertops may change. Per square foot, you should budget between $40 and $250. The price of installation is also higher. To prevent damage, stone installation professionals must work carefully.

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Onyx Countertops’ Physical Characteristics

Touching onyx countertops is gentle and smooth. The intrinsic radiance of this natural stone countertop illuminates a space.kitchen onyx countertops Unlike other counters, the gorgeous finish does a better job of reflecting light into the space. Moreover, Onyx may be backlit due to its transparency, which produces a delicate, enchanting radiance.

Onyx Countertop Maintenance & Care

Sealing your onyx countertops is best to keep their aesthetic value. Also, the countertops should occasionally be polished to keep them looking fantastic.polished onyx countertop

Check this out to know the proper care of Marble countertops.

Onyx countertops must be regularly cleaned and maintained, but they will last for many years and look beautiful with the right upkeep. Mop up any spilt liquid on your onyx countertop immediately. Afterwards, an onyx countertop-specific cleaner should be used to clean the countertop’s surface.

How To Clean Onyx Countertops

Please use a cleaner made for Onyx to clean your countertops daily. You shouldn’t use detergents, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, or abrasive cleansers on countertops since they might scratch the surface.onyx countertops

Clean onyx countertops with a pH-neutral solution. Weiman is one of the most popular cleaners for onyx countertops.

Apply the cleanser to the surface using a soft, absorbent cloth and gently buff it on the countertop. Applying directly to your Onyx countertop will avoid absorption, which could lead to future problems. Check this out to know how to polish your marble countertops.

Because onyx countertops are so porous, you must take early action to lower the likelihood of stains. If there is a spill, wipe the liquid immediately using an absorbent cloth. Once the spill absorbs, clean your countertops with the Gel Gloss cleanser.

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How much does an Onyx countertop cost?

Onyx is a pricey stone, with prices per square foot ranging from $40 to $250. Although pricey, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

What material is Onyx made of?

Mostly made of calcite, Onyx is a type of marble. Onyx is significantly softer than granite and is prone to staining and etching, like other marbles.

What are the uses of Onyx?

Onyx is less common in the kitchen than natural stone like marble & granite, but it can thrive in bathrooms used for vanity counters and walling.

What is the difference between Onyx and Granite countertops?

If you want functionality, granite countertops are the best option, but Onyx can be a stunning focal point in bars, bathrooms, and kitchens. You'll need to take extra precautions with Onyx because it is much more delicate than granite.

Are Onyx and Quartz countertops good?

Although the composition, appearance, and durability of Quartz and Onyx are distinctly different, both can make excellent countertops, depending on the project.


This article has helped you better grasp the unique allure of countertops. You may design a stunning interior with the colours available on onyx countertops.

These countertops will take centre stage in your bathroom or kitchen, especially if backlit.

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