Windex on Granite: Is it Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

This article will discuss how you can use Windex on Granite. Granite is a popular countertop material used by most of us for our vanity spaces. Granite is known for its subtle appearance and sleek designs. Several households approve natural granite stones for countertops. But often, we wonder how to keep the granite shiny.


You must have come across several specialized cleaners like Windex. Windex is a famous surface cleaner claiming to be the best product to clean your granite countertop. But can you use Windex on granite? What effect will Windex have on your granite countertop? 

So today, we will discover how much Windex is good for your granite countertops.

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Can You Put Windex On Granite Countertops?

Cleaning our granite countertop is necessary to maintain its resilience. Granites are one of the most naturally occurring materials used by many households during renovations. 

Granite countertops are installed in places like bathrooms and kitchens. They are even used racks and other vanity spaces.

put windex on granite countertops

Granite is widely acclaimed to be one the finest material for countertops. It is subtle in appearance, and the grainy texture makes your overall living space look aesthetic. 

We know that granite is porous. To reduce its porosity, a sealant is a must for increasing the granite countertop’s durability. Granite requires cleaning at regular intervals. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and stain on the granite countertop. 

The sealant also performs a dual purpose for granite countertops. It makes your granite look shiny and gives it a smooth texture. Therefore, cleaning your granite is necessary to save it from daily stains!

But how effective is Windex on granite? Our main concern remains can you use Windex on granite?

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How To Use Windex On Granite

Windex is a popular surface cleaning solution manufactured by Sc Johnson. Many households use it to clean glass surfaces and vanity spaces.

A Windex bottle comes with a nozzle spray cap which makes it convenient. 

The main ingredients of Windex include chemical cleaning agents like 2-Hexoxyethanol. It also includes other cleaning chemicals like Isopropanol amine, Ammonium Hydroxide, Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide wetting agent, and Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate.

use windex on granite

Not to mention, Windex also includes Liquitint sky blue dye. The Windex cleaning solution is a mixture of ammonia-based detergents and solvents. These harsh chemicals can affect the porosity of granite stones and decrease their durability.

Therefore, we suggest you not use Windex on granite for cleaning purposes. It would help if you did not use any chemical-based cleaning solution on your granite countertops. 

So now you know that you cannot use Windex on granite. You must wonder which is the most effective method to clean your granite.

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Don’t Use Windex On Granite

The chemical composition of Windex can reduce the shine and luster of your granite countertops. Therefore, you should not use Windex on granite to clean it.

shine and luster

So, now you will wonder what the proper method to clean the granite is. You only need a dishwasher soap solution, some disinfectant solution, and a microfibre cloth. That’s all! And your granite will shine as good as new.

Let us see the step-by-step procedure to clean your granite.

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Step 1: Empty Your Counter Space

This step is mandatory whether you use Windex on granite or not. Carefully remove all items from your counter space to clean them as much as possible. 

empty your counter space

You will be able to notice those hidden stains as well around the edges. Moreover, you will have a clear space to clean the granite effectively.

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Step 2: Scrub Off The Debris

We use our granite countertops daily. This makes it easily prone to stains. If we don’t clean the granite regularly, high chances are there that a large quantity of dirt will accumulate as debris.

Debris is mostly found around corners or places where heavy items are placed. It would help if you had a kitchen scrubber and some dishwashing solution to scrub off debris. Wet the scrubber and add a small quantity of soap solution to the debris.

Now gently scrub over the debris in a circular motion. Do it until the debris comes off. Once done, wash it away with a clean wet cloth.

scrub off

Make sure you don’t scrub the granite too hard. It can lead to scratches on the granite countertop. In case your debris is annoying you by not coming off, take a scrapper.

Do note that the end of the scrapper should not be too sharp. 

Using the knife as a scrapper will again lead to scratches on your granite countertop.

Granite stones are prone to etching also. Click the link here for the complete guide on removing etching from countertops.

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Step 3: Clean Your Granite With Soap Solution

Now, this is the main step. Take any mild dishwashing soap solution and mix a spoonful with 100-150 ml water. Next, you have to choose a good microfiber cloth. 

clean your granite with soap solution

Dampen the cloth with the prepared solution; now, you have to clean the stains. Refrain from rubbing over the stains too hard. 

Try cleaning it gently with circular motions. Once you have cleaned your stains, rinse the microfiber cloth and clean the platform again. You can repeat the above process 2-3 times until the stains come off and you are satisfied. 

Step 4: Disinfect

Take a fresh towel and wipe your granite countertop. Next, you have to take a disinfectant solution with an isopropyl base. Disinfectants don’t contain harsh chemicals but do give read the ingredients list once.

Disinfecting your granite platform is necessary to protect it from germs and bacteria accumulation. Disinfectants are easily available in the market in varieties of smells. You can choose any of them which pleases your olfaction sense.


Spray some disinfectant and then wipe it all over with a small towel. Once, do make sure there is no kind of moisture accumulation on the granite surface. If you are satisfied, place all your items back on the granite countertop, and you are ready to go.

You can repeat this cleaning process once a week, and your granite countertops will shine with extra durability.

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What cleaners are safe for granite?

You don’t need any special kind of chemical-based cleaning agent for granite. Don’t use Windex on granite; you can use a normal dishwashing soap solution to clean it.

Can I use glass cleaner on the granite?

No proven studies say that you should use glass cleaners like Windex on granite for cleaning. Glass cleaners have harsh chemical contents that can affect the porosity of your granite stone.

How can I naturally shine my granite?

To ensure the granite countertop shines like new, squeeze some lemon juice into the dishwasher to clean it. Lemon is a natural cleaning agent, and it has anti-bacterial properties also.

What products should be avoided in cleaning granite to avoid scratches?

Avoid using hard metal kitchen scrubbers while cleaning your granite. They leave scratches and cause severe wear and tear to the sealant.

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The simplest way to clean your granite is using a mild dishwashing soap solution. So next time you think of using Windex on granite, drop the idea!

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