Porcelain Slab Showers: Modern, Luxurious Options for Bathroom

The usage of porcelain slabs in home restoration is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique ability to provide bathroom walls and floors without grout. This article will provide a fair amount of useful information regarding porcelain slab showers for your bathroom.

Porcelain tiles resist stains, water, and bacteria in your luxurious bathrooms because they are tougher, more resilient, and less porous. This article will clarify your misconceptions about porcelain slabs, including their benefits (durability, ease of maintenance, etc.), characteristics (adaptability, cost-effectiveness, etc.), and much more.

Keep reading for more information about the porcelain slab showers for your bathroom.

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What Are These Slab Tiles Made Of Porcelain?

Large porcelain slabs for shower walls that resemble natural materials like marble, wood, granite, etc., are called porcelain slabs. Sand and polished clay are the main ingredients.slab shower bathroom This combination is heated to a high temperature of over 1200 degrees Celsius to make these tiles waterproof and have a low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. These tiles gain strength during this procedure and have a distinctive appearance.

Because of this, porcelain slabs are significantly stronger, more resilient, and more adaptable than any other tiles or marble. If you want to upgrade your bathroom, then check out here.

Benefits Of Porcelain Slabs

Here are some of the benefits of porcelain slabs:


An extremely durable surface is porcelain. Porcelain is less porous than the natural stone it imitates because of its durability, making it a good choice for moist spaces like bathrooms and showers.slab shower with porcelain These slabs have a stunning appearance and are long-lasting, stain and etch-resistant. They won’t contain bacteria, smells, or other bothersome agents because water cannot permeate their surface.

This durable and beautiful product, used as an interior wall application, will withstand daily wear and tear from energetic kids, pets, and so much more. Because porcelain is non-porous, you won’t have to worry about germs entering your bathroom or shower slab. A water-resistant porcelain tile is a great option if you’re looking for waterproof flooring.

Easy Maintenance

There is little you need to do to maintain the porcelain slab showers in your bathroom or elsewhere. A soft bristle hoover or broom can do the trick when using porcelain slabs as flooring for dust and other debris removals.procelain slab tile bathroom Unlike the natural stone it imitates, you won’t ever need to do continuous sealing to protect your investment. If you spill something on your porcelain, clean it up with a gentle sponge that has been dampened. Use a soft sponge and a mild cleanser for daily maintenance. Use a nonabrasive cleanser if you need something with a little more bite.

More Simple Installation

The demolition process is one drawback of updating premium surfaces. Also, cutting and drilling holes in the slabs is simpler because they are light and thin.panda white shower wall You will be able to save money due to this and the lack of demolition, and the project will be completed much more quickly than if you had used standard tile. Installing porcelain in this way can reduce indoor pollution because there won’t be any dust or demolition waste to clean up.

Benefits Of Lightweight

The porcelain slabs we’ve looked at today are quite thin, which is a significant advantage. Due to their size, they give the impression of being thick, hefty surfaces, but in reality, these porcelain slabs, which have a thickness of either 6mm or 12mm, are surprisingly lightweight.porcelain tile As a result, the goods will be less priced, and the seller will save money on shipping. But keep the little weight from fooling you into believing these quality surfaces are weak. The forceful 15,000 tonnes of compression give them their strength.

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The Characteristics Of Porcelain Slab Tiles

Following are some characteristics of the porcelain tiles or slabs produced by the top porcelain slab producers.

Long-Lasting and Steady

Houses are special spaces where people gather to enjoy their best moments with their loved ones.bathroom with slab So, why not pick the best for our bathrooms as well? Porcelain slabs have a lengthy lifespan since their key attribute is steadiness. Also, they only require a little upkeep and keep their luster long.

Water Uptake

As a result of their high level of heat production, they have waterproof characteristics or the capacity to absorb water.bathroom with tile These tiles are ideal to use in bathrooms and other wet places because their water absorption is less than 0.5%.


These days, porcelain tiles are fairly common since they can easily adapt to any setting.tile bathroom Also, they provide several customizing choices in terms of shapes, colors, designs, and much more.


Lastly, porcelain floor tiles can offer high-quality performance for a fraction of the cost and are cost-effective in the long run.large format tile These tiles are, therefore, the most popular choice for house and bathroom remodeling.

