Quartz Brands to Avoid: Make an Informed Decision in 2023

Quartz countertops have become popular among homes for use in the kitchen and bathroom. But, there are several quartz brands that you should avoid at all costs. And This post will give you a good deal of beneficial advice about quartz brands to avoid.

Quartz countertop installation is an expensive process. So, you would like it to function correctly for a long time. While some items from well-known companies will accomplish that goal, many need to catch up. This article will analyze the worst quartz brands, such as Santa Margherita Quartz, Vicostone, and others.

Keep reading for more information about the quartz brands to avoid.

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Quartz Brands To Avoid And Stay Away From

Here are some of the Quartz brands to avoid:

Any Brands of Chinese Quartz

  • Avoiding Chinese quartz brands is the best course of action. The first justification is that, compared to other nations, Chinese quartz countertops are constructed with inferior materials. They are, therefore, prone to cracking and chipping over time.chinese quartz
  • Chinese quartz countertops are frequently handcrafted. Hence, a significant problem with these products is consistency.
  • Most Chinese quartz countertops are created from hazardous chemicals, so your concern for the environment and health safety should return.
  • Even the guarantee for these quartz goods is nonexistent. Hence, they cannot access any after-sales services.
  • Some items also contain lower-quality pigments. Hence, the hues and patterns will soon disappear.
  • Also, they are more fragile than their rivals from other nations since they are thinner.
  • Also, they are costly due to the tax system.

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Santa Margherita Quartz

  • Several people have complained about this brand. Initially, soon after installation, they begin to reveal minor chips all over the counters.santa margherita quartz
  • The quartz’s colors are not solid. Hence, after chipping, they turn white.
  • The brand’s post-sale support could be much better.
  • Numerous consumers have reported that despite having a warranty, they have not appeared for months after filing complaints regarding damages.
  • This product’s epoxy is also of low grade.
  • Most significantly, they are absurdly pricey for their caliber.


  • Another name you should cross off your list while looking for quartz countertops is Vicostone. Vicostone quartz is tough to trim during installation. The difficulties of cutting and installing this quartz are mostly to blame.vicostone
  • So, you will need to hire professionals for that; even then, it could appear difficult. Moreover, their heat resistance falls short of expectations. Damage is always possible due to heat-retention problems.
  • The pricing of Vicostone quartz is not proportional to its caliber. When compared to their quality, they are pricey.

Radianz Quartz

  • Radianz Quartz is currently produced by the South Korean company Lotte Chemical. Nonetheless, this brand’s quality of products may be improved.radianz quartz
  • Natural stone and quartz from other brands are softer than Radianz quartz. As a result, cutting them will be challenging.
  • These are different from their natural stone-made counterparts since they are made of artificial stones. They are more distinctive-looking than quartz countertops made of natural stone.
  • They are challenging to install, too.
  • Moreover, Radianz Quartz is one of the priciest quartz alternatives on the market.


  • QuartzStone has a lot of drawbacks. One of its main issues is that this quartz brand’s products must be heat-resistant. You must continuously use cutting boards on this quartz surface since it retains heat poorly.quartzstone
  • Acidic meals and cleaning products can very readily harm QuartzStone quartz.
  • Moreover, QuartzStone quartz for countertops is often more expensive than other granite, quartz, and marble. It is less appealing because of this.


  • While looking for quartz countertops, you should also steer clear of the Quarella brand. The company’s products are costly, which contributes to this. It is best to consider using something other than this quartz brand in your house.quarella
  • The quartz’s weak heat resistance, though, is what is most depressing. We would never advise you to choose this brand because of this.

MSI Q Quartz

  • The primary problem with MSI Q Quartz is that you must deal with the hassle of sealing the countertops every year or two.msi q quartz countertop
  • MSI Q Quartz is highly prone to damage without sealing.
  • Another drawback of this brand is its price. Because you will have to try to seal your countertop repeatedly, it will not be a good alternative for you regarding pricing and quality.


  • Although the quartz from Marble.com is outstanding, this company’s services are the real issue. There are no installation services available.quartz marble
  • As a result, the cost will increase because you must engage a specialist or contractor to complete the job.
  • In addition, this brand doesn’t have a showroom. Only online sales are made. Thus, a trial is not a possibility.
  • Before making a choice, you must obtain samples from the company’s website. Most folks need help finding it convenient. Hence, if you have a list, we advise you to remove this name.

LG Hausys

  • LG Hausys is the last name on our list. It is a recent entry into the quartz market.lg hausys quartz
  • Yet there are some particular issues with this brand. This brand’s quartz is highly prone to staining. These countertops risk developing long-lasting stains if something spills on them.
  • If you unintentionally spill something on your countertop with LG Hausys, immediately wipe it up. Hence, it could be better for usage in a household.
  • In addition, although being new to the market, they are expensive. Due to these factors, you should avoid this brand.

So, this was our list of quartz brands to avoid.

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Five Suggestions For Picking The Ideal Kitchen Countertop

The following five suggestions are included:

Think about your way of living and how you use your kitchen

When considering a kitchen makeover, it is crucial to regard how you use the space. Hosting parties frequently makes you want a sturdy, cleanable item. Search for materials that can endure high temperatures if heat damage is a concern.stone kitchen countertops

Also, there are many color and pattern choices if you want a countertop that will draw attention. With so many options available, deciding which countertop is best for your kitchen is crucial.

Pick a good countertop material that is enduring and simple to maintain

Consider durability and cleaning convenience when selecting a new countertop material for your kitchen. Certain substances, like granite, are highly durable and stain- and scratch-resistant.marble kitchen countertops

Yet, because they need to be regularly sealed and polished, they can be challenging to maintain clean. While other materials, such as laminate, are more easily cleaned, they are also more prone to damage.

Consider your spending limit and choose a material that falls within it

Kitchen countertops are expensive, so selecting a material that will stay in the bank is crucial. Many choices range from expensive materials like marble and granite to more reasonably priced choices like laminate and tile.kitchen with elegant countertops

Research your options and compare pricing to locate the best fit for your budget while planning a kitchen remodel.

Think about the room’s overall decor before selecting a countertop for your kitchen

Any kitchen redesign must include new kitchen countertops. They not only offer a surface for food preparation, but they also contribute to the room’s general design.granite kitchen countertop

It’s crucial to consider your kitchen’s design when choosing a countertop and select a material that will go well with it.

Consult a specialist for advice if you need clarification on the ideal material

Selecting the best countertop material for your needs is essential when remodeling your kitchen. Consultation with a specialist is one approach to achieving this.kitchen with countertops

Reduce your options and choose the ideal solution for your kitchen with the assistance of kitchen designers and remodeling professionals.

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What are the best brands of quartz suitable for kitchens in India?

The two best brands are Kalinga and agl quartz.

Which one of Kalinga stone vs quartz is the better choice for you?

Everything is dependent on your wants and demands. Because they are both non-porous, Kalinga tiles and quartz are excellent choices for kitchen countertop materials. Kalinga stone, however, is a lot more resilient than quartz.

What colors are available in the Kalinga stone catalog?

The market offers a vast selection of Kalinga stone colors. While white is the most popular color, other alternatives include black, red, and blue Kalinga stones.

In terms of quartz, does brand matter?

Even with quartz, brand recognition is crucial. The reason for this is that each brand's quartz quality varies greatly. It depends on various elements, including the type of materials used, the pigments used, the thickness of the material, the style, and the colors used. You ought to choose a well-known brand because of this.


Thanks to this blog, you now know which Quartz brands to avoid. As you can see, most brands share a few similar issues. They are costly concerning their cost, incapable of withstanding heat or scratches, and challenging to install.

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