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In the United States, 92% of young homeowners want to renovate their homes. The kitchen is the most often renovated space, and many homeowners fantasize about installing brand-new Quartz that looks like marble or quartz countertops. The issue is that Marble is a costly stone considered a luxury item. It’s simply not feasible for many people’s renovation budgets. 

quartz that looks like marble

People dislike the concept of having a high upkeep countertop in the kitchen. Quartz can help with that. Consider Quartz if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to Marble. Some of the most popular Quartz that looks like Marble are Cambria’s Brittanicca, Calacatta, Polarstone, Cashmere Carrara, etc., the least expensive quartz countertops available in the market.  

Some quartz is so similar to Marble that it will make you pause. Read on to learn more about the quartz countertops with a marble-like appearance trend and see 7 of our most popular choices. 

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Quartz That Looks Like Marble

There are numerous possibilities for marble-like Quartz, and each offers one of the greatest alternatives to marble countertops. The work that quartz manufacturers put into enhancing the appearance and features of this amazing countertop stone is simply amazing. Choose quartz alternatives with a marble-like appearance if you adore the stunning appearance of natural Marble but don’t want the cost, demanding upkeep, or anxiety.

 There is no mystery why white Quartz has become so popular in recent years. These quartz countertops that resemble Marble offer a wide range of veining and require less upkeep than real Marble. Quartz is still a top option for any interior design that calls for a touch of elegance anywhere in the world.

 The following list of 7 inexpensive Quartz that looks like Marble:

 Calacatta Classique Quartz

Consider installing countertops or a quartz island that resembles Calacatta marble. The aesthetic of the Calacatta Marble countertops is the best you can get if you want to use white marble quartz countertops to give your home a sophisticated and dramatic appeal. However, Calacatta Quartz countertops will give your home the same charming appearance as Calacatta Marble.

calacatta classique quartz

Granite-like Calacatta quartz countertops have striking, stunning grey veins on an ivory-white background. It is the impact that the quartz product looks like Marble has on us. Making Calacatta Classique Quartz the center of the kitchen will be your only alternative. Click here for the Ultimate Granite slab prices list.

Buy : Calacatta Classique Quartz

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Cambria’s Brittanicca

One of the top producers of quartz countertops is Cambria, renowned for its engineered stone’s realistic appearance, affordability, and made-in-America origin, in addition to its durability and affordability. Contrary to other producers, Cambria has had Torquay and Dovedale for a long time that resembles white Marble. 

cambria brittanica


However, a recent addition called Brittanicca looks almost like real white Marble. This creamy white stone with convincing grey vein patterns is one of the greatest marble imitations you can buy. The Brittanicca collection is also available in warm and gold, which trades the white for more pastel colors while maintaining the same aesthetic elegance. Learn about Granite colors? Read This.

Buy : Cambria’s Brittanicca

Cashmere Carrara Marble

The Cashmere Carrara stands out from the crowd with its gentle grey feather veins and warm white background. The warm hardwood floor and stainless steel appliances go well with its subtle grey veins.

This counter may go with either traditional patterns or vibrant backsplashes. Choose to be elegant and basic or lavish and intricate. The buyer has complete discretion over their decision, and Cashmere Carrara marble-like Quartz is available to compliment that aesthetic.

cashmere carrara marble

Consider the Cashmere Carrara marble quartz countertop if you’re looking for Quartz that looks like Marble. One of the best marble substitutes, designed for places with heavy usage. Read this article to learn about Ceramic Vs. Granite Cookware.

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Silestone’s Lyra

Silestone’s Lyra, a convincing imitation of Carrera marble, is another lovely alternative. Another attractive option, this stone has a purely natural look. Lyra is cool white Quartz with exquisite bluish-gray veining, in contrast to the other alternatives, which have warm overtones.

silestone's lyra

The Coral Gables, Florida-based company Silestone is renowned for its engineered stone products containing 90 percent natural quartz material. Choose from various vein patterns and surface textures for the white Marble, as these marble-looking quartz countertops can be used as alternatives, which come in warm cream and white hues.

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The product Polarstone is a type of Quartz that looks like Marble. This solid surface can be strong, gorgeous, and unique, thanks to cutting-edge technology. In addition to being beautiful, Polarstone quartz is a premium product that needs very little upkeep.


These easy-to-clean and durable surfaces produce the best quartz surface. Concerning stone surfacing, Polarstone quartz offers numerous advantages over other materials like granite. It is a fantastic substitute for Marble and requires less upkeep.

Buy : Polarstone 

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Statuary Classique 

Simple may be beautiful, as the quartz Statuary Classique demonstrates. Stunning bluish-grey veining can be seen on the white background.

The impact of this straightforward stone is considerable. The remainder of your kitchen should be kept basic so that this quartz countertop can shine.

statuary classique

Your kitchen can change dramatically with the appropriate quartz countertop. You’ll save money and benefit from the low upkeep when you choose Quartz with a marble-look finish.

Buy : Statuary Classique

Carrara Grigio

One of the Quartz that looks like carrara marble is Carrara Grigio. The background of Carrara Grigio is a warm white with faint yellow undertones. It goes well with earthy and tan backsplashes.

carrara grigio

Carrara Grigio is the best option to add warmth and natural tones to your kitchen. Its subdued grey veins remind one of the sky clouds. Additionally, it is sturdy, easy to clean, and requires no upkeep. Click here to learn about 10 Granite Edges Types.

Buy : Carrara Grigio

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What distinguishes high-quality quartz countertops from those of lower quality?

The amount of resin used is the primary distinction between high and low-grade quartz countertops. High-quality Quartz contains 7% resin, while low-quality Quartz has roughly 12% resin.

What are Quartz's advantages over Marble?

Quartz is inexpensive and incredibly simple to maintain because it has a natural sealing. On the other hand, Marble is pricy and demands a lot more care because it is sensitive to heat and stains!

What countertop resembles Marble but is less expensive?

Granite, quartzite, and quartz crystal make good substitutes for marble-looking countertops. They require less maintenance, are more resilient, and could be cheaper.

Which type of Cambria quartz most closely resembles Marble?

Large, swooping grey veins in Brittanicca quartz are maintenance-free imitations of genuine Marble. Brittanicca Quartz, the most popular Cambria Quartz hue, was first made available in 2015 and has since opened the door for other color variations of this pattern to grow.


To sum up, the decision to purchase Quartz over Marble has several benefits. The various varieties of quartz countertops are only some of the alternatives available. Choose quartz alternatives with a marble-like appearance if you adore the stunning appearance of natural Marble but don’t want the cost, demanding upkeep, or anxiety.

There are various varieties of Quartz, and some are so similar to one another that, from an aesthetic standpoint, choosing one over the other is unnecessary. Therefore, seven various varieties of quartz countertops have been illustrated in this article.

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