Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom: Why It’s a Smart, Stylish Choice

Vinyl is a valuable and in-demand flooring material, particularly for bathrooms, because it is waterproof and has various looks that imitate classic stone and ceramic tiles. Here, we discuss vinyl flooring for bathroom, covering its various varieties and the best styles for different interior designs.

Shaw Paragon Tile Plus, COREtec Plus Waterproof Vinyl Tile, and others are some of the best-reviewed bathroom vinyl flooring options.

Continue reading to learn which vinyl flooring options are best for bathrooms and what factors to consider while making this decision.

Best Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom | Top 5

Here are the 5 top vinyl flooring for the bathroom.

Shaw Paragon Tile Plus

Starting with our top pick, we move on from a company that has been making flooring since 1967 and has been recognized with numerous medals since 2014 for its high caliber. For a reason, the Paragon Tile Plus is a very appreciated tile.

It has a 20mm wear layer for durability and comes in 12″ by 24″ tile sizes. The ScuffResist Platinum coating deters scuffs, spills, and dents, while the SoftSilence acoustic pad ensures that peace will prevail regardless of how much activity the floor paragon tile plus

They are ideal for vinyl flooring for bathroom settings since they are completely waterproof. They are efficient, just requiring weekly or biweekly mopping or routine vacuuming. Remember to use a mop that is only moist, not wet, and never a steam mop.

The Paragon Plus has some good environmental characteristics. The company tries to employ sustainable sources for its materials where feasible. The VOC score is, as expected, in compliance with laws, and no ortho-phthalates were employed in the production process.

As there is no glue or grout involved, installation is simple. The method is time-tested tongue and groove; you may install bathroom flooring vinyl and use it immediately. The warranty, which includes a 10-year light commercial use and a restricted lifetime household guarantee, is quite robust.

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Proximity Mills Twin Rivers Vinyl Tile

The US flooring company Proximity Mills has a solid reputation for producing high-performance floors. With their Twin Rivers vinyl tile, they can deliver long-lasting floors without breaking the bank.

A gorgeous range of floors with just a hint of texture can be found in the Twin Rivers collection. These bathroom vinyl floorings are perfect because they measure 12″ by 24″ and have tile and natural stone looks—particularly their Twin Rivers Beaver style, which features natural marble and is remarkably well-liked.proximity mills twin rivers vinyl tile

Proximity Mills Twin Rivers won’t let you down in terms of toughness. These vinyl floorings have a wear layer that is 22 mils thick and highly thick, protecting the design layer from scratches and scuffs.

Proximity Mills vinyl’s SPC (stone-polymer-composite) core is also 100% waterproof and denser than regular cores. Even more, Proximity Mills rates this line as pet-proof and assigns it a maximum durability rating, indicating a high level of scratch resistance.

Environmental consideration is another factor that influences many homeowners to pick Proximity. Their entire selection of vinyl floors is entirely recyclable, which is unusual for vinyl plank flooring in bathrooms. Also, their flooring has incredibly low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, guaranteeing that the air quality in your home is safe and hygienic.

Mannington Realta Rigid Core Vinyl Plank

The fifth generation of the family that founded this New Jersey company in 1915 is now running it, making it our pick for the best value.

The Mannington Realta is a vinyl flooring for bathroom alternative that imitates wooden planks in three different species: Heritage Walnut, Nordic Oak, and two shades of Paris plank. The planks measure 48″ x 7.1″ and have a painted bevel edge. These are also in sizes 24″ x 12″.mannington realta rigid core vinyl plank

They comprise sections that include a background layer, a core layer that is incredibly durable, a pattern-printed vinyl layer, and a wear layer. Because of the extraordinary durability of rigid core flooring like the Realta can achieve respectable performance with a thinner wear layer (12mm). A rigid core like this has the drawback of being chilly and possibly too rigid for some people’s tastes.

Zero ortho-phthalates, low VOC levels, and ISO certification show how seriously the company takes its social and environmental duties. Care and doing the right thing are among its guiding principles, and the business frequently strives to support United Way and the American Red Cross.

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COREtec Plus Waterproof Vinyl Tile

We also liked this one for various reasons, although you need money to consider it. Yet, you frequently get what you pay for, which is unquestionably one of those instances.

The tile that COREtec Plus offers combines all the elegance of stone with the simplicity of vinyl. Similar to the other vinyl flooring for bathrooms in this category, a multi-layer construction is employed; however, this one varies in that two materials are used.coretec plus waterproof vinyl tile

The tiles are 24″ by 12″ rectangles with micro-beveled edges. It is simple to install over most existing floor types, including ceramic tile, laminate, and hardwood, and it can accommodate some unevenness. There is no requirement for any adhesive or grout.

COREtec Plus’s striking appearance can trick most people into thinking it is natural stone. As reviewers frequently point out, the tiles provide an excellent stone-like experience in terms of aesthetics and acoustics. Bronzed Stone and Cardinal Stone are two of the available variations.

With a GreenGuard Gold certification (indicating a meager VOC count) and being ortho-phthalate free, the bathroom’s COREtec Plus Waterproof vinyl tile in the bathroom offers an excellent environmental profile. The business adheres to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy of sustainable material procurement.

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TrafficMASTER Residential Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Moving on, let’s talk about vinyl sheets. Although vinyl sheet has several disadvantages, you should not disregard them as out of hand. Consider TrafficMASTER, an example, offering excellent waterproofing and durability at a fair price.

This bathroom with vinyl flooring has a phthalate-free urethane layer that provides stain, scuff, and scratch protection. Because of its padding, it is quiet and relaxing to walk on. The company offers a 25-year household warranty despite not offering one for businesses.trafficmaster residential vinyl sheet flooring

The sheet’s breadth is 12 feet, and the length is ordered. The adhesive is useful for installation; thus, creating a solid, flat subfloor is essential. Also, some reviewers mention using a roller to prevent bubbles when putting out the sheet.

While most reviewers express their admiration for the attractive surface of this remarkably inexpensive alternative, others express dissatisfaction with the denting brought on by furniture placed on top of it. The manufacturer warns against dragging bulky objects across since it may leave floor markings.

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Is bathroom vinyl flooring waterproof?

The fact that vinyl in bathrooms is one of the most excellent flooring options is one of the reasons behind this.

Can I install vinyl flooring myself in the bathroom?

The majority of vinyl flooring is possible for a non-professional to install. But make sure you review the manufacturer's suggestions.

Are vinyl floors harmful?

No, not in the house. Although some brands' manufacturing and disposal options may provide challenges, the legislation is constantly becoming more restrictive. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be kept to a minimum by law; therefore FloorScore and other optional tools with low chemical intrusion are frequently utilized. As a result, there are some brands with extremely low VOC levels.

Why choose luxury vinyl over sheet vinyl?

Luxurious vinyl tiles and planks in the bathroom typically have a longer lifespan than sheet vinyl. They can also reproduce the appearance of wood, ceramic, or stone more successfully than sheet vinyl. In addition, they are typically more straightforward to install than sheet vinyl. However, they are more expensive than sheet vinyl; some might prefer its smooth surface.

Is vinyl plank flooring good for bathrooms?

Vinyl plank flooring is a fantastic bathroom alternative because it is naturally waterproof. It's also among the most excellent flooring options for mudrooms and kitchens.


We value your time and hope this article’s discussion about vinyl flooring for bathroom has been helpful. There are many resources for learning about vinyl, so read up on it beforehand. We hope your chosen floor pleases both you and your bathroom.

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