Which Direction to Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring in Multiple Rooms?

Your home could benefit from the inexpensive yet noticeable enhancement of installing vinyl plank flooring. However, the direction in which the planks should be set out is a key factor to consider during installation. This article will give you much practical information about which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in multiple rooms.

If you require further information about the proper running of your vinyl plank flooring, we can help. We’ll review things to consider, such as adjoining rooms, lighting, etc. Additionally, we’ll detail how to maximize the effectiveness of your installation.

Continue reading to learn more about which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in multiple rooms.

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Which Direction To Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring In Multiple Rooms?

When choosing which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in multiple rooms, keep the following in mind:

Keep adjoining rooms in mind

The transition between the sections can be considered when deciding how to lay the planks. Your vinyl plank flooring will typically be installed in a room adjacent to other rooms.

Remember the adjoining rooms to solve the query – which way should vinyl plank flooring run? It’s frequently a good idea to run the planks parallel to the hall if your room is close to one. That will facilitate a seamless transition between the two areas.vinyl plank floor rooms

Examine the flooring in any adjoining rooms as well. If there is a mismatch, it will be more noticeable the wider the transition. No matter how your planks go, there will be a noticeable alteration if the adjoining floor is carpeted. If so, you can use additional considerations to choose which direction to run your vinyl planks.

However, if there is another hard floor next to the room, choosing the direction of vinyl plank flooring will provide very different outcomes.

Making a point of the transition between the rooms could help you distinguish the two areas. If the light comes from two distinct directions in several rooms, that might function well. Lay the freshly laid flooring opposite the adjoining room if that’s what you want to do. Although this is a risky move, it can pay off.

However, we recommend running the planks in the same direction for a more open sensation. That will help give the impression of more space by tricking your eye into seeing both rooms as one. And if the rooms are really small, that will be especially beneficial.

How About The Steps?

Does the room you’ll be flooring have any steps leading up to it? Do you prefer that they have the same finish? If so? If you do, the remainder of the floor’s direction will also depend on your decision.vinyl plank floor hall

You must lay the vinyl planks horizontally to install them on the steps. To achieve a continuous luxurious flooring appearance, you should run the planks down the floor adjacent to them in the same direction.

Consider the light

Consider the primary source of light in your room when choosing the orientation of your flooring. The light will enter via any large windows or glass doors you may have. And as a result, the shadows will also fall in a specific manner.vinyl floor room

If you run them toward the door or window, your planks’ seams will line up with the sun’s rays. And that may produce an eye-catching visual result.

How do focal points fit in?

Do you have a prominent focal point in your space? If so, consider that when deciding which way to lay the flooring.vinyl plank floor It will have a greater impact if the planks are run toward the focal point because the lines dividing each row will catch your eye.

Which wall has the longest distance?

Run your boards parallel to the longest wall, as is sometimes suggested. The main benefit is that you’ll need to cut fewer planks. Several planks may need to be cut to the proper width along the longer wall. The shorter wall will be where each row of planks terminates.luxurious space

Another benefit that is frequently mentioned is the aesthetic benefit. According to popular belief, installing the boards along the longest wall would make your space appear larger.

But that’s only sometimes the case. Your space’s long and narrow shape will be highlighted by laying the planks in the same direction as the longest wall. Conversely, if you run them widthways, the space will appear larger.

Perform a few measurements

If you’ve thought about all these things but need help deciding which option to choose, measuring your room can be helpful. You can create a layout design using that, outlining where to cut your flooring.room floor vinyl plank

Remember to include the expansion space needed around the room’s edge while you are creating your blueprint. The area required to accommodate the expansion and contraction of your floor is caused by temperature fluctuations.

It’s simple to understand how it will look by drawing a design with your flooring running in both directions. It will also allow you to calculate how many cuts in the plank flooring you must make. Making a strategy, however, enables you to observe how the various possibilities differ.

A significant visual gain could sway the decision to favor a different layout if the additional work is optional.

Execute a dry run

Remember to test a layout before committing it to a permanent position. If you’re torn between multiple options, this may be the best means of picking.fireplace under tv

A fireplace that faces the major light source is possible in a room. Do you run the planks toward the window to play with the light and shadows? Or do you direct the planks towards the hearth to give it more visual impact?

Try placing a few planks in a single direction since you can’t do both. Take a picture with your phone prior you pick up those boards if you have one.

After that, position some planks in the opposite direction and take another picture. Compare the two photographs and choose which one you like. You will then be able to watch how the light is changing. You can take pictures of the various layouts throughout the day.

Keep other patterns in mind

You can think about various patterns without convincing yourself about a vertical or horizontal layout. Herringbone is one of the most well-known patterns, and it looks amazing with vinyl plank floors. It will blend in just as well with modern or classic decor.vinyl floor pattern

Consider the expense if you plan to hire someone to install your flooring. Placing it in a pattern will cost more than a regular plan. Of course, you can complete it yourself. Just be patient and give your design plenty of thought before beginning, and count on it taking a little longer.

However, the outcomes can make the extra work worthwhile. Now you know which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in multiple rooms.

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Which direction to install vinyl plank flooring?

The shape of your house will determine which way is ideal. There is no best direction to lay vinyl plank flooring, but it is generally acceptable that the floor should run parallel to the longer walls; nevertheless, long passageways are an exception to this rule.

Is it acceptable to flip the direction of the wood floors between rooms?

It is best to maintain the orientation of hardwood flooring across rooms since it avoids an aesthetic clash. The optimal placement for hardwood flooring is in the same direction as your area.

Which side of the vinyl flooring goes against the wall?

Place the tongue-facing side against the wall as you begin installing vinyl flooring.

Are Transition Strips crucial For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Transition strips enhance the flooring system while safeguarding the borders of the vinyl planks from damage. Transition strips use in transition between two rooms of varying heights smoothly. Additionally, a home must have two distinct flooring types.


Our advice has helped you decide which direction to lay vinyl plank flooring in multiple rooms. Be at ease. There are many factors and options to consider for laying vinyl plank flooring, which can feel challenging.

While choosing the direction of your vinyl plank flooring, always keep the effect you like in mind. We are confident that your new vinyl plank floor will look beautiful no matter your choice.

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