White Granite Countertops: Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen

White granite countertops can be used as a base or accent in your kitchen design. Depending on the Granite color and pattern, you can create various looks. 

For kitchen counters, white Granite is a classy option. More so when paired with additional components. Thunder White Granite, White Fantasy Granite, and White Mist Granite are some of the timeless ideas.

white granite countertops

However, if you want something different than what’s already out there, this list of 50+ modern granite countertops designs will help you find inspiration for some ideas!

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Design Ideas For Kitchen With White Granite Countertops

White Fantasy Granite

For kitchen countertops with a modern, sleek appearance, White Fantasy Granite is a fantastic option. You can combine it with stainless steel appliances, white quartz worktops, and black granite accents. This design works well in any home style because it makes the room feel open and airy. It is especially important when dealing with large windows that occupy most of your wall space.

white fantasy granite countertop

White fantasy looks fantastic in rustic or country homes without much natural light. This white color will help increase light throughout the room without sacrificing warmth or brightness. Quartz is also famous for consumers to create a stunning white countertop.

Tropical White Granite

Tropical white Granite is fresh and clean, with a softer feel than other granite types. It will work well with any color scheme you choose! You can use tropical white Granite to create an island countertop or just as part of your kitchen flooring.

tropical white granite


Tropical white Granite is also ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms because it provides a light look that doesn’t overpower the space.

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Sparkle White Granite Countertops

For years, white Granite has been the go-to material for kitchen countertop options, and it’s easy to see why.

sparkle white granite

They are elegant white granite countertops that create an attractive, modern, timeless environment because of their neutral tone, clear lines, and smooth texture.

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Thunder White Granite

Thunder White Granite stands out from other shades of Granite and looks beautiful with its bright white color, which contrasts well with the natural beauty of your home’s architecture.

Suitable for bathroom countertops, Thunder white granite makes it easy to use this stone if you have limited space available within your house design plan (such as those found on second-floor homes). It is also a substitute for marble when you need something that will match existing features, like shower doors or tiles in your bathroom, without being too visible from behind them. 

thunder white granite

Thunder white granite can also be used as fireplace surrounds if you want something that adds dimensionality without overpowering the room itself. However, this may require additional planning depending on where exactly you plan to place these stones inside your home’s interior layout plans before construction begins, so please consult us before making any final decisions!

White Mist Granite

White Mist is a white granite dyed to look like marble or travertine. It’s the perfect material for a fireplace surround, bathroom countertop, or kitchen countertop. Also, learn about which one is better, Quartz or Marble.

white mist granite

White Mist Granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops because of its easy maintenance and durability. There are many benefits:

  • Durability – White Mist Granite does not chip or crack easily. Hence it is perfect for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, where people constantly drop things on them (or worse). This means that you won’t need to replace your entire kitchen surface every few years as traditional stone surfaces do!
  • Stain Resistance – Unlike other natural stones, which stain easily over time due to their porous nature – White Mist Granite does not stain easily at all!! This makes them great alternatives if you’re looking for something that won’t show dirt despite frequent use (such as cooking).

Alaska’s White Granite

Alaska white Granite’s warm tone accentuates the natural beauty of your space without overpowering it.

alaska white granite

This stone has been known to have an even coloring throughout. So there’s no need to worry about large chips or dents appearing on your new countertop!

Star Beach Granite

Star beach is one of the white granite countertops with a sparkle finish. The reason why star beach is such an attractive stone is that it has a sparkly appearance when light hits it from an angle, making it seem as though stars are floating on top of your countertops! It’s the perfect countertop material for those who want to make their kitchen feel more luxurious or if you don’t like the standard look of your current counters.

star beach granite

You can easily wash and clean Star beach granite without having any issues with chipping or peeling away (unlike other types of Granite). This type of stone doesn’t come in huge slabs like others. We recommend using a self-leveling compound on uneven areas before applying any tile adhesive so that everything lines up perfectly together once installed on top. 

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Giallo Dakota Granite

Giallo Dakota granite is a beautiful, golden-yellow granite that looks great in kitchens. In comparison to other forms of stone, such as marble or soapstone, it also requires less care.

giallo dakota granite


Giallo Dakota Granites are available in colors like yellow, cream, and red tones. You can combine this Granite with other colors like black or white on your kitchen countertops or bartop design ideas.

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Is Granite mostly white?

Granite is not purely white. It is an off-white background with various colors subtly mixed, which gives Granite its uniqueness and beauty.

Does Granite turn yellow?

Granite does tend to turn yellow with time, especially if it is not maintained well.

Does white Granite scratch easily?

Granite is a scratch-resistant material and does not scratch easily.

Are white countertops a good idea?

White countertops are timeless. It is beautiful and can go with any aesthetic. It is always a good idea.



Now that you’ve seen so many beautiful white granite countertops, you can easily decide which one is right for your kitchen! We hope that this knowledge will narrow down your choices. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do through our contact form or social media channels so we can keep bringing you more content like this in the future! Happy shopping!

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