Porcelain For Shower Walls And Floors

The followings are some porcelain floor and wall alternatives for showers:

Blume Porcelain Tile

Blume Porcelain Tile delicately mixes cream and brown tones in a beautiful pattern. Since each artwork appears to have been hand-painted, it is authentic and intricately detailed.blume porcelain tile Due to the neutral coloring, this is an excellent alternative for any shower wall or floor.

Retro Brick Bianco White Subway Tile 

This tile is a timeless, long-lasting porcelain, perfect for any shower wall or flooring.retro brick bianco white subway tile  You can see why this is a tremendous hit because it is easy, attractive, and uncomplicated. Enjoy combining this superb design with a showerhead that has a rustic appearance.

Eden Statuary Porcelain Tile 

Eden Statuary Porcelain Tile looks like natural stone and is long-lasting, cleanable, and low-maintenance.eden statuary porcelain tile bathroom The whirling pattern allows you to lose yourself in it, which makes it go well with darker colors in your bathroom.

Kasbah Porcelain Tile

Let’s pause momentarily to be in awe of the wonderful Kasbah Porcelain Tile style.kasbah porcelain tile bathroom Thanks to its gorgeous, strong white floral print on a black background, this design anchors any room with sophistication and grace. Because it complements a variety of shower curtains, this is a great option for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

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Difference Between Marble And Porcelain Slabs

Here are some of the differences between Marble and Porcelain slabs:

Maintaining Quality

Because marble is a natural stone and an absorbent of water, it requires a lot of upkeep. Also, know about the best Italian marble for the bathroom. They may lose their sheen if they become discolored or grow algae.marble bathrooms Imagine that you dye your hair black; in such case, the marble floor would also have a black stain. For this precise reason, many people prefer porcelain tiles to complement marble, as these materials are prone to damage from using some acidic items.

Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, require less upkeep and have a high desorption power, so they are stain- and color-resistant.

Color Selection

You only have a few color options for marble because it is a natural stone. Nonetheless, this natural stone has unique aesthetic qualities that seem elegant in a limited color palette.bathroom bianco venato In contrast, porcelain tiles offer various colors and designs that can bring life to your house.


Marble tiles and the installation fee might cost anywhere from $9 to $24. In addition, maintaining their appearance will cost a lot of money in the future.marble bathroom interiors While installation expenses range from $8 to $15, and porcelain slabs are inexpensive. Little upkeep is necessary because it is simple to maintain.

Power of Resistance

Marble tiles are more porous and susceptible to stains.calcatta tile bathroom However, producing porcelain tiles resolves the issues with marble and has a high moisture and water resistance level.

Why Are Porcelain Slab Showers For Your Bathroom Perfect?

Because you begin your day there, the variety of shower wall materials might need to be clarified. Here are some reasons why a porcelain slab shower should be your first choice among the various bathroom remodeling options if you’re starting:porcelain slabs

  • They are quite dense and don’t absorb water easily.
  • These slabs are also resistant to scratches, stains, and chipping.
  • In addition, they may hold onto heat from your hot water.
  • They don’t need as much upkeep because they are simple to clean with warm water.
  • Thanks to their numerous size, color, and pattern options, porcelain slabs are customizable.
  • These tiles come in big sizes, making installing them in expansive spaces simple.
  • You can avoid removing the old slabs from your bathroom walls and install them in place of your current stone.


Which slab of porcelain is ideal for a shower?

Sicily White, a delicate and elegant design appropriate for slab shower walls and floors, is what we advise. It has milky white veining and flecks against smoke grey background. Any bathroom will seem more modern and beautiful with this slab.

How do you clean a bathroom or shower floor made of porcelain slabs?

We advise using warm water with a towel or rag to clean your porcelain slab shower or bathroom floor. It is that easy to maintain. Abrasives like steel wool or cleaning pads are usually discouraged.

Is sealing required on porcelain shower walls?

Porcelain slab showers wall is 87,000 times easier to maintain than marble. Shower walls made of porcelain slabs don't require sealing.

What's the weight of porcelain shower panels?

They weigh just 93 pounds for each sheet and are comparable in size to other standard structure materials like drywall, framing, and pressed wood.


The Porcelain slab showers for your bathroom are now completely clear to you. Thanks to this blog, you can now understand the benefits of purchasing porcelain slabs for shower walls or bathrooms. We also gave you information on the distinctions between marble and porcelain slabs.

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