Sealing Granite Countertops: A Stepwise Guide for Homeowners

Undoubtedly, granite is the countertop material of choice for upscale homes. Granite countertops have no competition in beauty but are also quite popular because of their toughness and lifespan. Sealing your granite kitchen countertops is best to increase their lifespan and protect against surface deterioration. By sealing granite countertops, the protective layer becomes strong and glossy. 

granite countertops

The technique of applying sealer is easy. Apply the sealer using a clean, dry cloth while following the instructions on the container. Apply a second layer after allowing the first to dry. First, ensure the countertop is dry and clean. Maintaining your granite countertop is simple when it has been professionally sealed. Take a soft cloth and dust the surface with it. You may also clean it with some mild dish soap or water.

Sealing countertops achieve the same non-porous appearance and stain resistance as any other natural stone. Stones are naturally porous, so liquids get inside them and damage your lovely countertop surface. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to learn about sealing granite countertops so that it won’t ever happen to you. Also, click here the ultimate granite slab prices list.

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How To Seal Granite

To adequately seal the granite, you can follow the methods listed below:

Determine Whether Sealing Is Necessary

While many countertops do not require sealing, doing so is usually a good idea. In an unnoticed area, test your surface by placing a few droplets of water or a moist paper towel on the granite for ten to fifteen minutes. Also, learn how to seal a quarter countertop by clicking here.

sealing is necessary on countertops

If water begins to soak into the countertop and color it, move on to the next step and begin sealing. Take a soft cloth and dust the surface with it. If the water beads up on the countertop, it is stain-resistant and doesn’t require sealing. Also, learn about Granite colors by reading this article.


Use a stone-specific cleanser or a moderate, neutral detergent to clean your granite countertop completely. Ensure that no leftovers can prevent the penetration of the impregnating sealer.

Apply The Sealer

Apply a generous amount of sealant on the granite countertop and give it about 20 minutes to absorb.

apply a generous amount of sealant on the granite countertop

However, the time for absorption varies depending on the product. For information on how long to let the sealer soak into the countertop, consult the product’s label.

Wait For The Remedy

Only after you let the necessary cure time is your granite countertop entirely water-resistant and food safe. Depending on the product, it takes between 24 and 48 hours

Wipe The Sealer

It would help if you wiped it off after allowing the sealer to penetrate the granite countertops for the necessary or prescribed time.

clean cloth to remove the granite countertop's sealer

Use a clean cloth to remove the granite countertop’s sealer after sealing it the appropriate number of times. After applying and cleaning the sealant, let the countertop lay idle for two full days before using it again. Read this article for brown granite countertops.

Keep Your Sealed Granite Countertop Clean

Organize your kitchen once the surface has dried. To keep your granite countertop looking excellent, make an effort to clean up spills right away and then dry the surface.

clean the granite countertop with soapy water

A small amount of dish soap and a moist rag will perform an excellent job of daily cleaning. Keep your homemade cleanser in a spray bottle for occasional usage every month or two.

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What Should Be Used To Seal Granite For The Best Defense

Most commonly used for sealing granite countertops in the market offer some degree of resistance to water and oil stains. Additionally, most employ remarkably similar technologies and formulae, making it difficult and perplexing to choose which granite sealer.

There are fewer possibilities for sealing that is permanent. All of them are long-lasting, yet they differ from one another in the following ways:

  • Granite Shield uses a complex, multi-step process using a variety of chemicals.
  • The only person able to apply Permatreat is a technician (expensive).
  • Permanent Stain-Proof is the least-priced and most accessible DIY sealer to apply in a single step. Also, click here for affordable Quartz that looks like Marble.

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How Often To Seal Granite 

Granite can vary in its degree of porosity. A stone’s porosity directly affects how frequently it needs to be sealed and how much sealer it can absorb. Second, regular use causes the sealer to become “worn” after a stone has been sealed.

 seal granite

Additionally, some commonly used household chemicals can easily destroy sealers with high acid levels. As a result, the frequency of sealing the stone depends on its amount of use, the types of liquids it is subject to, and other elements.

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When Granite Should Be Sealed Or Resealed

Four factors determine how frequently sealing granite countertops is required:

  • Your stone’s absorption rate (porous or dense).
  • The kind and caliber of granite sealer employed.
  • How effectively you applied the first sealer.
  • Ordinary household cleansers are too abrasive and will destroy the sealer when used to clean granite countertops. Also, click here for 10 Granite Edges Types.

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Is it possible to seal granite too much?

Granite can be oversealed, yes. If the granite doesn't require the sealer, it won't absorb it; instead, it will accumulate on top of the granite and dry there. You might already have excessive sealer on hand, which would explain why cleaning is difficult.

Is it safe to lay a hot pan on granite?

Granite is resistant to heat, so homeowners don't have to worry about ruining their countertops with regular use. Remember that repeatedly placing an extremely hot pan in the same location may cause granite to discolor. A hot pan on a spotless piece of granite won't crack or damage it.

How often should granite be sealed?

You should seal the granite surface every few months if it quickly absorbs most of the water and leaves a dark mark or ring. If your stone countertop absorbs all the water in a few minutes, you must seal it once or twice a year.

How can granite be restored to its original luster?

Pour a small amount of cooking oil on a soft cleaning cloth, and then use it to wipe the granite countertop to bring out its shine. Lightly buff it. The counter gains a glossy luster and a slight increase in stain resistance.

What is the lifespan of granite countertops?

Granite countertops should last you at least ten to fifteen years if kept properly. While you can take daily precautions to extend the life of your granite, professional assistance is necessary to restore and refinish your granite surfaces to guarantee they endure as long as possible.

What cleaning solutions are secure for granite?

To sanitize regularly, hot water and dish soap ought to suffice. But get a bottle of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol if you want to use it as a disinfectant. Spray it on the granite, let it sit for approximately three to five minutes, then wash it with water and pat dry with a fresh microfiber cloth. Avoid using cleansers that contain bleach or ammonia.

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Most homeowners would agree that while granite countertops may need a little more maintenance than other surface materials like manufactured ones, it is still well worth the effort. To maintain the beauty and quality, you should periodically reseal granite countertops. Now that you are familiar with sealing granite countertops, you can determine when to seal them again. 

Your countertop may increase the value of your house and bring you a lifetime of pleasure with the right maintenance. Using a natural stone cleaner that has been adequately designed, as advised, will protect the sealer and ensure that it performs at its best. You can apply this kind of solution once a week or at the end of the day to maintain glossy and streak-free counters. How often does quartz require sealing? Read this to learn.

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